Blue Jays Release Randy Ruiz

The Blue Jays released Randy Ruiz, tweets's Jordan Bastian.  Ruiz then signed a contract with Japan's Rakuten Golden Eagles.  The Jays called up Jeremy Reed to take Ruiz's place.

Ruiz, 32, raked in his 130 big league plate appearances for the Blue Jays last year but had only 40 PAs this year.  The journeyman first baseman/left fielder has logged 11 minor league seasons, and will presumably get a chance to earn more money in Japan.

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  1. Dev0 5 years ago

    this is rather shocking considering how bad Overbay is this year.

  2. Jeff S 5 years ago

    The guy proved he could hit last September, albeit with a small sample size of at-bats. Not sure what to make of this move. One thing is for sure, though; he was wasting away on the Jays bench for whatever reason.

  3. Aquamelli 5 years ago

    Not surprised to see this move – he was a terrible first basemen who had a decent bat. Whether he got let go now or after the season wouldn’t have changed anything. Both Ruiz and Overbay are simply keeping Wallace’s seat warm.

    Well at least we know who will get sent back to Vegas when Snider comes off the DL

  4. cookmeister 5 years ago

    i feel bad for this guy. he hits really well last year and this spring and i thought for sure would be a lock at the DH spot but they never gave him consistent at bats.

  5. cards28 5 years ago

    You think that a team like the Mariners could have used his bat.

  6. scott_hayter 5 years ago


  7. He sounded like a good guy. At least he got to play in the bigs, and that debut in Yankee Stadium would have been worth it for the New Yorker. Wished Cito had played him more often. Little thin right now for 1st basemen on the bench…interesting

  8. Guest 5 years ago

    he’s can be just as good as David Ortiz at times…

  9. He was also very impressive in the Caribbean in Winter Ball this offseason. Age is a factor, but surprised that they didn’t at least give him a fair shot to show off his bat.

  10. baseballz 5 years ago

    I blame Overbay and Cito’s belief in the sense of Veteran entitlement. Ruiz could outperform Overbay if given half a chance. This is similar to them benching Overbay for the even less productive Millar last year.

  11. aaforprimeminister 5 years ago

    Would rather have him play than Overbay. Who knows, he could have hit for the next four months, then we could have traded him for a high risk/high reward prospect from a team that’s looking for some new and cheap offensive weapons for 2012 (Royals, Mariners, Athletics)….that’s more than we’re ever going to get for/from Overbay at this point.

    I have a feeling he asked to be released because he got tired of not getting a shot at more regular playing time…so this is really Gaston’s fault. He tried to work him in a little over the last couple of weeks but it was too little too late in this case

  12. willy9 5 years ago

    I’m sorry to say, but this guy had some real talent with the bat. He needed consistent at bats. Anywhere this has been given to him, he’s produced, even at the major league level. It’s a shame that Cito wasted him on the bench and continued to utilize Overbay, day after day. Jays loss, Cito to blame.

  13. twins33 5 years ago

    I’ve always been surprised he never got a shot before 2008. He would have made a good permanent DH for any team. No one gave him a chance until the Twins and Jays started to in 2008 and on.

  14. gs01 5 years ago

    So this means we have to watch Overpay all year, ugh… Not sure what it is with the Jays loyalty to aging underachieving veterans.

    • Cito manages players the way he wishes he was managed… except for guys like Ruiz, who he manages the way he actually was managed.

  15. Kyle_W 5 years ago

    He will certainly earn more in Sendai, the Eagles are hurting for offense; importing the likes of Andy Phillips and Todd Linden for help.

  16. nelson_c 5 years ago

    I’m going to guess Randy took the multi-year deal Japan offered that he would never get in MLB. At his age he’s got to take the guaranteed money. Look at other borderline MLB DH type contracts and even proven MLB hitters are only getting 1 year deals.

    Yes, Cito should have played him more (especially with Lyle sucking), but really this is no loss to the Jays. Sooner or later Wallace will be playing instead of Lyle.

    • exactly right. My guess is Ruiz agent landed an offer for way more than Ruiz was ever going to make here (being 32 and 3 years from Arbitration was damning) and he ask for his release so he could go make some reasonably big money while he still had time.

      Good on him, IMO. And no, the Jays didn’t lose anything of consequence. When Snider returns, EE or JB will be able to provide anything and everything Ruiz ever would have.

  17. Dopirak wasn’t going to take ABs away from Lind or Overbay either.

  18. Dopirak is not part of the future with Wallace around now. Sorry.

  19. No it’s not. If anyone is to blame it’s Cito for never ever using Ruizz in the situations that called for him. Lyle Overbay’s fault is having a terrible first two months reducing his trade value and making Wallace continue to rake in AAA.

  20. You’ll have to point me at where Cito said that, because everywhere I’ve seen Cito said he promised Overbay he’d be in the lineup every day because of his impending free agency. (A terrible justification for letting a guy play, but it’s what he said.)

  21. Only person that needs to apologize is indeed yourself; for thinking that two months of Brian Dopirak in the majors will increase his trade value to the point where some GM thinks he’s actually worth anything. Man, if he rakes I bet he’ll get us a nice B prospect!! LULZ! Sorry, this isn’t fantasy baseball.

  22. Except you know the fact that Dopirak is 5 years past his B prospect status but okay! Your point is still complete nonsense; explain exactly how a guy that has little to no trade value right now garners some in two months time by playing once a week at first base? Thanks for the logic lesson!

  23. To whatever extend Dopirak is still a prospect, we won’t see his value increase even if the jays called him up because (a) he won’t get regular playing time, even if Cito backs off from playing Overbay every day and (b) because throughout his career Dopirak has been quite slow to adjust to a new level after promotion and he’s unlikely to burst out of the gate in the majors.

    In short, I doubt Dopirak has ANY trade value but if he does, it’s of the same sort that Josh Phelps had. which is to say, you might score (as the Jays did when the got Brian Tallet for a guy who never panned out) or you might not (like the forgetable guy we got for Phelps) but you won’t get anything to get excited about on the day the deal is made.

  24. If he had any trade value whatsoever, he would have been dealt by now considering as I mentioned in my first post – he has no future with this team. Oh btw – you failed to mention that 19 of those HR’s were in AA at the age of 26? LOL. It’s nice to have all the facts and not live in fantasy baseball land where Brian Dopirak gets you Jesus Montero. Dopirak’s OPS this year is under .600. OBP under .250. He’s going to be 27 this year. Superstar in the making ladies and gentlemen! I give it a month before he’s released at this rate.

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