Mets Acquire Jorge Padilla for Clint Everts

JUNE 26: Rubin tweets that the Blue Jays will receive minor league reliever (and, like Padilla, former National) Clint Everts to complete the trade.

Everts, the fifth overall pick in the draft back in 2002, has appeared in 26 games for Double-A Binghamton this season and notched an unsightly 6.94 ERA through 35 innings. As usual, strikeouts aren't a problem for the right-hander (9.5 K/9 this season, 9.0 for his career), but he's walking 5.4 hitters and allowing 11.8 hits per nine innings.

Everts, the former pride of the then-Expos farm system, has struggled since undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2004.

JUNE 19: The Mets have acquired outfielder Jorge Padilla from the Blue Jays, according to Adam Rubin of (via Twitter). There's no word on what Toronto will receive on the deal at this time.

Padilla, 30, has a slash line of .330/.405/.459 with four homers for Toronto's Triple A affiliate this season. He came to the plate 26 times with the Nationals last year, picking up just three singles and walk. The Mets have assigned him to their Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo, so he'll presumably serve as extra depth.

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  1. Didn’t we already have this guy?

  2. damnitsderek 5 years ago

    Padilla reaching the Majors last year was one of my favorite stories from 2009. Hopefully he can hit his way back onto a ML roster.

    • maybe the mets traded maine for him

      • Roll Fizzlebeef 5 years ago

        Now that’s an interesting theory. Probably not the likely outcome, but if AA could work some smoke and mirrors and pull it off, it’d be rather impressed. Also, imagine if Bruce Walton could work his own brand of magic on Maine and get him back in order.

        • Hey that Walton type of magic seems to be working on Brandon Morrow. Had a tough start, but is really coming around. Thanks to Walton’s corrections.

          • humbb 5 years ago

            Sounds like the guy the Mets should really be trading for is Bruce Walton.

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