Poll: The Phillies’ Rotation

GM Ruben Amaro Jr. hinted that the Phillies could trade for a starting pitcher earlier today, telling reporters that he has a plan for Saturday, when there's a hole in the team's rotation.

"We know exactly what we’re going to do," Amaro said. "I just choose not to tell you."

Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com heard that the Phils are still looking for a "high-end" starter and that was before Jamie Moyer strained his left elbow tonight. So will the Phillies wait it out with J.A. Happ and others already in the organization? They have already committed $135MM to next year's payroll, but the third-place Phils consider themselves "buyers."

Will the Phillies trade for either Dan Haren or Roy Oswalt?

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  1. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    Wow way to go Ruben haha. Way to stand up for your club and keep things a secret and away from annoying reporters.

  2. jb1996 5 years ago

    I think Paul Maholm could bean option. He is cheaper than Haren and Oswalt and the Phillies can afford to give up some low key prospects and maybe one good one

    • i think they need another ace like oswalt or haren because their pitching sucks and while theyre at it they should go get a bat to put at second and take valdez off the field

      • hoagiebuchanan 5 years ago

        Are you high? Maybe our bullpen sucks, but as inconsistent as our team as been, the pitching has been the LEAST inconsistent…Hamels has been on fire, Halladay has a 2.40 and only 10 wins, Moyer was dealing for like 5 straight starts before his last two…and Valdez has swag for a backup so yeah, ideally, it would be cool if we could just conjure up a power bat at 2nd but its not gonna happen. 70 games left, remember 07?

  3. phillies08 5 years ago

    At this point I don’t even care.

  4. Oswalt starts on saturday..


    • phillies08 5 years ago

      Everyone on twitter thinks it will be Haren.

      • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

        I don’t trust Twitter in the least because Buster Olney, Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal are all big with it and anything they come up with is complete bull$h!t

        • phillies08 5 years ago

          I agree about Olney,Heyman,and Rosenthal. What I meant was most of the Phillie’s fans I follow think Haren will start for us on Saturday. Like I said up there I personally don’t care anymore. What is a pitcher gonna do for a team that won’t get him any run support ? The Phillies rotation could be Halladay,Hamels,Jiminez,Lee, and Johnson and they probably would still be in 3rd place.

          • As much as it pains me to say, maybe it is time to trade Werth and bring up D. Brown. From what I’ve seen, his bat is hot and that may be the spark we need to get the rest of the hitters on our team back on track. I don’t think the Phils will be able to keep Jayson after this season based on the salary imposed by the team anyway, so why not get what we can before he just walks and we get nothing. I’m in favor of getting Oswalt for 3 years. Haren has almost a 5 ERA and has given up twice as many homers as Oswalt this season and that’s a major factor in CBP!

          • First off, the Phillies would get a first round pick if Werth leaves for free agency, as Werth is no question a Type A free agent. Secondly, the boost the Phillies need is the return of their all world second basemen Chase Utley, not trading their second best player behind Utley to call up a kid with some promise but nothing proven. Third, if the Phillies get Roy-O they will have effectively locked up 150mil in payroll for next year. Finally, if they traded for Haren, they would control the younger Haren for a longer amount of time and for less money annually.

          • sorry repost while verifying my account*

  5. goodbye dom brown!!

    • phillies08 5 years ago

      Didn’t mean to like this comment. Anyway…

      You mean goodbye Jayson Werth ?

      • What contending team is trading an elite starting pitcher for Jayson Werth? And if you think its a three way deal with another contender sending prospects for Werth and the Phillies getting the pitcher, there is 0% chance a three way deal of that magnitude wouldn’t get leaked this close to the deadline.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          thats not exactly true. Plenty of deals fly under the radar and don’t get released until the gm’s make them public. No one heard of the braves shopping escobar, then one day the baseball world woke up and gonzalez was a brave. Pretty substantial trade. really depends i think.

          • Don’t kid yourself, every Braves fan knew the Braves were shopping Escobar. No headaches for Bobby in his last year.

        • TheGuvnr 5 years ago

          I don’t think the Astros will trade Oswalt for Werth, but what might happen is that Werth is traded to somebody for prospects, and the prospects are flipped to Houston for Oswalt.

        • Just_MLB 5 years ago

          better yet…what team is trading top prospects for a rental that isnt exactly smashing the ball this year…its not like jay werth is carl crawford this year…

      • haha no. the dbacks have a crowded outfield and wants pitching prospects. and the astros want a bad contract and prospects

    • lol get real.

  6. dom brown isn’t going anywhere because they already have him as a starter in their mind next year either for werth who they probably wont resign (if they don’t trade him) or for ibanez who i hope they trade away

    • phillies08 5 years ago

      Who would want Ibanez ?

      • probably no one but maybe they could just ship him off to an AL team for some terrible prospects and just eat some salary so they can go sign someone who can actually do something useful

  7. dizzle4 5 years ago

    I still say if the Phillies want a starter, Shaun Marcum makes a lot of sense. He’s done great pretty much the entire time he’s been a starter, would slot in perfectly as a #3 in that rotation, and won’t cost very much financially over the next few years. Halladay also loves the guy, which can’t hurt in Amaro’s eyes.

    Whether the Jays would have too high an asking price is a different story, but I think Marcum would be perfect for the constraints and needs of Philadelphia.

  8. None of the above. They won’t get Haren or Oswalt, but it’s not because they can’t afford to. It’s because there is better value in other pitchers in the Phillies situation.

  9. does anyone think the phillies would sign an above average outfielder and their outfield next year would be brown victorino and maybe a guy like brad hawpe

  10. MattXner 5 years ago

    repost by mistake

  11. MattXner 5 years ago

    I love Dan Haren, but I can’t imagine the Phillies giving up the prospects to land him, unless they pull off a three team deal where, Jayson Werth gets shipped to a contender for prospects, the prospects are then packaged in a deal to the D-Backs and the Phillies land Haren and possible a utility player whose name is not Wilson Valdez. Another scenario would include shipping Ibanez to someone (perhaps even Houston -Ed Wade is that dumb) in a swap of poor contracts…I like Marcum dizzle but, I can’t imagine Marcum being shipped off especially after trading Halladay and making an attempt to have their starters be young. If Ricky Romero stays sharp and Brandon Morrow puts it all together the Jays have a chance to be an ’08 Rays sometime.

  12. nepp 5 years ago

    The Phillies dont have the prospects to get Haren…at least not without giving up Cosart AND Singleton and a couple more top guys. Rube should be fired if he did it. Oswalt is more of a possibility as the Phillies are likely more capable of taking on payroll than they are emptying out their farm. Still, even Oswalt would be tough to fit in salary wise as it would push their payroll into the $155-160 Million range for the next two seasons. For Oswalt, they could likely take on the bulk of his salary and build a package around a guy like CF Anthony Gose (A+) or another 2nd tier prospect (with a couple others thrown in obviously.)

  13. dizzle4 5 years ago

    From ESPN’s Jayson Stark

    Indications Phillies are working on major deal for starting pitcher & would move Jayson Werth in a companion trade. More to come on espn.com

  14. Ya a 3 team deal makes the most sense. Werth to the Rays for prospects those prospects with Gose and Valle to the Astros for Oswalt.

  15. Just_MLB 5 years ago

    the phils are screwed no matter how u cut it…
    trade werth and expose the middle of ur lineup to lefties…
    keep werth and stay with piss-poor SP after Doc/Cole

    they prob will try to find a way to trade ibanez…but include dom brown and some prospects..for oswalt/haren
    then really try to re-sign werth..

    this team is built to win NOW….they will be headed to baltimore oriole status in a few years…no replacement for LF/3BSS/2B in the horizon…its gonna get ugly in philly pretty soon…

  16. dopefein 5 years ago

    Let’s see, I believe we all agree the Phills do SOMETHING, simply because the window of opportunity to win will close in say, two years. I would venture to say, based on the situation plus what has been reported, that they move Werth and obtain Haren, not Oswalt. Oswalt is propably too expenisve for them at this point (yeah, Philly is really not gonna be able to support a 150 mil payroll), and Drayton Mc. in Houston is simply not going to move Oswalt unless he keeps the prospects he wants — probably more than Philly is willing to give or can get for Werth (cause the Rays aren’t just going to gut their farm, and that is what Houston delusionally expects).

    The sad part, as Jut_MLB points out, this will really expose the middle of their order — I mean, really expose that order. Frankly, that team just looks bad, period. I don’t think they make the playoffs, regardless of what they do.

  17. 13millke 5 years ago

    Were going to get rid of ibanez to some idiot team that actually wants him… then we’ll somehow keep werth and get Oswalt and bring domnic brown up to the majors :)

  18. 13millke 5 years ago

    Were going to get rid of ibanez to some idiot team that actually wants him… then we’ll somehow keep werth and get Oswalt and bring domnic brown up to the majors :)

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