D’backs Notes: Padres, Maddux, Towers

New Arizona GM Kevin Towers told reporters yesterday that he intends to get to know the existing D'Backs front office within the next couple of weeks. But after decades in the game, he has lots of connections of his own and some of them could end up in Arizona. Here's the latest on which former Padres people Towers may add to the Diamondbacks front office:

  • Towers has targeted Padres scout Bill Bryk and assistant GM Fred Uhlman Jr, according to Tom Krasovic of AOL FanHouse.
  • Towers told Bob Nightengale of USA Today that he'd like to hire Greg Maddux as the team's next bench coach or pitching coach. "I told Greg two years ago as soon as you want to be on the field please make me the first call," Towers said. The bullpen will be a priority for Towers, who signed Maddux as a free agent twice.
  • MLB.com's Fred Claire says the GM-manager combination of Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson provides the D'Backs with the "detail-oriented, passionate" leadership the organization needs. I'm willing to take Claire's word for it, since he was Gibson's GM in Los Angeles and worked opposite Towers as Dodgers GM early in Towers' tenure with the Padres, from 1995-1998.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    No Mets for this poll? 2013 champs c’mon guys.

    • start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

      2013… 2053. Not much of a difference…

  2. if maddux becomes the pitching coach, webby resigns. mark it down.

  3. The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

    Maddux should take on the cubs job, he is what the cubs need an intelligent baseball man something they lack

  4. If the Braves hadn’t seemingly burnt their bridge with Mad dog, it would have been nice to see him on the bench in Atlanta. His baseball wits are nearly unmatched.

    • bosoque 5 years ago

      how did Atlanta seemingly burn the bridge?

      • It just seems to me that they’ve been very slow to recognize him, and his accomplishments in Atlanta, after he retired. Part of this observation could coincide with not being able to see many games after the shift away from TBS, but there just doesn’t seem to be much in the way of trying to create an aura of history in Atlanta–kind of in the fashion of the Yankees, just without the bluster.

        I understand he’s a West Coast guy, but Chicago isn’t exactly the West Coast (even if it’s not a full-time gig), so he might agree given the right opportunity.

        • bosoque 5 years ago

          They retired his number pretty much as soon as he announced it. At Turner field there’s stuff about him everywhere. At nearly every gate there’s something to do with him. #31 is a monument that sits outside the entrance to the stadium. It’s pretty clear that if Maddux ever said the word, the Braves would have him back in a heartbeat to do anything. Just like Smoltz and Glavine.

          • Well, then I guess I need to get to Atlanta for a game.

          • I agree. If ATL burnt any bridges it would’ve been with Glavine & Smoltz, but they got over it & happily work for the Braves.

  5. Ugh, DISQUS is messing up again.

    @Anthony Troupe,

    How have the Braves burnt their bridge with Maddux? He’s always been a West Coast guy and has been very big on spending more time with his family. Taking a job with one of the West Coast teams would let him do that.

  6. jdub220 5 years ago

    I’d rather Maddux be the pitching coach rather than the bench coach. Mel Jr. is beyond terrible.

  7. jrodhard 5 years ago

    The Cubs essentially asked Maddux what role he wanted and told him he could do anything including coaching in the bigs, managing in the minors etc. He choose the assistant GM spot so he could do a little of everything, set his own schedule and NOT have to travel. I don’t really see him coaching next year becuase I doubt he wants to start travelling again and being locked into a schedule that doesn’t allow him to be home in Vegas seeing his kids play sports as they finish up high school.

    • jb226 5 years ago

      I agree. Maddux has a good gig with the Cubs right now. The freedom to experience a little bit of everything without the obligation. He can hang out in the minors with some of the young pitchers there or sit around in the dugout in Wrigley, and if he’s not in the mood he goes back home and spends time with his kids.

      I don’t expect that to change for another year or two. When it does, who knows what Maddux decides to do? I, for one, can’t imagine he’ll be anything less than stellar at whatever he chooses.

    • Glavine has the exact same deal with the Braves. He’s a “special assistant” to JS, commentates, talks to the young pitchers, hangs out with his old buddies on the team, essentially whatever he wants to do.

  8. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    make him the GM! lol

    wasn’t his agent Boras? i’m sure he knows how to fleece some feeble minded GM’s into giving him anything he wants for nothing


  9. Wrek305 5 years ago

    Maddux is probably gonna be the Pitching coach for the Cubs not Padres.. The Cubs are in dire need of a real pitching coach. As soon as Hendry is gone Maddux will be the new pitching coach.. Hopefully they hire Bob Brenly as manager, he the obvious choose. and the Smartest one too. Quade has been decent for 25 games or so but he has never managed over the coarse of a full season

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