Odds & Ends: Manny, Garland, Fredi Gonzalez

Links for Wednesday, as Manny Ramirez finishes a 1-for-3 White Sox debut with a hit-by-pitch…

  • ESPN's Buster Olney feels that a team interested in Manny this winter should dangle an incentive-based contract with a base salary of $1MM or less.  But keep in mind that last offseason Scott Boras got $3.3MM and $2MM guarantees for Xavier Nady and Alex Cora, respectively.
  • The Nationals and Padres were the only teams to pursue Jon Garland during the offseason, the righty told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  Garland chose the Padres because he liked the ballpark and felt they were closer to competing.
  • Fredi Gonzalez tops Cubs GM Jim Hendry's managerial wish list currently, according to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Taiwanese news reports indicate that the Yankees determined their deal with Tzu-Wei Lin is invalid, reports the Taiwan Baseball blog.  The 16-year-old shortstop might be able to get more money from another team after he finishes high school. 
  • Mike Napoli puts his chances of being an Angel next season at 50-50, reports Mike DiGiovanna of the L.A. Times.

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13 Comments on "Odds & Ends: Manny, Garland, Fredi Gonzalez"

5 years 16 hours ago

Oh Hendry, please sign Gonzalez. If he’s with the Cubs then he can’t be with the Braves.

5 years 14 hours ago

Yankees lost their SS of the future in Lin.

5 years 14 hours ago

a raw 16 year old from taiwan? sure your not a bit too ambitious by calling him the SS of the future?

5 years 14 hours ago

I could care less about the antics involved with Manny. There is simply no way he couldn’t get at least a guaranteed $5 mil base. People need to understand this…what has been the only real issues that have made Manny unhappy? A NEW CONTRACT!!!! Manny understands that he only has a couple of seasons left in the tank. A 2 year deal might well be his last. In no way shape or form has Manny ever “dogged” it because of anything unrelated to wanting a new deal. Even w/ the Dodgers you can argue that he didn’t act up until the Dodgers decided to bench him after coming off the DL. Even so, what did he do? He hit over .300 and had an OBP over .400. If it weren’t for Arod’s and Posada’s potential health issues I would gladly offer Manny a 2 year deal for a base of at least $8 mil plus incentives. The smartest things you can do with Manny is to put him in a place for him to best succeed and to prevent issues. Manny with the security of a deal that makes him happy and keeps him from playing defense should help him thrive. But to say he should settle for a $1 mil guarantee plus incentives when he hit .300/.400 is an inslult.

5 years 14 hours ago

MainStreamMedia HATEManny isnt liked by fans of baseball, only fans of the team he plays for like him. Its easier to please the 95 percent of the fans who hate him than the 5 percent who like him. Youre a smart dude, why do you listen to Buster?

5 years 13 hours ago

Yeah but he’s never played for the Yanks but I HATE stupidity, regardless of whom it’s aimed for. It’s like listening to Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh. I mean can’t you dislike someone and still be objective about them. Not directed towards you but meaning the media. I actually heard Bobby V and John kruk say that Manny has had a bad year and they weren’t sure if he had anything left to help the ChiSox. I wanted to reach into the TV and yoke them up and ask ’em what other .300/.400 hitter was recently acquired this offseason? I guess Berkman and David Lee get a pass but Manny gets slammed.

5 years 13 hours ago

I still love Manny. Always will, saw him play in Boston in 05.. fell in love with his swing.
The guy is one the greatest hitters of my generation.. Roids or not.
Anyone who says Manny has nothing left is a tool. Every ball he hits is a missile. I don’t think the Sox will catch the Twins but I do know Manny won’t be the problem.
We all know if the Dodgers were in 1st none of this hate would be spewed..

When is someone gonna blast the McCourts? And I mean BLAST them like Manny gets blasted. Because the LA times wont do it.

5 years 13 hours ago

Wait a second – did you not read the stories about how much buzz Manny brought to LA? He’s always hated on the way out. On the way in he is a hero.

5 years 4 hours ago

Take off the rose colored glasses. There is no situation where Manny could be in that would prevent issues. He is the issue.

5 years 13 hours ago

I’d fall over myself to sign Manny to anything that is $5m or less. Half a season of Manny DH’ing is easily worth more than $5m.

5 years 9 hours ago

Yep, but you got to admit Bjsguess.. it is Ramirez’s horrible habits/antics he does when he wants out that makes the fans dislike him. Trying his best to throw a game? staying on the DL as long as possible faking injuries? Forgetting what body part is injured? How can that not rile up the fans?

Giving him more than 1 year is a mistake and a 1/2 season contract would be perfect, then sign him for the second halft the way he has been playing the last 2 years.

5 years 8 hours ago

Mike Napoli puts his chances of being an Angel next season at 50-50, reports Mike DiGiovanna of the L.A. Times.

AZ’s got room for a guy to play 1B four times a week, catch twice a week, and mash the heck outta the ball in a launching pad every day of the week…

4 years 11 months ago

i always thought Manny in a philly uniform would be a scary sight. …
imagine a lineup of

If I were RAJ, I would just eat Ibanez’s contract and sign Manny to a 2 year 10 mil deal.

In CBP, Manny would hit at least 40 HR without breaking a sweat….then imagine in that lineup between Utley and Howard…