Boras Defends Werth

At yesterday's press conference, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. was asked how the team's offense could be good or better without Jayson WerthPart of Amaro's response:

Jayson had a good year. It wasn't an extraordinary year. He had kind of a tough time with men in scoring position, so he didn't have as productive a year as he had in the past. But I think if he's not with us, there are players that we can acquire or we have in our own organization that can help us be as consistent.

It was odd to see a GM point out a player's shortcoming, although Amaro was correct in that Werth hit .186/.353/.314 in 190 plate appearances with runners in scoring position.  Of course, the sample is small and Werth was just fine with runners in scoring position in previous seasons.  Werth described the 2010 RISP numbers as an anomaly, talking to's Jim Salisbury.

Werth's new agent Scott Boras sidestepped the runners in scoring position angle, but still defended his client in a discussion with Salisbury.  Boras explained, "Compared to '09, he was up 30 points in batting average, 15 in on-base percentage, 30 in slugging, 40 in OPS. He had fewer home runs, but he had 20 more doubles."  Valid points.  Boras also said Werth's defense was "better than it has ever been," a point that is more difficult to prove.  The agent once again praised Werth's "center field acumen," though he's never played there regularly in the Majors.

As he typically does, Boras added that the Phillies have the money to retain Werth.

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