Manager Roundup: Brewers, Blue Jays, Cubs

Here's the latest news concerning managerial vacancies, with more to come..


Bobby Valentine has had "conversations" with the Brewers but has yet to have a formal interview, according to the manager when he was a guest on SIRIUS XM's Mad Dog Radio yesterday.  Bobby V added that he is unsure if he'll have another interview with Milwaukee, adding that he'll have to see what the next conversation leads to. 

Meanwhile, the Brewers have asked for and received permission to talk to Nationals third-base coach Pat Listach, two baseball sources tell's Bill Ladson.  Listach, who managed in the Cubs' farm system for four seasons, will interview with GM Doug Melvin on Tuesday.

Blue Jays

In his interview with Russo, Valentine also said that he does not expect to have a follow-up conversation with Toronto.  Yesterday we learned that the Blue Jays are looking into a whole lot of potential candidates for their managerial post.


The Cubs are still scoping out Joe Girardi as a managerial candidate, writes Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times.  Wittenmyer also hears from a source that Eric Wedge had a strong interview with the Cubs before hooking on with the Mariners.

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6 Comments on "Manager Roundup: Brewers, Blue Jays, Cubs"

4 years 11 months ago

If the Cubs get Girardi, the Yankees should Baylor.

4 years 11 months ago

I’ve been missing something here.. is Girardi’s contract up this season?

4 years 11 months ago

Yay, Brewers are going to interview Pat Listach! I’d love to have him. A fan favorite who could actually perhaps manage the team well (unlike Coop).

4 years 11 months ago

The Cubs passed on Girardi four years ago, and NOW it was a bad decision? Listen to Lou Piniella’s press conferences over the last few years. He always sounds like he’s just about ready to have his Depends changed in the nursing home.

4 years 11 months ago

Dealing with the Cubs circus can easily loosen your bowels after a while.

4 years 11 months ago

Are you kidding me? Hendry is still looking at Joe Girardi to manage the Cubs? They can’t even talk to Girardi until after the WS is completed! And the Cubs will wait another month? Like Girardi would go to the Cubs? I don’t know which GM is the most stupid, the the race is pretty tight between Hendry and Rizzo with the Nats. Please Ricketts Family! Don’t let Hendry lead the search for the next Manager…Hendry MUST GO! HENDRY MUST GO!