Average Free Agent Prices

Using our free agent tracker, here are the average free agent prices for a single season by position so far this offseason.  Note that for utility players, our position assignments are somewhat subjective.

  • Catcher: $3.15MM.  Closest to average: Yorvit Torrealba.
  • First base: $6.53MM.  Closest: Lyle Overbay.
  • Second base: $4.35MM.  Closest: Bill Hall.
  • Shortstop: $6.41MM.  Closest: Miguel Tejada.
  • Third base: $2.58MM, which will rise when Adrian Beltre signs.  Closest: Melvin Mora.
  • Left field: $3.76MM.  Closest: Matt Diaz.  Without Carl Crawford: $1.4MM.
  • Center field: $970K.  Only two results here, Melky Cabrera and Tony Gwynn Jr.
  • Right field: $6.88MM.  Closest: Lance Berkman.
  • Designated hitter: $7.15MM.  Closest: Hideki Matsui.  Johnny Damon, Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez, and Jim Thome are still out there.
  • Starting pitcher: $5.85MM.  Closest: Jon Garland.
  • Closer: $10MM.  Only two results here, Mariano Rivera and J.J. Putz.  Rafael Soriano, Kevin Gregg, and Brian Fuentes are still out there, while Bobby Jenks and Kerry Wood did not sign to close.
  • Right-handed reliever, non-closer: $3.02MM.  Closest: Koji Uehara, Dan Wheeler.
  • Left-handed reliever, non-closer: $2.47MM.  Closest: Randy Choate.

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