Derek Jeter Rumors: Thursday

3:09pm: The Yankees have increased their offer to Jeter by an unknown amount, according to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News.

2:28pm: The Yankees informed Close today they're willing to improve upon their three-year, $45MM offer to Jeter, reports ESPN's Jayson Stark.  Jeter's side lowered their request, adds SI's Jon Heyman on Twitter.

8:03am: Derek Jeter and his agent Casey Close reached out to the Yankees to set up Tuesday's meeting in Tampa, report Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden of the New York Daily News.  Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine, and Brian Cashman attended for the Yankees.

Money and years were not discussed, say Feinsand and Madden.  Instead, the meeting concluded with the Yankees' brass asking Close for ideas on how to bridge the large gap.  The tenor of the meeting was cordial, reports Michael S. Schmidt of the New York Times.  Close did not get back to them on Wednesday.

The Yankees were emboldened by Troy Tulowitzki's new deal, in he has a $15.7MM average salary over the next ten seasons and Cashman and company offered Jeter $15MM per year.  Of course, the new part of Tulowitzki's contract is $134MM over seven years from 2014-20, which comes to $19.1MM per year.  To include Tulowitzki's low 2011 and '12 salaries in an average would be disingenuous, since those weren't potential free agent seasons for him.  At any rate, MLB is pleased that the Yankees have not gone overboard on their Jeter offer, report Feinsand and Madden.

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