Orioles Notes: Guerrero, Duchscherer, Scott

It's been a surprisingly busy winter for the Orioles with their newest acquisition coming tonight in the form of a one-year, $8MM deal with Vladimir Guerrero.  Here's are some of the reactions to the newest Oriole plus other pieces of O's news..

  • The $8MM deal with Guerrero will bring Baltimore's payroll to roughly $93MM, up from $73MM in 2010, tweets Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun.
  • Landing Guerrero puts an exclamation point on an offseason that started poorly, tweets Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.  In a separate tweet, Heyman calls the $8MM deal a "miracle" for the slugger.
  • New Orioles right-hander Justin Duchscherer was asked to undergo a more rigorous physical exam than most, writes Steve Melewski of MASNSports.com.  The 33-year-old has been through two hip operations over the last two years.
  • The O's haven't made any progress on their arbitration case with Luke Scott, tweets Brittany Ghiroli of MLB.com.  Both parties are still hopeful that they can avoid a hearing.  Scott has already said that he would like to sign a long-term deal in Baltimore.  You can keep track on all arbitration cases with MLBTR's Arb Tracker.

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  1. Orioles Magic BABY! Orioles Magic! OH yeahhhh! Orioles are about to shut up na sayers

  2. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    I love what Baltimore did this offseason. With the crop of players that they picked up, the buzz around that team will almost certainly change, and it may become more fashionable for players to choose the Orioles in free agency. Pudge had the same effect for the Tigs when he signed with Detroit a little while back. Lookin forward to seeing some big things from the O’s.

  3. dro03 4 years ago

    I thought most of it was deferred, would that still bring it up to 93 million? But the Orioles will be tougher this year. Should win around 85 games which is pretty good for the East.

    • tigers06 4 years ago

      there hitting will be great they have no pitchin, i more around 70 games

      • dro03 4 years ago

        Guthrie and Matusz should be decent, Tillman might improve but the rest might suck. You never know if a fourth guy can have a decent season then 80-85 is reasonable.

      • Their pitching still looks in better shape than the Yankees lol

        • MB923 4 years ago

          Only reason it looks that way at the moment is because their rotation is set. The Yankees isn’t just yet. Bullpen? lol don’t get me started on that.

          Do you really think the O’s will finish ahead of the Yankees?

          • Is it possible? yes. The likelihood it will happen? prob not. but as a O’s fan, we finally have a legitimate line-up and young players to get excited about so dont rain on our parade.

          • MB923 4 years ago

            I actually like competititon. Not raining on your parade, you should be excited and glad you got a young team. We shall see how productive it will be. Sad that Wieters, while still young, has been a disappointment so far. However I’m sure he will turn it around. Plenty of future stars have trouble starting off their career

            Trivia- What pitcher (not in the HOF yet though) started off 6-14 with a 5.61 ERA in his first full season as a starting pitcher

            I’ll just give the answer though to not waste your time looking it up- Greg Maddux. And now we know where he is heading

            Not that I’m comparing Weiters value to Maddux’s, but you understand my point

            I’m very gald that the O’s Could be a competing team in the next few years. It just sucks they are in the wrong division.

          • yea nothing personal. that was directed to all the negative commentators on here the past 2 1/2 days, i just happened to reply to yours first when reading thru the comments……. I agree, i really hope with this much protection in a line-up our young guys such as Weiters, Jones, Markakis and even Reynolds (27) can relax and become better hitters.

          • MB923 4 years ago

            As a Yankee fan, we know a lot of things about negative commentators, haha. I was dissing the O’s, I’m just saying I don’t think they are as good as the other teams in their division. Put them in several other divisions and I assure you they wouldn’t be in the very low part of the standings.

        • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

          Umm, no! CC is as good as they come and Hughes is also better than anyone on the O’Ss! And if Burnett straightens himself out he’s even better than anyone on the O’s! The O’s could have a more balanced staff but not better! Still, i love their moves and expect around 85 wins with a ton of runs being scored in Camden!

          • mstrchef13 4 years ago

            What’s more likely to happen, Burnett straightening himself out (without his precious Dave Eiland around) or Matusz, Arrieta, Bergesen, and Tillman taking the next step? Sabathia is great. Enjoy him for one more year, then watch him opt out of his contract. Hughes showed stretches of great pitching, but so did all of the O’s returning starters.

            Sometimes a balanced staff is better than a top-heavy staff. Especially when that top is as heavy as CC.

          • You really think CC will opt out of his contract and leave that much money on the table? I don’t really see him getting more on the open market than what he is already making.

  4. Will be the first .500 season since 1997. But I have to say you can’t win baseball on paper or in February

  5. Cubbie 4 years ago

    Os r dramatically improved since last season

  6. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    I can call Andy a lot of things, but he isn’t a liar.

  7. At least there will be a reason to go to see them this year….

  8. 8 Mil for Guerrero and no one else wanted him, not sure that was a good signing for an on the decline DH

    • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

      If he has a season remotely close to last years(and i would expect so from Vladdy) then he’ll be worth every penny! It would have been nice to steal him at a discount but his production is worth the contract!

    • mstrchef13 4 years ago

      When the final details come out, much of that $8MM will be incentives or deferred money.

  9. Rickli 4 years ago

    Can’t say enough about this. Where to start? Reynolds.

    Reynolds is very much underrated in my opinion. He is only 27 years old, and has one of the best HR/AB ratio at like 16.6 ABs. His defense is what gets thrown around lightly. I saw him play, and the dude can pick it. If Reynolds can hit at least .235 with 35 HR, 100 RBI, that will be huge for us. However, being in Camden, I expect him to put up something like 40 HR, with more RBIs, because all the hitters in front of him are OBP machines! Food for thought: Reynolds is too, has a good BB:K ratio.

    Next, Hardy. Hardy is a solid defender who has the potential to put up just as many HRs as our 2010 leader did in Luke Scott. He will be taking over for our everyday SS last year, Cesar Izturis, who by the way is still with the O’s.

    Derrek Lee. This dude wants to prove himself. He played all last year with an injury and paid for it during FA. He said it himself “I’m ready to prove the haters wrong, and show I have a lot left”. In my opinion signing Vlad will only fuel this fire. Great clubhouse leader and on field producer.

    Duchscherer. This is a great signing. If Duke is unhealthy he doesn’t get paid, if he is then he gets paid. And if he is healthy he will be a GREAT addition to our rotation

    And lastly, VLAD. This is by far the most exciting one year deal for me for a slew of reasons. We just agreed to terms with a future 1st ballot HOF’er. Luke Scott said it “he is by far the best hitter I have seen, a freak of nature”. Secondly, he will be batting 4th all year, it’s been since god knows when, the O’s had a legit 4 hitter. Also, Vlad induces fear in to opposing pitchers that not many players can do. He is just an animal! This Vlad signing tops off an offseason of surprises. Because I didn’t think the O’s would be this much improved. This is great, Baltimore is back on the map!

    • nblufire12 4 years ago

      Amen brother. Amen.

    • I like your enthusiasm.

      Speaking from Milwaukee, I’ll say that Hardy appears to have lost his way. He’s a good guy and a good defender, but I’m not convinced his offense returns – especially his power. Like Bill Hall, guys have good years and then never repeat them. It happens.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      Reynolds is not underrated at all.

      Terrible defense. His K% rate has gone up every year he’s been in the league. Very poor batting average. Well below average OBP. His highest WAR in any season was 3.6 in 2009 which he was tied for 10th in 3B alone.

      There are plenty of 3B better than Reynolds.

      Yes he’s good for the long ball here and there but that’s about all.

      • Rickli 4 years ago

        He is the best 3B we have had in a while

        • MB923 4 years ago

          Well I’ll give you that one lol

          • Rickli 4 years ago

            I’ll take 30-40 HR any day. Not to mention he stole 20 bases in 09

      • mstrchef13 4 years ago

        Reynolds defense has improved every year he’s been in the majors. Look it up.

        Well below average OBP last season, but he hit .199 and had four different injuries including a beaning and a wrist injury. Despite that, he still walked over 80 times and hit 32 homers, both of which would have led the Orioles in 2010. Also, who in the Arizona lineup was scary besides him? Kelly Johnson? Chris Young? Good hitters, but not guys that pitchers feared. Even with all his shortcomings, Reynolds is a hitter to be feared. “He’s good for the long ball here and there”. As horrible as he was last year, he still led the Diamondbacks in HRs and walks, 3rd on the team in runs scored and RBIs, and second in intentional walks behind the #8 hitter.

        • MB923 4 years ago

          TZ (Total Zone)

          2007: 1
          2008: -7
          2009: -9
          2010: -9

          UZR at 3B
          2007: -4.4
          2008: -10.3
          2009: -6.5
          2010: 2.2
          Career: -5.9

          It’s gone down the past 2 years, not every year.

          Although I have no idea how he had a positve UZR if his TZL (Total Zone with location) was the 2nd worst amongst all 3B.

  10. Manny got $2million, Vlad gets 8? Obviously they aren’t the same player but with Baltimore seemingly the only team in the running… Just glad this finally happened so we can stop the daily “when will he sign in Baltimore?” posts.

    • Omazing 4 years ago

      One of those guys played artificial baseball.
      The other is a natural freak beast for lack of a better term.

    • Manny got $2 million more than he is worth.

      • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

        Manny can shut it down and quit on his team at any time and is a terrible example for young players to follow! Vladdy and his bad knees will give 100pct every game!

    • my point wasn’t why didn’t Manny get more, it was expressing surprise that Vlad got as much as he did. He will likely give 110% every day but still.

  11. tacko 4 years ago

    The mystery team offering $8 million that the Guerrero told the Oriorles about were actually the Orioles.

  12. RahZid 4 years ago

    Vlad signing was the worst thing that could have happened right now. Think about it! Pettitte retired (no more will he/won’t he posts), Vlad signs, now Michael Young is less likely to be traded IMO, since he’s replacement at DH is off the market, so those rumors could die down now too. How am I supposed to get through the work day???

    • jb226 4 years ago

      Well, pitchers and catchers can start reporting in ten days.

      • RahZid 4 years ago

        Actually, some of the Red Sox pitchers and catchers have already reported (a couple OF too), so there is that. This is still gonna drag out the work days though.

        • rickjimbo 4 years ago

          I saw that, glad to hear Pap is putting in some early work

  13. basemonkey 4 years ago

    The last 3 years have been a blueprint:

    Trade off whatever valuable MLB pieces for young talent. Develop and draft young talent. Bring the high promise guys to the majors. In the meantime sign cheap versatile “stopgap” MLB contracts so that they can pour all of their budgets into scouting, drafting, and development. Lay the foundation. Now that the kids are in Camden, and learning to be big leaguers, give them a leader who can guide the team and has done it before: Showalter. Now that that’s in place, stop signing stopgaps and acquire legitimate majorleaguers to support the kids’ development. Now watch them grow.

    The importance of this offseason’s moves will not be in the players they added. It will be evidenced by the improvement, growth, and breakouts we see in any combination of Markakis, Jones, Wieters, Matusz, Arrieta, Britton, and/or Bergesen.

    • NickinIthaca 4 years ago

      I’m amazed at how underrated Buck is when it comes to MLB managers. Although he has never won it all, he has a knack for turning teams around (ie – Yankees and Diamondbacks before winning WS titles and Rangers before their recent successes). I would love to see the O’s stick with him and bring something home when the “plan” comes to fruition

      • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        So basically if he leaves the team now they might be WS winners this season.

    • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

      U nailed it BASEMONKEY! It takes time but this year the O’s should finally be rewarded with a winning team! Loading up on offense will really help the young pitchers confidence as they finally pitch in games that mean something!

      • basemonkey 4 years ago

        For me the real thing to watch is how their big crop of young pitchers responds to these moves. It starts from Matusz and challenges him and company to improve. Matusz, Arrieta, Tillman, Britton, Bergesen.

        Throw in Wieters too, who theoretically could have a monster breakout season. You just don’t see switch-hitting cathers with such opposite field power like him. It would be great to see him go back to being more patient and getting more pitches to hit, since the lineup around him will be more established.

  14. monkeyspanked 4 years ago

    Orioles got Buck, tons of offense, and pitching that could go either way. They could be almost as good as the Rangers. Mark my words suckas!

    • Jim Sinicki 4 years ago

      no way. The Orioles have definitely improved but do you actually think they’ll be a world series caliber team? I still think they finish 4th or 5th in the AL east battling with the blue jays.

      even though they have made themselves better on paper there is still NO WAY POSSIBLE they compete with the yanks, sox or rays.

      • rickjimbo 4 years ago

        I have to agree with you, don’t sleep on the Blue Jays

        • no one ever gives the blue jays their due, but the fact is they have had a decent team 6 out of the last 7 years. they will not be a pushover, and until the O’s prove otherwise, they are still the weak sisters of the AL east.

      • How on earth do you not see the O’s competing with the rays? Madness…

  15. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    The AL East continues to grow more and more interesting.

  16. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    baltimore 2011 is the seattle mariners of 2010. Remember when the mariners were gonna win 90+ games from there offseason shake-up? Just got the fan base excited for nothing. Although i admit, the orioles have taken some higher reward type guys.

    • yeah but they didnt have buck as manager, dont under estimate his capabilities

    • MB923 4 years ago

      Yeah but the Mariners had the time had King Felix and CC. The Orioles don’t have anyone in their rotation who even remotely comes close to their quality. I know some of them are still young, but on paper we know the M’s 2010 pre-season rotation is better than the 2011 Orioles pre-season. But let’s see what happens. Crazy things happen all the time.

    • basemonkey 4 years ago

      I wouldn’t make this comparison. Two reasons:

      • As much as the Orioles have improved on paper, they haven’t added any top tier guys who commanded the highest contracts or prospects like the Ms did that offseason. All of their contracts have been for short-term low risk deals with some upside. There is no “Chone Figgins” or “Cliff Lee” types here. There’s not one multiyear deal. Every single one is the “bargain” level of contract you’re more likely to find made by the Twins or someone.

      • As much as I like the Os’ moves, no one will project them to be a WS contender like they did for the Ms that season. All of the Os additions have been to support the development of their young hitters and pitchers that they’ve gone all-in on for the last several years. The success of this offseason won’t be measured in a playoff appearance, but rather, by the improvement their young core makes (e.g. Markakis, Jones, Wieters, Matusz, Arrieta, Tillman, Britton, Bergie, etc..).

  17. Six_Eight 4 years ago

    Hey Luke, the long term contract is in the mail, set out on the porch and wait for it.

  18. This orioles team has got to be the biggest high risk / high reward team ever assembled. They are either going to be remarkably better than last year or just an absolute DISASTER! The problem is, even if they are remarkably better this year, there’s is no way this is the future of Orioles baseball. This is the band-aid approach to building a contending team.

    • Bombastic_Dave 4 years ago

      Reminds me of the Tigers of a couple years ago. Makes me glad I’m a Jays fan.

    • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

      I totally disagree! Lee and Vlad could easily have 2-3 highly productive seasons left and Hardy and Reynolds are both young. Never mind the impact of bolstering the young pitchers confidence which will help them down the road as well! Its one thing to throw out bigmoney multiyear albatross contracts at aging players but the o’s didnt do any of this! would you be happy if they sat on their hands like the royals and pirates and accept mediocrity? Their is no downside in the future with any of the moves the O’s made this offseason! Only ones complaining are probably Rays and Jays fans who are scared of being passed as both their teams are far worse off than last year(Jays losing Marcum, Downs, and Wells-Rays losing Soriano,Crawford, Pena, Balfour, and Wheeler)

    • mstrchef13 4 years ago

      How is this a band-aid approach? Reynolds is 27, Hardy is 28. Lee is 35 but could easily have 3-4 good years as an AL 1B left. Guerrero could still have four years left, but could still be cooked. Either way, he isn’t viewed as a band aid. The rotation is young, talented, and developing experience. If Duke is healthy, then they have two potential stud starters waiting their turn in AAA. If he isn’t, then Tillman was brilliant at times last year while Britton is considered a top 10-20 MLB prospect.

      There are no band aids with this approach. This was major surgery.

  19. I say congrats to the orioles. Not that they will necessarily win a lot this year, but from I can tel lthey have probably sparked their fans interests for the first time in years. I will be rooting for the orioles in the AL EAST this year, only because i like to pull for underdogs!

  20. coolstorybro222 4 years ago

    meh. they could probably trade off most of the players and start the cycle again

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Well I have to wonder if that’s part of the plan. Assuming the Orioles are out of the running by the all star break which considering how stacked the Red Sox and yanks are as well as the tenacity of the Rays, the Orioles will most likely be, I gotta believe that both Lee and Guerrero would be attractive trade targets.

  21. oh man, forgot to include Izzy with thebackups. My fault lol.

  22. dc21892 4 years ago

    Love the signing for the O’s, only thing I question is the salary.

  23. cbm5042 4 years ago

    You gotta love what the Orioles are doing here. They have a young rotation and decided the best way to instill confidence was to assemble an imposing lineup, balanced throughout, with high .OBP guys in the first 5 slots backed up by big power and youth 6-9. The first four have incredible plate discipline and can murder left handers. When Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, and JJ Hardy are your 7-9 hitters you have a good lineup. By taking the pressure off these guys it allows them to not worry so much and just concentrate on improving as ball players. Hardy, if healthy could be one of the top SS in the AL and Reynolds with that short porch in left will rake at OPACY.

    But not only that, they improved their pen by including 5 pitchers with closing experience, making for a very deep and flexible 7,8,9 combination with Johnson, Gregg, Gonzalez, and Koji.

    But not only that, and most people don’t know, but the O’s are breaking in a brand new spring training site completely renovated, redone, with state of the art facilities, fields, and player accommodations. Just two seasons ago (and this is true) they had a tent for a weight room and no A/C. Teams would refuse to play at their old facility because of the poor condition of their fields. Now they have a spring training site worthy of a winning team, which they can become this year and surprise a lot of people.

    • djones83 4 years ago

      Did you just insinuate that Vlad Guerrero has “incredible plate discipline”?

      • dc21892 4 years ago

        I was wondering the same thing. Nothing against Vlad, he’s a great hitter, but he by no means has great plate discipline.

  24. 0vercast 4 years ago

    I’m very glad to see the O’s making an effort to compete this year. Hopefully they can muster a few more wins vs the Yanks and Sox than they normally do. It bodes well for the other contenders in the American League because the more competition in the AL East, the less likely that the Wild Card team will come from that division.

    Go O’s!

  25. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    BTW, love the Earl Weaver avatar! One of my best childhood memories was watching Rick Dempsey imitate the Babe and round the bases at Fenway around 1980 during a rain delay with a pillow under his shirt as he slid in home safe on the tarp! Classic!

  26. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    Where did they get $20m?

  27. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    This was meant in response to Basemonkey! Dont know why this keeps happening!

  28. baybombers 4 years ago

    reynolds,vlad,lee are some formidable bats

  29. Or how bout the Orioles finishing with a record above .500? Yeah that sounds “buzz” worthy too

  30. Doubtful, but he probably still has surpasses 200. But you gotta remember Reynolds is a lock for 30 HR’s and possibly 40

  31. Its highly unlikely, but he might just surprize us. i mean look at all the protection he has in this line up. i could easily see him dropping his K’s down to 180 with a new hit coach and this line up while belting 40 hr’s in Camden Yards. that is the best case scenario by the way….. and we all know the worst case scenario.

  32. mstrchef13 4 years ago

    Why did the Red Sox get kudos for bringing along Lester and Buchholz, the Blue Jays for bringing along their young pitchers (Marcum, Cecil, etc.), the Rays for all their young pitchers starting with David Price, but the Orioles starters are suspect because they are young and inexperienced? It’s a load of crap, and it’s all because the O’s have been terrible for so long that many people just can’t bring themselves to admit that the Birds are getting competitive again.

    Get used to it, naysayers. You can easily make a case for the Orioles to be the second best team in the division. You could probably make that case for every team other than Boston which, in my mind, is clearly the best team in the division if not in all of baseball, but you can’t dismiss the O’s any longer.

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