Tigers Not Signing Bonderman Or Guerrero

3:23pm: The Tigers aren't signing Vladimir Guerrero, either. "There's not a fit for us," Dombrowski told Gage. "We're not involved with that at all and haven't been."

2:44pm: Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski has been open to re-signing Jeremy Bonderman throughout the offseason, but the longtime Tiger will not be returning to Detroit. "We are not signing Jeremy Bonderman," Dombrowski told Tom Gage of the Detroit News (on Twitter).

Last year Bonderman had his first full season since undergoing shoulder surgery in 2008. The 28-year-old logged 171 innings, posting a 5.53 ERA with 5.9 K/9 and 3.2 BB/9. Bonderman, who is about to begin his ninth big league season, is a free agent for the first time. Gage suggests Bonderman could be on the verge of signing with another club.

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  1. verlander 4 years ago

    Happy trails, Bondo.

  2. $1529282 4 years ago

    Not knocking them for all the minor league signings by any means, as it’s a solid strategy at this point… but I think it’d be amusing if the Yankees’ AAA rotation featured Colon, Prior, Garcia, and Bonderman all at once.

    Jarrod Washburn’s out there too!

    • EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

      Gotta get the Washman!

    • James Stevens 4 years ago

      Prior won’t be a starter.

      • MetsFanXXIII 4 years ago

        Why assume Prior will be anything? The guy really has yet to prove that he can stay healthy for any extended period.

    • Bombastic_Dave 4 years ago

      Not exactly a farm team. More like a storage closet…

  3. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I can hear it now. (Beep, beep, bop, beep, boop, beep, beep, boop, boop, beep, bop…..ring……. ring……ring) “Hello”. “Heyyyyyy Bondsy, it’s the Cash-man…how’s the winter going for ya”?

    Do it. Cash. We the fans will have your back. Stock up on the veteran reclamation projects and let them battle the kids for the last rotation spot. Either the NY or the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees will be winning their division in 2011, and maybe both.

    • verlander 4 years ago

      Oh, great, another reason for me to secretly like the Yankees organization?

    • TheFakeSting 4 years ago

      Keep dreamin’ buddy.

    • not_brooks 4 years ago

      Does Cashman dial an extra number just for fun?

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        1-(234)-567-8910…eleven numbers

        • not_brooks 4 years ago

          Good call. Living off my cell phone, I haven’t dialed a 1 at the beginning in years…

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Cashman has to use the office phone now because Randy Levine has put him on a pre-paid minutes program for publicly objecting to the Soriano signing.

  4. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I know we’ve covered these signing to death but one benefit not covered is what a veteran presence might me at the AAA level.

    I think Colon and Garcia can opt out if they don’t make the team out of ST but I think at least one will stay considering the volatile nature of the #5 spot. Our AAA staf will probably have some combo of rookies like Noesi, Phelps, Brackman, Mitchell or maybe Warren. Having some combo of a Prior, Colon or Garcia in AAA to be an example to the kids and to offer advise and leadership about making it and staying in the bigs and not taking it for granted can be a positive. Having talent is only half the battle for a rookie making it to the majors.

  5. I cant believe this guy is only 28… It feels like he has been around forever.

    • verlander 4 years ago

      He kind of has. He made his debut when he was 19 or 20, in 2003.

  6. Bring him to Houston, similiar but cheaper than the Myers deal last year!

  7. ballmich 4 years ago

    I wonder if he’ll retire, if he doesn’t sign with Detroit or Seattle, like he indicated last season…

  8. Well it seems like Guerrero will either be signing with the Orioles or retiring. To be honest I don’t see what other options he has. I think he will hold out for as long as possible though. Peter Angelos has wanted him for a long time, so I think the O’s will wait for until a week before spring training and bump up our offer another million or so and they will settle. I think him seeing Duchscherer signing with the O’s will help influence his decision. And if he decides to retire that will be the worst career decision for him seeing as that would kill his HOF chances in my mind.

  9. m4r1n3r 4 years ago

    I am baffled by the fact that Guerrero remains a FA. He must be asking for too much money.

    2010: 29HR’s, 115 RBI, .300/.345/.496

    • verlander 4 years ago

      He’s in decline. Look at his second half numbers.

  10. TheFakeSting 4 years ago

    There went ur “8 million dollar” bargaining chip Vlad. See u in black and orange. Ur big money pay-days are gone.

  11. Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

    Could this potentially mean a minor-league deal return for Chad Durbin? I’ve been thinking about it ever since the Phillies announced they wouldn’t be bringing him back. I think he’d be a great insurance guy and a long-relief guy for Detroit.

  12. ToledoFan 4 years ago

    I’m really surprised that some people seriously thought we would sign Vlad. On a team with Guillen Martinez and Ordonez, why would DD sign ANOTHER DH? He would only get a bench role at best and have to hope for an injury to someone other than Guillen (as Sizemore and Rhymes will likely take over for him). I know Vlad had a great year last year but he was playing in Texas and who knows if he can keep repeat that year he had.

    • And don’t forget Miguel Cabrera on that should be a DH list…

      • verlander 4 years ago


      • ToledoFan 4 years ago

        I would like to see what he does this year at 1B before I label him as a defensive liability based on one bad year. Players who start as 3B generally make good 1B.

        • Pawsdeep 4 years ago

          So far, he has shown only to be a freak athelete. Im sure the defense will come…Give him a year of sobriety to finally see the ball.

          Cant be any worse than Cecil….

        • verlander 4 years ago

          I think he’s improved since moving to the position mid-2008. He can only get better, as long as he stays committed.

    • Pawsdeep 4 years ago

      You know, I read a post on this site a while back that put Detroit on one of Jim Thomes “possibles”.
      It baffled me as to why someone would think Detroit would sign another DH and now this pops up with Vlad and it makes me wonder if DD really is trying to decimate this offseason with a ridiculous FA or some blockbuster give away for something they don’t need…
      I really hope this isnt a “where theres smoke there is fire” kind of deal….

  13. Since_77 4 years ago

    I imagine the Yankees and the Rangers would try to sign this guy. He is a low risk investment since Garcia got a minor league deal so should he. He made twelve quality starts last year that is two better than Javy Vasquez and Dice-K. He had twice as many as Scott Kazmir.

  14. frede1 4 years ago

    The top 5 in the batting order stack-up too the Twins, Jackson,Rymes,Magglio,Cabrera,V-mart all bat Avg around 300. Not worried about Peralta or Rayburn, there Avgs will come up, its Inge,Bausch,Avila that have my concern, Lets not forget about utility man Santiago. Peralta is going too have a break out kind of a year, he really wants too play for the tigers, it would not surprise me if his AVG Zoooomed too the 300s real quick.

  15. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    I’m guessing Prior went on the DL after 1 pitch

  16. not_brooks 4 years ago

    I’m surprised he made it out of the bullpen. Or did the Yankees just store him in a secret hatch directly beneath the pitchers mound?

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