What Doesn’t Apply In Arbitration

Earlier today, MLBTR examined the collective bargaining agreement and surveyed agents and executives to determine what matters in arbitration cases. As the CBA explains, player performance, previous earnings and comparable players figure in to arbitration hearings, but there's a limit to what is applicable. Evidence of the following is not admissable in arbitration hearings:

  • The financial position of the player or the team.
  • Press comments or testimonials about the performance of either the player or the club. "Recognized annual Player awards for playing excellence" are the exception to this rule, so Josh Hamilton will absolutely bring up his MVP if he and the Rangers go to a hearing.
  • Offers made by either side before the hearing.
  • The cost of representatives hired by the player or team.
  • Salaries in other sports or fields.
  • Keep track of the remaining unsigned arbitration eligible players and all the players who have signed with our Arb Tracker.

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4 years 6 months ago

Hey Hamilton, Can you pitch?

– B. Cashman