Giants Release Jeff Suppan

The Giants released Jeff Suppan, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle (on Twitter). GM Brian Sabean says the decision was mutual, since Suppan wasn't going to make the team. The right-hander is now looking for a job elsewhere.

Suppan posted a 7.84 ERA in 15 appearances with the Brewers before they released him last year. He then appeared in 15 games for St. Louis and posted a much-improved 3.84 ERA for the Cardinals. Overall, he logged 101 1/3 innings and posted a 5.06 ERA with 4.5 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and a 40.3% ground ball rate.

Sabean signed Suppan in January to provide depth and insurance, but did not need him in the end. He could have earned $1MM for making the team.

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  1. TytheSportsGuy 4 years ago

    Come to St.Louis, please. I’d rather have Suppan than Batista.

    • brewersfan33 4 years ago

      As a Brewer fan i agree that St. Louis should have Suppan instead of Batista.

      • Jeff pitched very decent for the redbirds last year. I’d rather have Batista because of his versatility, but suppan on a minor league signing can do no harm.

    • Stl_Great 4 years ago

      Come to St. Louis please. I’d rather have Suppan than Lohse.*

      • daveineg 4 years ago

        I sincerely hope you get your wish. I’d love to see Suppan in the Cardinal rotation. Of course, I’m a Brewer fan.

  2. Aww man, there goes my fantasy ace…

    • Stl_Great 4 years ago

      My first and second rounders’ were both released. Suppan and Wellemeyer. My team’s done for.

  3. basemonkey 4 years ago

    It’s a very interesting pitching landscape right now.

    During the “Year of the Pitcher,” where we saw many notable standout performances, esp. by young up-and-coming young arms, it no doubt will/is having an indirect effect on the available pitching slots being competed for today, right now.

    We’re seeing a lot of vets who probably would have pitched some form of servicable innings being edged out, either forced into retirement or into the minors. We’re also seeing a higher number of young “bubble” guys who may have gotten stashed in the pen in prior years, today getting released, pass thru waivers unclaimed, or sent to the minors. The only conclusion we can come to is that the overall standard of pitcher required to stay in the majors is getting higher.

  4. brewersnrays 4 years ago

    So much for back to back title runs

  5. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    thanks for the…

    well, whatever. seeya

  6. rayking 4 years ago

    I speculate that he retires – he made enough $$$ off that Brewers contract to turn up his nose at AAA. And he’s got a championship ring too. Sure, he could toil away in AAA for some team thin on pitching, waiting for an injury on the big club, but I don’t see that happening.

  7. goner 4 years ago

    St. Louis is probably the only suitable destination for Suppan, but they don’t seem to have room for him unless someone gets injured.

    As a side note, I just looked up Soup’s b-r page, and realized that the Brewers paid him $40M over 4 years for a total of -1.0 WAR. By that “standard”, the $61.5M that the Giants have paid to Barry Zito over the same time period, resulting in +4.2 WAR, seems like a bargain.

  8. Braydon Gervais 4 years ago

    Who wants to make bets on the Yankees signing him…

    • Jman1213 4 years ago

      Suppan in Yankee Stadium? As a Yankees fan, I wince at the thought.

  9. TapDancingTeddy 4 years ago

    I’ll bet against Suppan turning up anywhere soon. He had a staggering 1.623 WHIP and 5.11 ERA over the last two seasons in the no-DH league.

    He’s clearly below replacement level and any AAA pitcher who can find the plate consistently should do just as well.

    Unless Dave Duncan thinks he can fix him, I think Suppan is done.

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