Barmes Hopes To Remain With Astros Beyond 2011

The Astros remade their middle infield this offseason, but they have yet to see new shortstop Clint Barmes play an official game in their uniform. He's currently recovering from a fractured hand suffered in Spring Training, but he's already thinking beyond his rehab and to the future, telling Stephen Goff of that he hopes to remain in Houston beyond this season.

Barmes, 32, will earn $3.925MM this season, his final one as an arbitration-eligible player. He is scheduled to become a free agent after the season, when he would be one of the few legitimate everday middle infielders available on the market. Although he hit just .235/.305/.351 with the Rockies last season, Barmes hit a respectable .264/.306/.452 with 34 homers and 25 steals from 2008-2009. Aside from a hiccup in 2007 and 2008, UZR has liked his defense at short.

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  1. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    “Barmes hit a respectable .264/.306/.452 with 34 homers and 25 steals from 2009-2009.”

    You might want to fix the year(s).

  2. Hoping to remain an astro = I have no where else to go

    • rovert22044 4 years ago

      The Astros are a good team, just have the worst bullpen of all time. If they could aquire 2 good relievers, I believe they could contend. They are a good hitting team with an average starting staff. I don’t see why everyone thinks they are the worst in baseball…

      • 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

        oh is that why their organization rank is 30?

  3. rovert22044 4 years ago

    Even though I am excited to see if he can generate that power at Minute Maid, I really don’t want to see Angel Sanchez get sit when he does get back. Maybe swap him and Bill Hall?

    Angel Sanchez: .327 / 1 HR / 8 RBI’s / .367 OBP in 14 Games Played
    Bill Hall: .196 / 1 HR / 4 RBI’s / .226 OBP in 14 Games Played

    As you can see, Sanchez is putting up way better numbers than Hall. So why not keep Sanchez in? Hall off the bench will be nice.

    Another problem will be when Kep comes back. I guess we will see.

  4. Redhawk 4 years ago

    Barmy is a great club house guy, and great with the glove. However, he hasn’t seen a slider away that he won’t swing at.

    • I know of a couple other guys like that, but they seemed to work out ok. Biggio and Pence were/are both suckers for that slider low and away

  5. He’ll be lucky to stay on the club after the trade deadline if Angel Sanchez keeps hitting this well.

    • rovert22044 4 years ago

      I have to agree, though I don’t think they would trade him, as he has little to no value. I could see us trading Kep and keeping Barmes around, though I wouldn’t be too happy. I’m excited to see how Kep will do once he gets healthy.

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