Discussion: Marlins’ Third Base Options

Recently, there was a great deal of speculation as to how the Marlins would take care of the third base job as prospect Matt Dominguez was demoted to the minors to improve his offense.  However, Larry Beinfest seemed to put that talk to rest when he said that the trade front was rather quiet, leaving Donnie Murphy as the club's Opening Day starting third baseman. 

Unfortunately for the Marlins, Dominguez suffered a slight fracture to his left elbow yesterday and Murphy was struck on his surgically-repaired right hand by a pitch in the seventh inning of tonight's contest against the Mets.  Dominguez should be back in action in 4-6 weeks but there is no word on Murphy's condition just yet.  If the Fish find themselves without Murphy's services for an extended period of time, they can refer back to their shortlist of third base candidates from just weeks ago.  We could hear names like Michael Young rehashed again, but with a $16MM annual salary, it's not likely that the Marlins and Rangers can match up.  Fortunately for the Marlins, a couple of the more affordable options are newly available.

The Marlins flirted with the idea of bringing in Royals veteran Pedro Feliz in March.  On Sunday, Feliz asked for, and was granted, his release.  Though it was said at the time at the Marlins weren't likely to sign the 35-year-old, circumstances may bring about a change of heart in the Florida front office.  Former Marlin Luis Castillo has also re-entered the open market after being cut loose by the Phillies.  Castillo could theoretically be put at his preferred position, second base, with Omar Infante being moved over to third.  Even though neither player would represent an earth-shattering signing, either player would be able to keep the spot at third warm until Dominguez recovers and gets his bat up to speed.

It's also quite possible that the Marlins would once again fill the void at third base internally.  After all, as Beinfest said, whoever they would acquire to play the position would be nothing more than a "placeholder".

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  1. Jason Norman 4 years ago


  2. it was his wrist that was repaired, not his hand. bonni is better than feliz. and the rangers hinted they were willing to pay up to half of young’s salary earlier this spring.

  3. what’s wrong with bonifacio? wasn’t he the second coming of jesus just a year or two ago? i’m sure he could fill the void

    • He was the second coming of Jesus (for the statistically impaired) during the first week of the 2009 season: 16/33 w/only HR of career…
      But then reality set in: .242/.298/.294 in 676 Plate Appearances

  4. Soxman17 4 years ago

    Where is Joe Crede?

  5. It is a shame that we put Coghlan in center and would be asking a lot of him to move back to 3rd, his college position, because Boni looks good in the outfield. Put him in center.

  6. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    encarnacion for that johnson guy

    • ellisburks 4 years ago

      The Marlins would have to put some money in there to even things up.

  7. coolstorybro222 4 years ago


  8. cubs223425 4 years ago

    The Cubs have Jeff Baker and Blake DeWitt to spare. Both are somewhat light-hitting 2B/3B opeions, probably best for a platoon, and they have Barney and Ramirez starting, meaning 2 2B/3B guys aren’t needed.

  9. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Might as well convince another old time Fish star Mikey Lowell to come out of retirement to come back as to return rather than give up any thing for the likes of DeWitt, Baker, Play Bonifacio who can’t hit his way out of a paper bag other than that nice hit he got in the ninth inning last night and Helms is best used as a reserve pinch hitter/reserve player type unfortunately.

    Joking on return of Lowell.. The Marlins really need to find a real 3B fix for a year or 2. Old friend Cantu in SD might be a fix

  10. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    Check out Bonifacio on offense and defense this year, the young man may finally be growing up and I think he is better than Murphy, Castillo or Dominguez for all of 2011. If Emilio can play above average defense at 2B, 3B and OF, hit .260-1-40-30, he adds a lot to the team and while Young would be an upgrade, better to save the money for the right player and time.

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