Selig Continues To Support Slotting, Worldwide Draft

Commissioner Bud Selig still wants MLB to introduce capped bonuses for top picks and develop an international draft, according to Mike Fitzpatrick of the AP (via the Miami Herald). Selig says the draft has worked to establish competitive balance, but he insists the system would work better with some changes.

"I believe in slotting and I believe in a worldwide draft. I think it's important," he said. "I think the draft has worked, but I think there are some things that have happened in the last five or six years that are worrisome."

Selig said owners and general managers have expressed support for a slotting system. However, the players’ association will work to ensure that drafted players obtain substantial bonuses, so it won’t be as easy to convince them that slotting is a good idea (unless the cap for bonuses sits significantly higher than it does now). 

A worldwide draft would pose many logistical issues (some countries might decline to participate, for example). Selig has spoken out in favor of the worldwide draft and slotting on numerous occasions before.

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