AL West Notes: Athletics, Cruz, Angels

Ichiro Suzuki's streak of ten consecutive 200-hit seasons will likely end this year, since he's 49 hits away from 200. But as the Mariners point out, Ichiro has picked up at least 49 hits in a month six times in his career. Here are some more notes from the AL West…

  • The A's will need to make a 40-man roster move tomorrow, when they add Neil Wagner to their active roster, according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle (Twitter link). They'll have room on the 25-man roster once Jerry Blevins clears waivers tomorrow.
  • The Rangers expect Nelson Cruz to miss three weeks with a strained left hamstring, according to Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (on Twitter). The Rangers could consider Lance Berkman of the Cardinals, but GM Jon Daniels indicated that he expects to find help from within the organization.
  • Wilson notes that Leonys Martin will take Cruz's roster spot for now and that a Berkman deal seems unlikely (Twitter links). 
  • As Kevin Baxter of the LA Times explains, the Angels have been playing better partly because of Vernon Wells' increased productivity. The offseason acquisition started off slowly and his season line is still just .216/.249/.393, but he has four multi-hit games in his last six contests.

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  1. RonWashingtonISinsane 4 years ago

    Wow this could be big for Texas. Martin has a chance to establish himself as our franchise CF now. Could be the end of Gentry if Martin excels. Hamilton, Cruz, Martin, Chavez and Murphy would be a fun outfield.

    • Kinda hard to see Ron Washington having Hamilton Martin Chavez and Murphy with Cruz being the only righty. but then again, Chavez has hit so well and Martin is our prime CF prospect at the moment so I guess its possible.

  2.  THANK: ARTE MORENO-TONY REAGINS-MIKE SCIOSCIA, for Texas’ success.. Beltre should be wearing Angel red and so should Mike Napoli (too much power to an Angel I guess)… Take notes Arte.. Nolan Ryan takes his team to the WS first year as Owner, he makes moves to make the team contend, and he doesnt build a team full of horse jockys..

  3. I’m a huge Angels Fan and I am surprise that the Rangers are not more than 10 games ahead of the Angels in the AL West without Kendys Morales again. Even if the Angels don’t win the West I will call this season a success due to how good the young players have been playing all season. The future looks bright in Anaheim.  

    • RonWashingtonISinsane 4 years ago

      I know injuries aren’t an excuse but I would think having Hamilton, Beltre, and Cruz all missing good portions of the season this year is a big reason why LAA is as close as they are. But that Angels pitching staff is another huge reason.

    • As a fan, I feel that anything other than a championship would be a failure because you did not win it all. That might be a little extreme but I want my team to win every game they can. Although the Rangers made it to their first WS ever last year, I still consider last season to be a failure in a sense. They had a ton of success last season, but to call their season a success would be overstating it because they were not the victors when it was all said and done.
      Plus the Angels got Vernon Wells to help with the fact the Morales would be gone, and how is that going? I dont consider that a success. And they didnt have to trade away Napoli, who’s having a fantastic season. So if you consider this season a success and they dont make the playoffs, you have pretty low expectations for your team having Weaver, Haren, Santana, two stud Rookies (Trumbo, Walden) and two young upcoming star CF’s in Bourjos and Trout, and two other CFs who are known producers in Wells/Hunter.

      • Its not that I have Low expectations for this team but nobody knew how Trumbo, Bourjos,Walden,and Conger would do this season. Plus the Angels didn’t get Wells because they knew Morales would be Out this season again. They got Wells hoping he would play with Morales and put up good number like last season when he was with Toronto and playing along with Bautista. Without Morales and with how they started the season I figured they would be in last place.

  4. Thank GOD Wells has 4 multi hit games! Now his ’11 23mm is completely WORTH IT!

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

       Angel fans are so hard to please! He has a .249 OBP give him a break for pete’s sake

  5. DT Flush234 4 years ago

    How about Lance Berkman to the Rangers for Leonys Martin and Tommy Mendonca

    • There’s no way. We paid Martin 15 mil for a reason, He’s involved in our immediate future plans. While Berkman would offer a boost because he’s putting up MVP-like numbers, offense is not Tx’s problem and more offense wont solve any problem. Why give up a prime (top 50) prospect for a luxury?

    • gofuhcureself 4 years ago

      insane voodoo version of STL’s GM? Puff puff pass.

    • RonWashingtonISinsane 4 years ago

      How about you come back to reality.

  6. Matt Moore 4 years ago

    Hate it when Cubans have american names…

  7. woadude 4 years ago

    As a Mariners fan, I knew we wouldn’t be contenders, but the one ting I really looked forward to was Ichiro hitting the ball safely 200 times, it is a huge shame he will bearound 20 or so hits away from consecutive 200 hit seasons, it is like the state of Washington, a rainy day to be an M’s fan.

  8. Braydon Gervais 4 years ago

    Ichiro is still Ichiro. Watch him go ham.

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