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  • Former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes talked about the work of successor Kevin Towers: "Obviously, there were some holes on the roster that needed to be addressed. Kevin addressed them very well.  The bullpen killed the team in 2010. He made that group a lot better."  Arizona's bullpen ranks ninth in the National League with a 3.62 ERA, after placing last in '10 with a 5.74 mark.  Towers methods varied – David Hernandez was acquired in the Mark Reynolds trade, J.J. Putz received a big free agent deal, Joe Paterson came in the Rule 5 draft, and Micah Owings was signed to a minor league deal.  Free agent signing Aaron Heilman was the only bust; subtract his 35 1/3 innings and the bullpen's ERA drops to 3.32.
  • Cubs owner Tom Ricketts should not have given a four-year extension to vice president of player personnel Oneri Fleita before hiring a new GM, opines Rosenthal.  Rosenthal writes that Ricketts has "already diminished the power of his next GM."
  • Signing a major free agent starting pitcher is "almost out of the question" for the Royals this offseason.

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  1. Are there even any major starting pitchers available this offseason?

    • Well they might not be major, but to me Rosenthal is implying that the Royals will not be a player on C.J. Wilson, Edwin Jackson, Yu Darvish, the best of the guys who may be out there.

      • Isaac 4 years ago

        And carpenter since his option of 15mil will be declined to save money for Pujols

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          Eh, I’m not entirely certain they decline his option. Considering the weak starting market they could always pick up his option, trade him, eat a couple of million and get back a good prospect.

          • Why would we do that? We plan on being a contender next year. Why trade a clubhouse leader and good number two starter for prospects when we want to win? They probably sign him to a 2 year deal for 8-10 mil a piece. Maybe throw in a mild club option like 5 mil for a third year.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            As I stated below, there’s a lot of big pieces that the Cards have to figure out. Too many variables to do much more than say “I guess.” My point is if they’re planning on letting him go then the best move would be to pick up the option and trade him to take advantage of the weak FA market. On the other hand if they are planning on trying to sign him cheap then likewise they risk losing him to a weak FA class.

          • Then we’d get draft picks. It’s fine either way.

        • I wouldnt rule out that option being picked up

  2. Matt Moore 4 years ago

    But the Royals have sucha nice ballpark!!!!

  3. BlueCatuli 4 years ago

    I think Rosenthal is way off base on his assessment of Tom Ricketts diminishing the power of the next Cubs’ GM. Losing Oneri Fleita would be a major step in the wrong direction. Any GM the Cubs hire would have done the same thing.

    • jb226 4 years ago

      I tend to agree with both of you.  I’m happy that Fleita is going to be back, I think he’s done a nice job (and I hope the same for Tim Wilken).  There’s a good chance a new GM would have kept him anyway.

      At the same time, you can’t say that not having the power to hire somebody in a position is the same level of power as having the power to hire them.  The more pertinent question is whether or not it matters to prospective GMs, and I suspect it’s not a very big deal.  If they were attracted to the Cubs opening before, they’re not suddenly going to go “well screw it now!”

    • sparek 4 years ago

      The only thing I can think of, maybe hope for, is that Ricketts signed Fleita because he wanted to keep him.  But the new GM would be given the ability to replace Fleita with whoever he wants, perhaps with the understanding that Ricketts really wants to keep Fleita on.

      Basically, Fleita could have been signed only to be fired in a couple of months when a new GM is in place.  Ricketts was willing to eat that salary for Fleita, but didn’t want to risk losing him to another organization.

      At least that’s the only way I think this makes sense.

    • aaron b 4 years ago

      When you have an organization loaded with young stars like the Cubs. You gotta keep the guys who acquire the prospects.

      Who else can give the HOF induction speech for Darwin Barney and Tony Campana?

  4. TheFreak2011 4 years ago

    I agree with Rosenthal’s comment on undercutting the GM’s authority.  That should have been the GM’s choice.  Looks like we have another owner out of the Angelos or Lurie school of franchise ownership.

    • Hawkguy 4 years ago

      Tend to agree. IF the Cubs are serious about changing organizational culture, then wait to hire a new GM and then extend Fleita. I mean others are saying here that the new GM probably would have retained Fleita anyway, right?

  5. TheFreak2011 4 years ago

    Will this mean the new GM also gets a 4 year deal?  If it doesn’t I wouldn’t touch the job.

  6. qudjy1 4 years ago

    Towers has had plenty of busts this year.   Duke, Gallaraga, Heilman was a TERRIBLE choice – giving up draft picks, Mora, Nady, Blum…  im sure im forgetting someone.

    • Yeah I was surprised to see Rosenthal say he’s an executive of the year candidate.

      • tomymogo 4 years ago

        I think it’s because of the turn around of the franchise. But Towers really didn’t do much, I mean signing JJ Putz is the only real good move he made, so I think Gibson does deserve manager of the year by turning this team around. And that coaching staff man, the best in baseball in my opinion

      • qudjy1 4 years ago

        Well – most of his busts were on role player types.   Part of being a good executive is knowing when you screwed up, and not being too prideful to stay with it too long.   The Mark Reynolds for D Hernandez trade looks masterful.

  7. I agree that a free agent signing isn’t very likely for the Royals, due mostly to the thin selection of quality free agent starters this coming year.  The 2013 crop looks much better. The Royals have some great arms in the system but most are probably not slated to arrive in KC until 2013. Royals GM Moore has already stated he plans to try to pull of a trade to pick up a front of the rotation starter.  Probably a younger guy with upside and a few years of team control left. I’d say FA would be the last choice they’d consider this year.  They have the payroll flexibility to do it if they want but any deal would be short term and leasing a starter doesn’t make much sense when the rest of your team is the youngest in the majors.

  8. Agree with BlueCatuli that Oneiri Fleita should have been retained.

    He and Rudy Jaramillo are two of the best things the Cubs have going for themselves.

  9. Agree with BlueCatuli that Oneiri Fleita should have been retained.

    He and Rudy Jaramillo are two of the best things the Cubs have going for themselves.

  10. Honestly, who was the last “major free agent starting pitcher” the Royals signed? I guess you’d have to say Meche, but he certainly seem “major” at the time of signing.

    I’m probably missing someone, but I legitimately can’t find a single major free agent starting pitcher signed by the Royals. The closest I can find is Larry Guda back in ’76, but he didn’t become noteworthy until after his signing with the Royals.

    • David Cone. But he was a hometown boy.

      Storm Davis. And that was a disaster.

      Meche is the only one I can think of in recent years. But he was the perfect type of signing for KC at that time. He was exactly what they needed until he got hurt. They had to overpay.

      With just a couple of Meche-like 3-4 ERA innings eaters, they could compete in the AL Central with that young offense and bullpen.

  11. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Right now it’s kinda hard to predict the Cards money situation with all the potentials they have up in the air… but I am curious if Buehrle will make good on his threat to attempt to sign cheap with the Cards.

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