Cafardo On Red Sox, Ortiz, Saunders, Oswalt

The Red Sox need a manager with some backbone, background, and one with plenty of experience, writes Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe.  Because the team lacked discipline last season, he writes, Boston isn't the place for a young manager at this time.  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • Orioles GM Dan Duquette met with Fern Cuza, David Ortiz’s agent, at the GM meetings.  Duquette and Cuza have been close over the years and worked together on deals for Cuza client Pedro Martinez.  Cafardo writes that Ortiz would be an intriguing figure at Camden Yards but in a radio interview over the weekend, Duquette said that he was wary of signing a high-priced DH.
  • Whether the Diamondbacks tender Joe Saunders a contract or not, he becomes an interesting possibility for the Red Sox as a back-of-the-rotation starter.  MLBTR projects that Saunders is in line for $8.7MM in arbitration this year and readers' opinions were split on whether or not the hurler would be tendered.
  • Cubs GM Theo Epstein will listen to offers on Matt Garza and just about anyone on his team in order to replentish his farm system.
  • Roy Oswalt’s agent, Bob Garber, spoke to Red Sox GM Ben Cherington last Wednesday.  The Sox could use his leadership in the rotation but the veteran's price could be prohibitive.
  • One scout who watched Yoenis Cespedes work out last week said that the Cuban outfielder has great power but has concerns that he could be prone to striking out frequently.
  • As the Red Sox look for a pitching coach, Dave Wallace is an interesting name to keep in mind.  Wallace served as Boston’s pitching coach before John Farrell.  Minor league pitching coordinator Bob McClure could also be an option, depending on who the team's next manager is.
  • Cafardo opines that the Cubs should give up outfielder Tyler Colvin to the Red Sox to wrap up their Theo Epstein compensation talks.

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  1. Eduardo Medina 4 years ago

    Agree with sending tyler Colvin to the Red Sox

  2. Notin J. Notin 4 years ago

    And the Red Sox would want Tyler Colvin why?

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      To make Josh Reddick feel better about his mediocre plate discipline, obviously.

      • Notin J. Notin 4 years ago

        Then why not sign this Cespedes character?  He gives the added bonuses of batting right-handed and costing heavily…

  3. iamsynecdoche 4 years ago

    I’m worried that this is the Red Sox media management team preparing us for Valentine. 

    • rickjimbo 4 years ago

      that is exactly what it sounds like

    • wolf9309 4 years ago

      Cafardo has been hyping Valentine for the Sox since about 5 seconds after the Red Sox season ended

  4. Epstein should’ve had to take John Lackey along with him as compensation.

  5. philpbarnes 4 years ago

    Like we need another left handed outfielder….

  6. The Cubs will throw in Z and Soriano as well. Really spice up the deal.

  7. Kevin 4 years ago

    Why would a free-swinging, left-handed hitting outfielder be a good fit? That makes no sense to me. We already have a left fielder who can’t get on base more than 30% of the time.

    Please… send pitching.

    • johnsilver 4 years ago

      Only positive to Colvin, is that he is better than Mcdonald.. Then McDonald is as good as gone anyway now that francona’s latest “love child” after Billy Hall with Francona out the door.

      Interesting on Bobby McClure also.. remember him most as a reliever/swing guy for the old brewers and journeyman of his type do seem to be fair as pitching coaches, ala Dick Pole.. Would not mind him getting a chance.

  8. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    Speaking of Pedro Martinez. Is he retired or coming back 1 more time? I’d like to see him hurry up and announce what he’s doing.

  9. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that Joe Saunders is going to make a big impact on wherever he goes this season.

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      That’s an incredibly open statement.

    • What gives you that feeling?

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        He’s a good pitcher…

        • Career 4.65 FIP.

          In his big year, ’08 with the Angels, his ERA was 3.41, but he had a 4.36 FIP and 5.59 xFIP.

          This year he had a 3.69 ERA, but a 4.78 FIP and 4.38 xFIP, along with an amazing 1.0 WAR.

          Truly, a good pitcher.

          Now look me in the face and tell me Chris Volstad is a good pitcher with his 4.89 ERA. 1.3 WAR, 4.32 FIP, 3.64 xFIP.

          • This message brought to you by the ERA-is-the-batting-average-of-pitchers foundation.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Wasn’t basing it on ERA, but thanks for trying.

          • Well no matter how you look at it, Joe Saunders isn’t a good pitcher.

            If he is, so are the following: Jason Hammel, Jake Westbrook, Chris Volstad, AJ Burnett, Derek Lowe, Luke Hochevar… Need I go on?

            Serviceable, yes, but good? No.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            In the context that it was used, he is a good pitcher. He is not a good ace, he is just fine as a #5 starter.

          • But a #5 isn’t going to make a big impact somewhere.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            You don’t think a good #5 could make a big impact? I’m not saying that he will make a big impact like an ace would. I’m saying that he is a very good option for a back of the end rotation pitcher and could help the team in a huge way. The difference between Zach Miner and Joe Saunders is a big one.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Look you in the face?

            1. You’re doing it wrong.
            2. We’re on the internet.

  10. CubHope 4 years ago

    …and the opinion of a Boston writer as to what the Cubs should do means what?

    • GoAwayNow 4 years ago

      It means that its an article he wrote.

    • MaineSox 4 years ago

      …and the opinion of a writer means what?

      Fixed that for you.

  11. slider32 4 years ago

    I think Garza might be a fit for the Yanks, give the Cubs Nunez, Betances, and Warren, or Montero and Nunez. The Cubs get their young 1b and 3bmen, and the Yanks get their #2.

  12. garettf 4 years ago

    The Red Sox should take any useful player they can get. Theo was a GM, not a superstar player. He left because he received a higher-ranking job. The Red Sox are not going to get a stud player for him, plain and simple.

    • commenter3346 4 years ago

      …. and a GM is probably the most important part of an organization.

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      The Red Sox should take any useful player they can get. ”

      That’s exactly the point, though, there has yet to be any indication that the Cubs are willing to give up a useful player. They have like four or five players that would be of any use to another MLB franchise and they’ve effectively said they’re all off limits.

  13. Gobias_Industries 4 years ago

    “One scout who watched Yoenis Cespedes work out last week said that the Cuban outfielder has great power but has concerns that he could be prone to striking out frequently.”

    Sounds like he would slot in nicely between Chris Davis and Mark Reynolds. Sign him up!

    I wonder if Drew Stubbs can be got for cheap…

    • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

      “got” to had

      • Gobias_Industries 4 years ago

        um thanks?

        • xcal1br 4 years ago

          Best screen name I’ve seen in a long time bro.  =)
          I miss that show.

          • roomwithamoose 4 years ago

            it’s coming back in a year though can’t wait! I need a lawyer like Bob Loblaw

  14. gcheezpuff 4 years ago

    Who hangs up first, Cubs send Garza and Byrd to the Yankees for Phil Hughes, Brett Gardner and E. Nunez. Wouldn’t this help both teams?

    • StanleyHudson 4 years ago


    • StanleyHudson 4 years ago


    • cyberboo 4 years ago

      Why would the Cubs want to give New York Garza for those players?  Gardner has speed, but not much of anything else.  Nunez made 20 errors in 2011 at SS and 3B.  Hughes has been injured for pretty much the last two seasons.  For Garza, the Yankees would have to do a lot better than that and that doesn’t include Byrd.  Use the trade of Garza to the Cubs as a guideline of what Theo would demand in return.  You can start with Gardner, but then you include Montero and Banuelos.  Both players are merely prospects and the Cubs want to restock their minors.  No one can say either prospect is a star, because they aren’t.  They haven’t played even a quarter of a season.  Yes, they have potential, but until they have a full year in the majors, they remain just that – prospects. 

      • GoAwayNow 4 years ago

        Your argument seems to severely undervalue prospects.

        • xcal1br 4 years ago

          He’s right.  Garza is a proven commodity, no prospect ever is until they do it in the show.  I would be a millionaire if I had a hundred bucks for every “can’t miss” or five-tool prospect that is currently slinging hash at Denny’s.  This applies to our own Barrett Jackson.  He has been solid in the minors, but has not yet been seriously tested.

          Most people I read severely over-value prospects, btw.

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            But Gardner HAS done it in the show. And Montero showed good signs last year. So… how is he right?

          • xcal1br 4 years ago

            Just in general regarding the value of prospects versus proven big leaguers.

      • gcheezpuff 4 years ago

        gotcha… I am a Cubs fan and obviously under valuing Garza then. I like the idea of Gardner leading off and playing CF in Wrigley and getting pitching back from the Yanks as well. I’d assume they would have the most interest if Theo is really shopping Garza. The Cubs gave up 3 good prospect to get Garza and unless I am mistaken, I don’t believe any of them would be valued as high as Gardner. I could be wrong but wouldn’t Nunez project better at 3rd then SS? I thought Hughes was valued higher and I think all 3 players I suggested would look better in the NL. That is why I asked who would hang up first.. trying to gage Garza’s value… thanks for explaining.       

      • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

        Gardner is the best defensive player in the entire league. And he has potential to be the steals leader too. Hughes value is low, so why trade him now?

        If there is a package for Garza, it would involve prospects like Romine or Betances, not players on the roster like Gardner, and not top prospects like Montero or Banuelos. Garza isn’t a front end starter, and would not command a package one would offer for Cliff Lee or Felix Hernandez. 

        Get a clue. 

        • gcheezpuff 4 years ago

          In a week free agent market Garza’s value should be high if the Cubs do in fact make him available. Funny how Yanks fans think the package I suggested is to high and Cubs fans think it is to little. Nunez and Hughes are both considered prospects and Gardner is a slightly above average outfielder. Garza is a top of the line SP under team control for 2 years with proven success in the AL east. The more of these responses I read the more I think my proposal isn’t that far off.

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            Garza is not a front end starter. Period. 

            Nunez is a prospect. Hughes has been with the club for 3 years. What other “prospect” do you know that has done that? Comical. 

            If three people agree with you, it doesn’t make it right. Gardner is not a prospect. He is the BEST defensive player in the entire major league baseball. This is not my opinion. It is fact. And he has potential to lead the league in steals, as he’s shown prior. Oh yeah, and he’s dirt cheap for years to come. 

            If you go off the package the Cubs sent to TB for Garza, your proposal is WAY off! There were only prospects involved, no one from the big league club. Do your homework. 

          • gcheezpuff 4 years ago

            Part of that has to do with the team Garza was traded from. TB didn’t want MLB players back, they wanted prospects because they can’t afford to pay salary on anything and that is how they compete. From your responses you appear to believe Garza is less valuable the Gardner which is just crazy talk. In addition everyone in baseball sees Garza as a top of the Rotation starter minus you. He might not be a #1, but in the Yankees rotation he is behind only CC. Hughes and Nunez are both still prospects.. Hughes has not consistently started over the last 3 years and at the end of last season he wasn’t even considered a sure thing for the 2012 rotation. I tend to agree with some of the others that commented about the Cubs asking for more.

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            You don’t understand the word prospect. I recommend looking it up and figuring out what it means in the baseball sense. It’ll help you grasp the situation. There is no way Hughes is considered a prospect, regardless of how his performance has been last year. Prospects are exactly that, prospects, not known commodities. You shed the title prospect when you prove yourself (whether good or bad or average) in the major leagues. There are no more anticipations or expectations or probability of advancements, there is simply knowing what one is, hence no longer a prospect. I can’t believe I’m having to educate someone on this. Actually, I can’t believe I’m arguing with someone who doesn’t understand the term prospect. 

            We can argue what we think, but here are the facts. Gardner had a 5.1WAR in 2011 and a 6.1 in 2010, and In the same time, Garza pitched a 5.0 and 1.6 WAR respectively the last two years. However, because of necessity, I can see why you think Yankees would overpay for a middle of the rotation pitcher (even though last year the Yankees rotation was in the top 10 in ERA), but if the Yanks part with pieces that are crucial to their current and future success, it will be for a top of rotation starter like Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, etc., which nobody but you sees Garza as. Sorry.

            edit: Yankees were 11th in team ERA, not top 10… but close enough.

          • gcheezpuff 4 years ago

            Ok… In the technical sense Hughes is not a prospect, but in regards to your own definition, a known commodity he is not. He has only pitched above 100 innings in one season at the MLB level. He has not yet pitched to he potential due mostly to injury. As for your WAR argument, that is not a full picture of value, just one way to measure a player. Pitching is always valued higher then position players… I’ve never heard anyone say “left fielding wins baseball games” but I have heard that said about pitching more then once. There isn’t a single GM in baseball that takes Gardner over Garza. Good pitching is always at a premium, Gardner is a speedy, defensive out fielder.

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            ehh, you believe in what people say, I believe in facts. Just different ways of looking at it, I guess. 

            But the fact is, despite having “poor” pitching as people say, our offense powered us to the playoffs again. Good pitching is at a premium, heck, even mediocre pitching is at a premium… but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it. I’d be perfectly happy letting Banuelos get a shot at the rotation rather than give up an integral part of the team for a pitcher, unless it’s top end pitching. Then everything changes hahaaha

            Remember, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Cheers.

  15. Matt 4 years ago

    Joe Saunders for Lars Anderson? Is that fair?

    • Yes do it now. The Dbacks have Goldschmidt. Why would they want Lars Anderson. He sucks you know don’t you.

    • qudjy1 4 years ago

      AZ might actually do that.   They might as well get something for a guy they are on the fence about non-tendering.

  16. Theo Epstein’s the Cubs President, Jed Hoyer’s the GM.

  17. Does anyone know Yoennis Céspedes’s official height? Is he 5’10 or 6 foot?
    I am not worried about his swing, I am willing (Jimmy), our batting coach, could work with him. He’s the only coach I like for the Orioles and I believe in him. The dude can cover a lot of ground from what I can see. Another thing about his swing, that didn’t stop the Tigers(Jackson) and Yankees( Granderson) from letting those two play, they strike out a lot. The only one in the AL East who has a good eye is Ellsbury.

    Why do the Orioles have interest in Ortiz? Isn’t he a Type A free agent? While the Red Sox don’t get our “True” first round pick, I don’t want to give them anything for Ortiz.
    As for our DH, we (Orioles) could have had Reimold, Doumit, and Chris Davis, and now Duquette wants to possible bring in Ortiz? Why? The O’s would have saved a lot of money and probable had gotten as much production. Yes, I mentioned Chris Davis as a DH, I think the guy can hit, I am unsure about his fielding ability especially at thrid base, first base he might be ok, but Reynolds is there. 

    The Red Sox are at least trying to do something about their pitching coach. What in the world are the Orioles waiting for with their pitching coach situation?

    My patience is really thin with the Orioles. I am really beginning to question the Whole Entire Organization. From Duquette giving a MLB Contract to Antonelli to Showalter’s inability to hire good coaches with exception to Jim Presley to Peter Angelos and why he simply doesn’t sell the team!

    • “The only one in the AL East who has a good eye is Ellsbury.” Jose Bautista?

      • Among a bunch of others… it’s a terribly misinformed statement.  Even if you limit it to just outfielders: Gardner, Swisher, Zobrist, Drew (though likely no longer in the AL East)

        • You guys pick on me …. why????
          Seriously, I was talking strictly about center fielders or at least trying to do so.

          Adam Jones

          They all have struck out over 100 times. That is what I was trying to do. Cespedes to play CF, and I am comparing him against other AL East or American League CF’s not all hitters in MLB

  18. Uh…….I looked in the dictionary under “significant compensation” (you know as the cubs and bosox agreed to in exchange for Theo). Tyler Colvin was nowhere to be found. 637 major league Plate appearances and -0.5 rWAR. 30/100 BB/K in 2010. .150 batting average in 2011. Sounds like replacement level to me. Replacement level is not “signifcant compensation.” Why would Cafardo write such a stupid thing. Maybe he wants a job at the Chicago Tribune. Marlon Byrd would work for me. He could be the right handed right fielder the Sox need and he’s only under contract for a year. The Cubbies should be able to get by without him as he is 34 and will not be a part of the team when they are ready to compete. TYLER FREAKIN COLVIN?

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      this is going to be decided by selig and it’s going to be a win for the cubs. don’t expect much better than colvin

      if i’m boston, i fork over a middling prospect of my own and take sean marshall at a discount

    • Guest 4 years ago

      HAHA, good luck with getting a starting outfielder for a gm.

      • This is gonna end up in the hands of the Commish. We shall see what John Henry’sbest friend defines significant compensation as.

  19. Sam_Merten 4 years ago


  20. jondogg2010 4 years ago

    No Thank You on Colvin. Yet another AAA player who will rake at AAA and fizzle in the majors. I don’t even classify him as AAAA.

  21. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    but I still like tyler colvin :(

  22. Cafardo is on crack. NO ONE on the Cubs 40 man roster will be going to the Red Sox.

    Think someone outside the top 20 prospects and someone in the low minors. If you know his name, then he probably wont be part of the compensation.

    Comparable compensation for a GM that became a team president (MacPhail) was a pitcher that was in low A & never even made MLB and $200k.

    • Remember the term….. SIGNIFICANT COMPENSATION. The Cubs agreed to it for Boy wonder.

      • MaineSox 4 years ago

        Yeah, and then they defined “significant compensation” as someone outside the top ten prospects of a system in the bottom third of the league.

        It doesn’t matter how good of friends you think Henry and Selig are, Selig openly wants to keep the perceived value of front office personnel low, so if this goes to Selig’s office the compensation is not going to be significant.

      • $200k AND a low A prospect IS significant compensation for front office personnel.

        The Cubs have only offered money. Period. In particular the $3.7 million which the Red Sox will have to pay Epstein to NOT work for them as his going away bonus.

        That is EXTREMELY Significant compensation.

        The Red Sox acted like a jilted lover and asked for completely stupid compensation like major league players or top 20 prospects and were told in no uncertain terms to F’ off.

        The Commissioner agreed with the Cubs and told them both to deal with it in a manner similar to what the Cubs gave up for MacPhail. That was $200k and a low A player.

        Red Sox fans really need to pull their collective heads out.

  23. dshires4 4 years ago

    Cubs GM Jed Hoyer***

  24. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago


    Even without Ortiz the Red Sox have a top 5 offense. With Ortiz the Jays or Orioles don’t. It would be sad if Ortiz didn’t come back to the Sox but it would be far from devastating if he signed with the Orioles or Jays.

  25. MNTwins12 4 years ago

    Or maybe he should come back to Minnesota where he belongs. 

  26. Better question is why wouldn’t it be devastating. Ortiz has been in a Red Sox uniform since what, ’03? He’s clutch constantly and has been a fan favorite. It’s almost like Jeter leaving the Yankees and going to Blue Jays, that is a bit dramatic comparison but it gets the point across. Plus he’d be looked upon as a traitor, like Johnny Damon.

  27. slider32 4 years ago

    No, last year’s Sox season was devastating, no one player makes a team.

  28. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Jays offense was top 5 dude. 

    edit: my bad, didn’t read your comments down below.

  29. The with Ortiz the Jays most definitely have a top 5 offense they were like 6th in league in runs scored in 29-1 and they will probably be too 5 in 2012 without irtiz

  30. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    If Ortiz put on pinstripes he’d be looked at like a traitor. If he put on any other AL East uniform he’d look like any former star putting on another uniform, he’d get a standing ovation on his first AB in Fenway then people rooting against him.

    We’ve lost fan favorites before and we’ve retooled the team before. I think people are trying to read way too much into the effects of change. The names change but the team still exists.

  31. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    “He’s clutch constantly”

    just to illustrate how disconnected you are from reality here (and you’ll notice most of the ‘likes’ are from similarly disconnected yankees fans)


    2011 -1.46
    2010 -0.18
    2009 +0.26
    2008 -0.73
    2007 -1.71

    ortiz ranks 105th out of 130 qualified MLB hitters over the last 4 seasons in this department. of the red sox players who have been around during that time, only j.d. drew has done worse. ellsbury, pedroia, and youkilis and have been best (in that order)

  32. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    I wasn’t discounting the Jays, I think they are overall a good team and if they were outside the AL East we’d consider them a continuous division threat. I said they don’t have a top 5 offense.

  33. Well in 2012 they were 6th in runs scored. Aquiring someone like Ortiz could easily push them into the top 5.

  34. cyberboo 4 years ago

    An interesting discussion and it will be a lot of fun to see just how good the Jays offense will be this year.  In RF- the best hitter in the game right now in Bautista.  CF – Rasmus will want to prove the fans wrong in St. Louis and it is possible he succeeds in doing just that.  LF is a question mark, but if Thames or Snider are on their game, it is hard to argue against them ranking with the other left fielders.  3B – Lawrie is a hitting machine and if he puts up numbers like everyone knows he can, he could be dynamite with a .300 average, 30 home runs and 100 RBI’s.  SS – Escobar continues to improve and is now a top 5 SS in the major leagues.  2B is a question mark right now, but if Johnson resigns, he has 30 homer power and can be a force in the lineup.  1B – Lind is capable of hitting .300 – 30 – 100, if he can stay healthy all year and Arencibia was only the 2nd best catcher in baseball in 2011 behind McCann in offense. He is also capable of 30 – 100.  That leave E5 at DH and if he does all year what he did in the 2nd half of 2011, he is very capable of hitting .300 – 30 – 100.  It would equal 260 home runs and over 900 runs scored.  That would win many games, even if one or two starters struggle.  If the team can even come close to those projections, they will have the #1 offense in the majors, so I would disagree that they don’t have a top-five offense, based on that.

  35. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Hmm, I must admit I didn’t take what you and cyberboo said into my assumptions.

    I retract my statement about the Jays. With another solid hitter they could be a formidable offense. Though I think they should make a serious bid for Fielder over Ortiz.

  36. gcheezpuff 4 years ago

    Seriously…that is the most intelligent response you could muster up. What exactly is wrong with this proposal. Garza by far has the most value in this scenerio and Byrd has the least value, If Garza is really being shopped you’d have to figure he would be one of the Yanks top targets (success in the AL east and 2 years of control). The Cubs are only moving him if they get a quality pitching prospect back (Hughes) and Nunez could be an option at 3rd for the Cubs and Gardner would start in CF. The yanks would have to give up value to get Garza. Byrd would give the yanks a right handed outfield bat with a little pop and only has a year left on a reasonably contract.

  37. commenter3346 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t be devastated at all. In fact, I don’t want them to resign him & I’d be perfectly fine with the Blue Jays/Orioles/whoever signing him. 

    The only thing these players want is money. If the Red Sox offered Papelbon the most money, he would have signed here. They didn’t. I don’t think they were ever going to really offer him anything close to what he wanted. If they offer Ortiz the most money, he’ll sign here. I just hope they won’t.

  38. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    paps and ortiz have been scheduled to leave for a long time. epstein and francona leaving sucked pretty hard, but those two aren’t going to break the hearts of anyone not wearing a pink hat

  39. johnsilver 4 years ago

    That is a very NY’ish post there.. Many serious Sox fans would be happy to see all but Papelbon and Epstein perhaps go.

    Fly by night fans? They never want change..Until a team crumbles to the cellar, then they just disappear after a little griping about the state of everything, up to/including the world itself.

    With Francona gone and the way it is looking now for his replacement.. They will get a strong leader who will root out out the few remaining problems on the roster. They still will have a very potent offense that will get younger as well and Youk should be on the field much more being able to DH some.

    It is a winning situation IMO.

  40. Actually….Arencibia was 2nd last in wOBA for catchers with 450+ PA. He was only ahead of Miguel Olivo. Avila, Wieters, Montero, Molina, Santana, McCann, Martin, Ruiz, Suzuki, soto, Lucroy, Buck, and Pierzynski were all better than him on offense. 

  41. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    they didn’t offer papelbon a contract. that’s how afraid to lose him they were. they’ll offer ortiz one, but nobody is all that worried about losing the former face of the franchise whose career was resurrected by the one of the current franchise players (gonzalez)

    we’re not losing pedroia here. we’re talking about letting a 36 y/o DH walk and collecting the draft picks. i don’t want beltran, but if they sign him and let ortiz go they will have lost zero offensive production and gained a defensive asset for a similar salary

    keep your melodrama in NY

  42. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    you didn’t find the “if every one of our players has a career year” argument compelling?

  43. Arencibia was a rookie last year, and he was only told to focus on his defence (he did and he significantly improved in that area). The coaching staff did not care about his offence but they will this season. Arencibia had the 2nd most homeruns as a catcher in the AL and 4th most RBI’s (I didnt count Napoli because he mostly played DH or 1st), and he did all that batting 9th. He also broke A-Rod’s homerum record in the minors (or highschool, i forgot which one).

  44. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

     still a very inconsistent offense. whiffed a lot, didn’t walk much..

    The offense last year still left much to be desired, too much weight was put on Bautista and Escobars shoulders.

    However a full year of Lawrie, Rasmus and a second baseman who can get on base (?) add to Escobar and Bautista… the formation of a pretty good offense is there.

    In my opinion they are still missing the straw that stirs the drink.. Add a guy like Adrian Gonzalez (hypothetically, obviously) to the jays lineup, and its a top 3 offense in the game.

  45. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I’ve never seen a rookie, who plays a premium defensive position be written off so quickly for offensive challenges..

    Trumbo finishes 2nd in rookie of the year voting and plays freaking 1B, Arencibia gets pushed aside. Doesn’t make any sense to me

  46. With RISP – .287/.418/.490/.908

    Late and Close – .288/.388/.507/.895

    When the team is behind – .297/.367/.542/.909

    REAL numbers, not some made up “clutch” number based on arbitrary decisions instead of objective data.

    All pretty good.

  47. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    the “REAL numbers” you chose not to mention, even though they were inches away from the the ones you selected from the stat page:

    2 outs, RISP: 64 tOPS (much worse than usual)
    late & close: 89 tOPS (a bit worse than usual)
    tie game: 69 tOPS (much worse than usual)
    high leverage situations: 80 tOPS (much worse than usual)

    if jeff mathis hits 20% above his usual level in high leverage situations, is he “unclutch” because 20% above his usual level still makes for a crappy slash line? no, that’s ridiculous

    for the same reason, the fact that a 20% reduction in ortiz’s usual performance still makes for a solid slash line doesn’t make him clutch

  48. Papelbon had made it perfectly clear for years that he wanted to “test” Free Agency. Then he jumps on, impaling himself upon, the first offer that comes his way, giving the Red Sox absolutely no chance whatsoever to make a counter offer. We’ll never know what that counter-offer may have been.
    As for Ortiz, we better make him an offer he can’t refuse. Most knowledgeable Red Sox fans hope we do.

  49. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    “What exactly is wrong with this proposal”

    Is this a serious question? Why in blue hell would the Cubs want Hughes, Gardner, or Nunez? I’m not going to go into a long explanation of why this is a dumb trade for the Cubs, I’ll just put it simply;If The Cubs were to trade Matt Garza by himself, what kind of offers do you think they would get? Also, did you know that Jim Hendry isn’t the Cubs general manager anymore?

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