Marlins Notes: Oviedo, Shields, Gio, Prospects

You'll be seeing a lot of "Marlins Notes" posts on MLBTR this winter as the Fish look to be major players this offseason.  Here's the latest from Miami….

  • The Marlins are proceeding as if Juan Carlos Oviedo (a.k.a. Leo Nunez) will not be back with the team next season, assistant GM Dan Jennings told Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio (Twitter link).
  • In a departure from their usual strategy, the Marlins will trade top prospects if necessary in order to acquire established Major League talent, reports's Joe Frisaro
  • Also from Frisaro, the Marlins "covet" James Shields and local product Gio Gonzalez.  We heard about Miami's interest in Shields last month though the Rays appear intent on keeping the star right-hander.  Dealing for either Shields or Gonzalez would require a major trade package, but if the Marlins are truly willing to move their top prospects, Tampa Bay and Oakland could be interested.
  • Former Marlins executives Dave Dombrowski and Frank Wren both think the club's new stadium will turn South Florida into a strong baseball market, reports Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald.

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  1. diesel2410 4 years ago

    If you’re going after Shields, Marlins, then you’re either giving up Stanton, LoMo or Hanley. You already said no on LoMo, so I’m confused…

    • They do not have to give Stanton or Hanely. The Rays would be willing to take all prospects that have no prior service time. It is just a question of weather or not the Marlins want to deplete their farm system that bad. 

      • diesel2410 4 years ago

        My point is that the Marlins’ farm system is so bad that they’d have to trade it all for Shields…

    • lam0jam0 4 years ago

      Stanton has to be one of the most expensive players in the game in terms of trade value. 

  2. vtadave 4 years ago

    Well, the problem there is that the Marlins really don’t have any top prospects. When Scott “Buster” Cousins is in your top-10, you have issues.

    • Sad, but true. That’s what happens when you graduate a lot of top prospects at once (Stanton, Morrison). Right now Dominguez, Yelich, and Fernandez would probably be the most attractive of our prospect pool. I’m fine with trading Dominguez if we do end up signing Reyes and move Hanley to 3B. It all depends if either clubs want him. Tampa most likely doesn’t since they already have Longoria at 3B.

      • They are not going to sign Reyes unless they make some real offers and not these just to make a show offers. 

        • Or perhaps they are just opening offers? How many times does any club give out their final offer at the beginning of a negotiation? Seriously people…..

  3. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    No Pujols talk..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Everybody wants an ace (or at least a borderline one), but when you aren’t an ace away from contending, it doesn’t make sense to trade a lot of your best prospects for one.

  5. Former Marlins executives Dave Dombrowski and Frank Wren both think the club’s new stadium will turn South Florida into a strong baseball market.
    Did they say this will happen only if and when Jeffery Loria sells the team.
    The man is a buffoon. He has an alligator mouth and a humming bird a..
    All he does is talk big and no action. Now he wants to trade prospects for proven major leaguers. What’s next? Maybe the Orioles could trade Peter Angelos in exchange for Loria. I am not sure who would get the better deal.

    • And yet Loria has done more for this team than any previous owners. I’m not his biggest fan, but he’s been the best owner they’ve had and finally got them their own stadium. If not for Loria, there would no longer be baseball in South Florida.

      • And the banned played on 4 years ago

        and if it wasn’t for Loria, there would STILL be baseball in Montreal.

    • AlKelz 4 years ago

      Actually Angelos was the winning bidder against Loria in the bankruptcy auction for the O’s . So Oriole fans such as myself were basically doomed either way :(

      Loria may be a lowlife , but he did get the fish a new stadium in a fraction of the time it took the O’s to get a spring training facility. The future for the Marlins looks better than for the O’s . Loria is cheap and smart . A$$elos is cheap and stupid. So I vote for Loria as the lessor ( And smarter ) of the two evils. Sadly the lessor of the two evils is still , evil 😉

      • Hey there, I didn’t know that about Loria. I really didn’t

        • AlKelz 4 years ago

          Not only that . But the winning bid was submited by Angelos and then partner Bill Dewitt. Yep , the same Bill Dewitt who is now owner of the 2011 World Series Champion Saint Louis Cardinals.

          He was intially the favorite to own the Orioles. He made a 140 million dollar bid , but Eli Jacobs ( Previous owner ) was forced into bankruptcy court. Angelos got involved and Dewitt’s group became a minority owner in Angelos group. He got tired of dealing with him , sold him their ownership stake and bought the Cardinals.

          Now he has a WS winner and the O’s can’t even hire a GM without embarrassing themselves. That has got to annoy A$$elos. Much to my delight :) :) :) :)

    • And the banned played on 4 years ago

      The Marlins. Period. trust me, I am an Expos fan. or was. whatever.

  6. The Marlins will traumatize a lot of people this year.

  7. twenty1thirteen 4 years ago

    Does this mean the Royals won the Nunez/Jacobs trade? Hahaha.

  8. johnsilver 4 years ago

    I am so confused here.. No matter how u shake up/throw the dice on the Fish rotation.. there is still JJ/Sanchez/Nolasco with Volstad as the half way innings eater.. That leaves 1 junky, back of the rotation starter to locate. WHY do they need to go out and get another top starter in an off season where they are at a premium?

    Try the Hopper as they #5, even Sanches, but don’t go out and empty the lower level prospects which is pretty much what they will have to do if they plan on keeping LoMo/Coghlan and Stanton on the team.

    • Because no matter how good Johnson is, the fact is he’s hurt pretty regularly.  Sanchez is good not great, and Nolasco and Volstad flat out haven’t impressed.  I’ll give you the fact that Nolasco has good peripheral and advanced stats, but that’s 3 straight years (~550 innings) where his end results have been terrible in spite of that.  And Volstad’s advanced stats support the opinion that he’s a back end guy that probably wouldn’t start for a top tier team.

      The Marlins have some dangerous hitters and it’s true that they need better pitching to compete, but they need way more than one top of the rotation guy to be a serious threat.

      So we seem to agree that they shouldn’t shell out prospects for starters right now, but you’re a lot higher on their current pitching staff that I am.

      • johnsilver 4 years ago

        They just don’t have much to offer is my point when most every team is looking for #2-3 SP and they are at a premium this off season.

        if they weaken the offense, they hurt themselves and this winter it will cost more offense if they trade an established “vet” to acquire that SP.

        The one youngster/vet that would have seen them able to move was Coghlan and he has to come back from a poor season and nagging injuries, this his value is way down anyway, so that would leave (in all likelihood) LoMo+ for an established SP.. Is that worth the cost in what/how much it would hurt the offense?

        It seems Loria is looking to spend some.. Perhaps Loria would offer a Wilson that money rather than Reyes? I am certainly not a Wilson booster by any means, but Reyes plays a position they already have covered anyway and give whatever $$ they save difference in signing Wilson to lockup Anibel LT past 2012.

  9. Pete 4 years ago

    Heard Beane told Florida he wanted Morrison, Nolasco, Yelich & Ozuna for Gio. Makes sense Beane would ask that, Gio’s under team control for a while and the A’s need one of those “franchise-boost” trades like how the Braves boosted the Rangers in giving them that crazy good package for Teixeira. Marlins would have to REALLY want Gio to accept that deal though.

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