Marlins Not Looking To Trade Hanley Ramirez

3:25pm: Ramirez did not ask to have his contract restructured and is not getting traded, Marlins president David Samson told Ken Rosenthal.

3:10pm: The Marlins didn't seem interested in trading new third baseman Hanley Ramirez at today's Jose Reyes press conference, but ESPN's Buster Olney says they're now looking to move Hanley after his agent asked for a restructured contract.  Olney says that if the Marlins can move the $46.5MM owed to Ramirez over the next three years, they hope to use that money on Prince Fielder.

Ramirez, 27, had the worst season of his career in 2011, slumping to .243/.333/.379 in 385 plate appearances.  His shortstop defense is considered below-average.  Still, it was just a year ago that Hanley was a four-to-seven wins above replacement player.

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