Nationals Sign Mark DeRosa

WEDNESDAY: The Nationals officially announced their one-year deal with DeRosa today.

THURSDAY: The Nationals have agreed to sign Mark DeRosa, according to Jon Heyman of (on Twitter). Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported yesterday that the sides were nearing a one-year, Major League deal. The agreement with the utility player is pending a physical, Heyman notes. CSE represents DeRosa, who drew interest from at least four teams this offseason.

DeRosa played in just 47 games in 2011 because of a strained left wrist. The versatile 36-year-old was productive in 2009, posting a .250/.319/.433 line and appearing at five different positions for the Indians and Cardinals. However, he has struggled to stay on the field since signing a two-year deal with the Giants two Decembers ago. When he did play for the Giants, DeRosa posted a forgettable .235/.313/.279 line.

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  1. The Nats making some big moves as usual

  2. geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

    I don’t about this season, but the Nats are setting themselves up to be a powerhouse pretty soon.  With Strasburg, Harper, Werth, et al.  If somehow they landed Fielder and Gio Gonzalez, it may be sooner than later.

    • You don’t what?

      • geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

        *know — apparently I don’t know how to type or read either :)

    • Werth ha you’ve got to be kidding.

      • geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

        He hit .232 and is only being paid $18M per, what else could Nat fans want? … kidding, I didn’t realize he had such a bad offensive season, that’s a lot of money tied up in his numbers.

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Go seach for the definition of “Sunk Cost”. It has a picture of Jayson Werth tied to it. 

  3. KoenWerkman 4 years ago

    Just sign Fielder and done, I think we can use more a big bat like Fielder than an extra arm like Gio, ofcourse a good player but with Stras, Zimm, Wang, Milone, Lannan, Peacock and other upcoming guys this looks fine.
    Maybe sign oswalt to a 1 year deal and sign Fielder and the postseason is a fact!

    • That isn’t a bad idea, sign fielder, trade laroche & parts for something resembling a pitcher, sign Oswalt, the nats might have enough to challenge the beasts of the nl east!

      • KoenWerkman 4 years ago

        I hope they turn to Fielder especially now when his price is going down, i don’t think he wan’t to sign voor te two teams (blue jays and mariners) wo are now interesed in him. He wants a winning team and with the nats there are oppurtunities, the other two teams no!

        • hallwagner 4 years ago

          rotation of strasburg, gonzalez, zimmermann, wang, and lannan. batting order of
          1. ian desmond
          2. jayson werth
          3. ryan zimmerman
          4. prince fielder
          5. michael morse
          6. bryce harper
          7. danny espinosa
          8. wilson ramos

          bench of mark derosa, mike cameron, chris marrero, and steve lombardozzi
          bullpen: drew storen, tyler clippard, henry rodriguez, sean burnett, and ryan mattheus.

          reallly seems like a team not to be f-ed with.

          • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

            yeah IF you get Fielder.. IF Harper gets pulled up and can produce at that level, IF Starsburgs come back healthy after Tommy John surgery, IF Werth produces and even come close to what he is being paid… There a lot of IFS in there but IF it all works out that is a World Series team.

        • halofan06 4 years ago

          blue jays are better than the nationals

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            If they move to the NL East, that could be critically important.

  4. MikeTroutForMayor 4 years ago

    Cheers to my Sigma Chi brothers Josh Willingham & Mark DeRosa for both signing major league contracts. IHSV

  5. DeRosa was useless for 2 seasons playing in only 73 games combined. Hopefully he bounces back this year.

  6. Philip Marlowe 4 years ago

    I hoped the Cubs would get him to back up 2B/3B – he was by far at his best in Chicago. Then maybe we could get rid of Jeff “One-trick-pony” Baker.

  7. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Good bench player, if healthy

  8. mMenez 4 years ago

    Good luck with DeRosa, glad his career moved along. It was bound to end here on San Francisco if he had stayed any longer.

  9. mMenez 4 years ago

    Good luck with DeRos, glad his career moved along. It was bound to end of he had stayed here in San Francisco.

  10. grownice 4 years ago

    Hey they officially announced the signing before they agreed to sign him. Crazzzzy!

  11. sourbob 4 years ago

    I liked their comments on the Baseball Today podcast: “If DeRosa signs with a team in a division where they don’t play anyone in right field, his wrist shouldn’t be a problem.”

  12. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    He will get ya 130 plus SB, 70-80 HR, .450 BA, and 225 RBIs… not a bad pick up

  13. DeRosa is a terrific guy and was once a terrific baseball player. It’s a shame that he hit the wall so hard.

  14. didn’t this happen last week?

  15. Hey Francisco had a great second half and i think that was a good signing.Jon Rauch well i wasnt to happy about that signing but it could work out for us

  16. EightMileCats 4 years ago

    Mets overpaid for Rauch if you ask me…

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