NL West Notes: Rockies, Stewart, Dodgers

Earlier today we saw a rare trade between division rivals when the Rockies sent Huston Street to the Padres for a player to be named later and cash. Let's take a look at some other news and rumors from the NL West…

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  1. CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

    Manny’s not coming back?  What are we going to do with all of those unsold dreadlock hat thingies?

  2. BruinPirateAnteater 4 years ago

    I know its wishful thinking, but I really do hope the Dodgers figure out a way to bring Hiroki back, despite Capuano and Harrang. I do however have this very weird feeling that, despite all the Colletti talk about us having no chance at Fielder, something big is in the works for the Dodgers, and it involves Fielder and either Ethier or Loney (hopefully Ethier, and please, no comments about how everyone wanted to trade Kemp last offseason, for the 30,000th time, I could care less what everyone else was saying last off-season, I was NOT one of the ones who was calling for Kemp’s trade, and knew all we needed was a coach he could vibe with, and Lopes was that coach…FWIW, I’ve been suggesting we trade Either for over a year, and if trading Ethier means we MIGHT be able to sign Fielder on a contract that pays pennies the first year and a first born there after, I’m 100% all for it!).

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      They still wont have enough money lol

    • Gumby65 4 years ago

      Well the LAT broke some weird news on Loney this morning with some LAPD involvement (Loney was belligerent and had to be put in restraints after smashing up 3 parked cars with his Masseratti—but was not hit with DUI) so maybe a play on Fielder can be in works if McDork gets alarmed by the teams sale value and free’s up some money after Albert’s move to the Angels…  The FOX TV rights thing isn’t looking too good for him today.

  3. BrandonDbacks 4 years ago

    Manny to the Padres, hed instantly become their most dangerous hitter. I’m sorta kidding, but not really.

    • CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

      He would set the record for most intentional walks in a season.

  4. BruinPirateAnteater 4 years ago

    LOL…Sorry, a bit inebriated. I swear, I can write gooder than that! ;P

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