AL East Notes: Orioles, Kuroda, Nakajima, Guthrie

On this date in 1996, the Red Sox signed veteran left-hander Jamie Moyer, who at that time had a 4.51 ERA in 1116 2/3 MLB innings over the course of nine MLB seasons. Though he appeared in just 23 games for Boston, he enjoyed a career renaissance in Seattle and hasn't stopped yet. Moyer, now 49, is recovering from Tommy John surgery and has drawn some interest from MLB teams. Here's the latest on the AL East…

  • The Orioles are expected to hire former Mets, Brewers and Athletics pitching coach Rick Peterson as an organizational pitching guru this week, according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun.
  • The Red Sox have maintained interest in Hiroki Kuroda, but his asking price figures to exceed Boston’s budget unless they make another move to free up payroll, Rob Bradford of reports. Kuroda is open to pitching on the East Coast, Bradford notes.
  • The Yankees have until Friday to negotiate a deal with Japanese infielder Hiroyuki Nakajima and the sides continue discussing possible contracts, according to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Earlier reports had suggested the deadline was Tuesday, rather than Friday. Depending on whether the Yankees sign Nakajima, they could have interest in bringing back Eric Chavez or trading Eduardo Nunez
  • Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie told Jeff Joyce and Todd Hollandsworth on MLB Network Radio that he hopes trade rumors surround him next year, since other teams won't be interested if he's pitching poorly. Guthrie is entering his final season of arbitration eligibility and will hit free agency after the 2012 campaign.  
  • Jason Frasor says he was confused when he saw Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos had texted him over the weekend, according to Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. "I thought he might have wanted to talk,” Frasor said. “He likes to talk. He's a talker." In fact, the GM was calling about the trade that sent Frasor back to the Blue Jays for Myles Jaye and Daniel Webb. Frasor's optimistic that Sergio Santos, his teammate in the minors and majors, will fit well in Toronto.

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  1. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Come on Moyer! Just 5 more years to reach win number 300.

  2. JohnnyHamer 4 years ago

    Guthrie has been a loyal soldier and he deserves the chance to contend. He is much better then his W-L suggest. Given some offense he could be a very good #3 on the right team.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      I’m actually very surprised the Orioles haven’t aggressively shopped him.

      • JohnnyHamer 4 years ago

        Me to. I think he is undervalued by the rest of the league.

        • That’s exactly why they aren’t shopping him.  Had a down year last year.

          • Oh gimme a break, he’s had a down career with the O’s since his 7 and 5 season (his 1st)

            The Orioles need to “—- or get off the Pot”

            Guthrie will be retired by the time the O’s get around to trade him!

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            The guy can throw 200 innings and is a pretty decent #3 on most staffs. He’s going to be a FA after next season and if he’s trading in season then the receiving team won’t get any compensation for losing him (I’m assuming he’ll be a B-type FA) so his price tag in season will be less.

            The only reason to hold on to him would be to try to compete next year and I can’t name one person who realistically thinks the O’s stand a chance.

          • 1. Compensation is different, and I doubt Guthrie gets compensation picks under the new system.

            2.  Trading him in-season after a strong first half makes him more valuable than he is now.

            3. More potential playoff teams (added wildcards) means more buyers and less sellers at the trade deadline.  This means that the teams that ARE selling can hold out for more value AND have more potential trade partners.

            4.  Another valid reason to hold onto him is the fact that the O’s have 2 pitchers that can throw over 150 innings.  So that’s good.

    • I just don’t know where he should go if it “HAS” to be a contender.
      However, San Diego is beautiful and sunny and a beautiful ball park that would be perfect for him. The Orioles and Padres match up well

      Guthrie being a fly ball pitcher
      Reynolds would go back to the West and would bring much needed power to the Padres
      Adam Jones Home town in San Diego

      We could use Rizzo, Maybin and Headley. I am unsure if anyone would want to do it and the “True” Value behind all players involved, but Guthrie could help replace Haranng and pitch behind Volquez. Maybe that could help each team. I don’t know.

      Purple (below) to answer your question from earlier, no I don’t always talk Orioles.

      • redsx968 4 years ago

        I love when people propose trades and add pieces simply because that person would be returning to their hometown

        • Well I love it when “People” point out that other “People”  when they blog on here and ……

          • redsx968 4 years ago


          • I was trying to point out that you were pointing me out… just a bad attempt to be funny on my part.

      • mstrchef13 4 years ago

        #1: You know that the O’s aren’t trading AJ unless they get a “name” player, and there aren’t any of those left in San Diego.

        #2: Guthrie for Rizzo? I’d be ok with that, but after Rizzo being the main guy in the Gonzalez deal, I don’t know if they’d do that even if they do have Alonso.

        #3: Right now, the guy of theirs I’d like to target is Kyle Blanks, who they seem to have given up on. Too bad they have no pitching at AAA to throw into the deal.  

        • “name player” ? I doubt that.  If the O’s trade Jones it will be for the type of haul that brought him to Baltimore

  3. PJaysW 4 years ago

    I know this is more lapping up the AA koolaid, but his openness and forthrightness with his players is outstanding.

    • ukJaysfan 4 years ago

      Most GM’s call their new acquisitions before the trade is announced.  Nothing unusual there.  I am, however encouraged to hear how people that leave Toronto are usually leaving with a positive experience….even if it is of a 4th place finish.  Thinking we should just start calling them the ‘J4ys’.

      • Its great how AA can have a press conference sitting side by side with the players he traded away AFTER he traded them (im talking about the press conference AA had with Hill and Macdonald sitting next to him after he traded them). It shows the respect that players have towards him.

    • i think it’s funny to see AA referred to as a “talker” tho!

  4. mattinglyfan 4 years ago

    I can see the future MLB Trade Rumors article in 2042…

    “Moyer, now 79, is recovering from cybernetic arm surgery and has drawn some interest from MLB teams.” 

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

      The pitcher Data, formerly known as Moyer.

    • Shu13 4 years ago

      And the Marlins are the favorites to land him….

  5. sportsfan07 4 years ago

    The Yankees probably won’t sign Nakajima and people won’t think twice about it. Now when the A’s couldn’t sign Iwakuma, everyone was yelling that the A’s were abusing the system and just blocking him from coming to the majors and other teams from getting him. Yeah sounds about right in the world that we live in.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Who said the A’s were abusing the system? Every report I remember hearing was Iwakuma was demanding a ridiculously high salary. High enough that negotiations were pointless.

      • sportsfan07 4 years ago

        If you look back on this forum, everyone was saying that the A’s were abusing the system when it was first found out that they were not able to sign him.

      • sportsfan07 4 years ago

        HipNip2009: What is Billy Beane thinking? He bid $19 million to get his negotiating
        rights and what does he expect Iwakuma to do, play for $5-6 million?
        What a waste of time, and it means Iwakuma won’t get a chance to play in
        the big leagues this year.

        BobbyAyala: Doesn’t feel to me like the A’s ever bid in good faith. They came over
        the top of the other teams in contention, their rival M’s and Angel’s,
        and immediately offered an unrealistically low deal that they never back
        off of. They simply didn’t want him to go in the division, and teams
        will continue to do this unless they change the bidding rules.

        Joel Flory: Looks like they did this to block the M’s and Rangers from signing him. Just saying.

        YanksFanSince78: He should be allowed to negotiate with the next high bidding team.
        Otherwise what’s keeping any team from submitting a ridiculously high
        bid and then negotiating half-heartedly to sign him just to prevent
        others from signing him? There’s no penalty if they don’t sign him is

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          Thanks for the citations. But I’m fairly certain the majority thought Beane made a good faith bid.

        • cyberboo 4 years ago

          You do realize that the A’s made a competitive contract offer and Iwakuma’s agent turned it down, leading to his return to Japan.  Iwakuma then fired the agent for not accepting the contract.  I’m not even an A’s fan and I remember that.  lol.  People on here need to improve their memory.  lol.

          • sportsfan07 4 years ago

            Yes I do know that but I’m saying though that the people on this website were saying that the people on this site were stating that they thought that the A’s were not bidding in good faith because they allowed Iwakuma to go back to Japan. And now that this is happening to the Yankees, no one will even say a thing about them.

  6. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    Gutherie is good so if the Orioles could get anything nice for him they should move him. Yankees should keep Nunez and forget about Chavez if they sign Nakajima. If they don’t fine, but if they do trading Nunez and relying on Chavez is probably a mistake. Nothing personal the guy produces when healthy but he has never been the picture of stability in that department. Sox can’t exactly unload payroll can they who can we get rid of that we don’t need who is actually worth enough to make a difference? Nobody stands out to me. I say we sign Colon or Harden and some ST invite guys (SP depth) and call it an offseason. 

  7. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Explains Dan Duquette’s arrival.

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