Contract Details: Tejeda, Blue Jays, Phillies, Pirates's beat reporters have been digging up details on some recent minor league deals. Here are the latest updates:

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  1. the phillies do realize that Willis is a lefty specialist right?

  2. Paul Iulo 3 years ago

    way to waste young talent: sign with the Mets!

  3. Giraffe Monsoon 3 years ago

    The only chance any of those three guys have of making the Pirates roster is if Michael McKenry or Rod Barajas gets hurt. So Jose Morales possibly, and that’s all. They may even use Tony Sanchez if Barajas gets hurt. Jake Fox could catch too if they needed him.

    • indybucfan 3 years ago

      Morales is the only catcher of the three. I doubt catcher’s getting hurt have any effect on Kensing, a pitcher, or Hernandez, a middle infielder.

  4. David Silverwood 3 years ago

    As a Red fan here is hoping ex-Red doesnt make Jocketty look bad.

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