Dominican Police: Carmona Using Assumed Name

FRIDAY: Carmona was released from court in the Dominican and asked for the forgiveness of fans, the U.S. government and the Indians, the Associated Press reports (via ESPN). It appears unlikely that the Indians will void Carmona's contract, but the right-hander has to get to the U.S. to get paid this year, Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer tweets.

THURSDAY, 3:25pm: The Indians issued the following statement regarding Carmona: “We were recently made aware of the situation that occurred today in the Dominican Republic and are currently in the process of gathering information,” GM Chris Antonetti said. “We are not prepared to make any additional comment at this time.”

2:23pm: Police in the Dominican Republic say Fausto Carmona's real name is Roberto Hernandez Heredia, Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes tweets. Dionisio Soldevila of the AP tweets that Carmona is 31, not 28 and Jorge Arangure Jr. of tweets that the right-hander's chances of obtaining a visa quickly don't seem good. Yancen Pujols first tweeted news of the identity issues.

The Indians exercised Carmona's option after the season, so he'll earn $7MM in 2012. The ground ball pitcher posted a 5.25 ERA with 5.2 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 in 188 2/3 innings in 2011. The Marlins placed Leo Nunez/Juan Carlos Oviedo on the restricted list because of issues related to his assumed name. It's not clear whether Carmona will be able to pitch in the U.S. by Opening Day.

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  1. TribeGuy 3 years ago

    Oh no….

    • Devon Henry 3 years ago

      BIG difference between 28 and 31 in terms of age.

      • No there’s not. The difference was substantial when he was a prospect, but it would not affect the amount of money he’s making this year.

        • Sure it will… or might… if I’m the Indians, I say “hey, we picked up the option for somebody named Fausto Carmona… I’m not paying somebody named Roberto Hernandez Heredia” (and frankly, I do think they could void the deal on the basis of false pretenses, invalid signature, etc.).

          • Victor Kipp 3 years ago

            I’m sure they could.  They should do just that.

      • Lastings 3 years ago

        31 is the new 28. You do know that right?

      • LITTLE difference between 28 and 31 in terms of pounds overweight.

  2. Karkat 3 years ago

    How does this keep happening???

    Also, who decides on the name “Fausto”?

    • philly_red 3 years ago

      Teams are willing to gamble on a guy with talent, even if he’s 3-5 years older than he’s claiming, is using a fake name, or what have you.

      • Yea, especially our Phillies.  If you are Latin, over 30, and available, Philadelphia has to be a stop on your tour. 

        Raul Ibanez, Dany(s) Baez and Jose Contreras highly recommend it.

  3. $2509879 3 years ago

    Why would they give him $7 mil anyway? He’s godawful!

  4. levendis 3 years ago

    I am utterly shocked. Wouldn’t surprise me if Pineda turns out to be at least 25, he already looks like a grown man

    • Kiran Raul 3 years ago

      I dont mind if he is 25, at least we get our 6 years and by 31 he should still be a good pitcher, but i agree dude is huge lol

  5. Ian_Smell 3 years ago

    Now I don’t regret buying his shirt. Awesome.

  6. BLZR 3 years ago

    I’m disappointed, but only because “Fausto Carmona” is one of the coolest names ever.  I’ve always been a fan of his just because of the name.  I don’t know how to take this.

  7. philliesfan136 3 years ago

    Wow another one..

  8. Is this going to be the new steroid suspicion? Instead of accusing players of PED’s, they will now be accused of being older than they are reported

    • Onetimeaccount 3 years ago

      This isn’t new.

      • It hasnt been widespread though. All of the sudden this offseason Albert Pujols, the greatest player of his generation, a first ballot hall of famer, is getting his age questioned? Nobody seemed to mind when he was 25

        • Well, it’d probably be more accurate to say that confirmation hasn’t been as widespread.  I’d say the reason that suspicion is growing is because more people are being found out in it.

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      Latin American players have been doing this since the 60s….they know their age has a big impact on how scouts assess them.

      • Yes, but most of them can’t really get away with it anymore.  Venezuela, the Netherlands Antilles, Cuba, and Mexico all have reasonably good records-keeping.  The DR just has bureaucratic officials who are either inept or corrupt.

    • jammin502 3 years ago

      I think that MLB has to do more to crack down on this.  I would put in place a 50 day suspension on a player if this is discovered.  The teams should already be able to void the contract, but the 50 days would be a penalty on the player as well as the team that did not do due diligence in background checking.

  9. Calling this trade:
    Clayton Richard to CLE for something

  10. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    Well now he is still awful just older. 

  11. who is next? Albert Pujols is 35 and named Juan Rodriguez?

  12. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago


  13. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    The problem I have is NOT the name, it’s that you CANNOT import to America under a fake name. I know actors and such have stage names, that’s not my point. Lying to the authorities is rules for being deported! Bye bye! And the team shouldn’t have to be responsible for paying players found to have fake names.

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      Does this mean MLB should transfer his rights to Toronto?

      • Exposfan 3 years ago

        America doesnt stand for United States

        Please learn the difference

        • jb226 3 years ago

          Sure it does.  Or at least it can, it’s all about the context.

          “America” may be short for United States of America, it might be short for North America, it might be short for Central America, it might be short for South America — it might refer to the entirety of the region, basically the entire hemisphere, though that is not typical (it’s usually “Americas” at that point).In this context, it’s clear the original poster was referring to the US or he would not be referring to immigration laws and deportation.  

          If you can’t parse context or are mad that the term is often used to refer to the US, that’s sad for you.  It certainly doesn’t change anything.

      • Marc_from_Brooklyn 3 years ago

        He entered Canada with the Indians on road trips presumably using a false name on his DR passport, so he may have similar immigration issues returning to Canada as he does now returning to the US.

  14. Are the Authorities certain about this? It wasn’t some Wikipedia mix-up back at the “Home Office”? Why are the police involved? Was he “Jay-Walking” at the time?

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      Let see if he ends up “Blue Jay Walking”

    • The police are involved because the DR DOES actually investigate things like this (it’s either identity theft or it’s signing a contract under a false name), they just take forever to do it.

  15. Exposfan 3 years ago

    Hmmm.. might want to investigate on Coco Crisp.. Maybe they’ll find out he’s linked to a Kellog brand name

  16. JST1331 3 years ago

    YES! Now my Carmona shirt will be worth something!

  17. pirateswillwinin2013 3 years ago

    The next one will be Jose Tabata, it will come out he’s 29 years old and real name is Benny “the jet” Rodriguez.

  18. There is only one thing that can be said or done about this:


  19. $1742854 3 years ago

    A International Draft would take care of many of these problems.

  20. tapehead4 3 years ago

    Perhaps he just didn’t want to be mistaken for Felix Heredia. Do you blame him?

    • disadvantage 3 years ago

      His first and middle name will make me mistake him for former closer Roberto Hernandez. But that is much better than Felix Heredia.

  21. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    Still baffled at the fact that these people can lie, suck at their job, and still ,not only get a raise ,but get paid the amount they do…7 mil for Fausto really? He sucks. if i suck at my job, lie about who i am..well lets just say i am heading over to the unemployment line.

    • Infield Fly 3 years ago

      Well “these people” are a lot like “those other people…” you know, the ones who can lie about taking steroids, get caught, get suspended/fined…and then come back to collect their multimillion dollar checks as if nothing ever happened? Yeah…those people.

      So let’s keep things in perspective: baseball has a lot of hypocritical rules and policies — and they are hardly limited to Dominican players.

    • TimotheusATL 3 years ago

      the whole “suck at their job” thing is where you kinda go askew. even a replacement-level mlb player is at the top 1% of the top 1% of people who ever pick up a bat or glove in their lifetime.

      it’s a microcosm of a lot of what’s wrong in the difference between union labor and right-to-work labor, but that’s a whole different debate.

  22. TimotheusATL 3 years ago

    what’s next? manny ramirez is found out to be don juan injectia manboobia, and is really 51?

  23. Hey MLBTR, is it possible to start an Assumed Name Tracker?

    • chico65 3 years ago

      Good one.
      Did you catch LarryDelucaNY’s hissy fit?  Might be the first banning for throwing a temper tantrum.  I know a few toddlers that would have been proud.

  24. It’s correct to be skeptical of any player coming out of the dominican republic these days.  I wonder if MLB is going to put more resources in place to prevent further occurances. 

  25. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    I think these players come here under different names because their reals names aren’t that cool. I mean Fausto Carmona and Leo Nunez? That kills Roberto Hernandez Heredia and Juan Carlos Oviedo

  26. Jose Contreras is definitely 50

  27. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    I want to know how this impacts Bill James 2012 and RotoChamp projections for this guy.

  28. JimBaily 3 years ago

    The Cubs should consider investing some time in this and finding out if this would be a plausible tactic to get out of the Soriano contract.

  29. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    block my comment because i said these people? as in referring to people that lie about their identity? makes sense.

    • One of my comments in Oliver Perez signs with Seattle post was blocked too I don’t know why.

  30. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    I never liked this guy to begin with. He comes off as a dirty pitcher with a lousy attitude sometimes. Granted I don’t know the guy, but that’s from my point of view as a fan.

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

      to me he just seemed over hyped he had two good years out of six, he is a four starter to me just my opinion

  31. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    With all the censoring of comments…lol just wait till SOPA/PIPA goes through..wnt be able to say anything unless it is “Great signing God Bless!”

  32. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    If my name wasn’t really Leonard Washington I would totally change it to Juan-Esteban Ignachio Montoya. Then I would try out for a Dominican summer league team dressed as Inigio Montoya from Princess Bride. 

    • Try “Domingo Montoya.”  It’s a little more obscure, but in the book it’s Inigo’s father’s name.

      • sorry but it would be Ignacio is you will have a name in spanish. Juan  Esteban without the hypenation

  33. Tim Tebow

  34. Where does the Tribe go from here?

    Hold out that Fausto, err Roberto, gets a visa and continues his mediocrity?

    Cut him and spend his 7MM on a starter… but who is still available that’s worth that cash?

    Cut him and swing a trade for a starter… but who could be a potential suitor?

    Cut him and spend that money on first base via sign or trade and hope someone like Gomez, Huff, or McAllister can step up and perform?

    • leachim2 3 years ago

      There’s Edwin Jackson.

      • OnlyInCleveland 3 years ago

        With the length and cash Boras is trying to get for Jackson makes him a “programental non-fit” here in Cleveland

      • OnlyInCleveland 3 years ago

        With the length and cash Boras is trying to get for Jackson makes him a “programental non-fit” here in Cleveland

    • haymaker9 3 years ago

      They could probably call the Rockies and acquire a guy from their pile of starters in a trade.  At least that would provide the Indians an extra arm or two at the start of the year until “Carmona” gets all his identity issues sorted.   Just guessing, but I’ll bet the Rockies would be interested in swapping one or two of their extra arms for Cord Phelps.

    • haymaker9 3 years ago

      They could probably call the Rockies and acquire a guy from their pile of starters in a trade.  At least that would provide the Indians an extra arm or two at the start of the year until “Carmona” gets all his identity issues sorted.   Just guessing, but I’ll bet the Rockies would be interested in swapping one or two of their extra arms for Cord Phelps.

    • $20404099 3 years ago

      There’ll be legal ramifications to voiding his contract that whatever his name is will try and invoke. He’ll likely lose out, but it will tie things up for a while. Oswalt is the 1st name that comes to mind as a possible get for the Indians as a replacement. 

  35. so does this raise the going price of his baseball cards or what?

  36. JamieMoyer 3 years ago

    28, 31…What’s the big deal?

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      could be a huge difference. especially if we are talking about prospects.

    • WeDontNeedToFinPracticeRANDY 3 years ago

      Gold jacket…Green jacket…

    • Sniderlover 3 years ago

      Well, if you’re 16 instead of 19, it can make a pretty big difference with the amount of money you will get.

      I don’t blame Carmona or anyone else for using a fake identity to escape poverty and get a future in America.

      I’m sure there are quite a few of them with fake identities. 

  37. bayareabeast 3 years ago

    cespedes will have his own post like this in no time

  38. iCracked 3 years ago

    I wonder if they mail his checks with the name Fausto Carmona after this? Good luck cashing them once he gets a visa and an ID with his real name

    • sourbob 3 years ago

      Yeah, I’m sure there’s no Carribbean bank willing to skirt the rules to handle his millions. Offshore banks are known for their ethics.

  39. iCracked 3 years ago

    Bartolo Colon is really 31

  40. sourbob 3 years ago

    New intro music for Carmona/Heredia: “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings.

    • goner 3 years ago

      The Ramones’ “Carbona Not Glue” certainly isn’t appropriate anymore

  41. nyr4life 3 years ago

    mlb needs to step in and do something. I don’t know wether the indians care or not but they just picked up the option of a 31 year old and not a 28 year old, i think it should be made known to all players(so i dont come off as a racist)that if you lie about your name,age you run the risk of being fined and suspended for a year.

  42. Chioakcisco 3 years ago

    $10 says MLB is going for Al Albuquerque next.

  43. LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

    Can any player from the Dominican Republic be trusted? This seems to happen way more often then it should

  44. Id rather just keep it as Fausto Carmona…

  45. JonBoyd 3 years ago

    Great another guy I have to learn a new name for.

  46. optionn 3 years ago

    All these players who violated Immigration Law and other laws should be ashamed of themselves for profitting millions of dollars based on willful and fraudulent identification.

    His whole life is essentially one big lie. 

  47. horseiv 3 years ago

    I don’t know why teams can’t get out of contracts?  Like he signed with a fake name his check is going to someone who doesn’t exist just say to bad so sad and kick him out of the league.  I get that they wanna play but teams like the Indians who don’t have a tonne to spend get hurt by this crap.  Thank god the Jays never traded for him

  48. Khabibulan 3 years ago

    Breaking news: Albert Pujols is really Julio Inglesias Jr, and is 42 years old!

  49. disgustedcubfan 3 years ago

    Please let Alfonso Soriano get busted for using an assumed name!

  50. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

    If you’re going to use a fake name, why would you pick “Fausto”?

  51. oh na na whats ma name???

  52. bayareabeast 3 years ago

    MLBTR why are you still calling him Carmona in the updates?

  53. Chris1G 3 years ago

    Does this mean he’s going to get a new jersey, with a new name on the back if he stays with the Indians?

  54. Hahah! “Fauxsto”. Well done thats great

  55. TimotheusATL 3 years ago

    fauxsto = i lol’ed

  56. Khabibulan 3 years ago

    How bout Fausto-len Identity

  57. Could have made it up out of thin air. But if I recall, Juan Carlos Oviedo’s assumed name, Leo Nunez, was actually a friend’s name. I guess it’s easier to pull a Don Draper – i.e. borrow or steal – a real person’s identity that to fabricate one entirely.

  58. Lastings 3 years ago

    Join the… Leo Nunez, Luis Valdez, Jairo Garcia, etc. club…

  59. BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

    If I was a pitcher playing under an alias I think I’d choose something like Whitey Ford or Sandy Koufax.

  60. Give his Cy Young to Shawn Camp!

  61. icedrake523 3 years ago

    Principal Skinner did it first.

  62. Chad Sexington 3 years ago

    Ignorance will get you nowhere.

  63. shockey12 3 years ago

    Because those darn Canadians keep jumping across your border

  64. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    A bit of an over-reaction.  However, the contract should have a financial penalty clause for inaccurate reporting of your age.  The player’s age factors into the contract amount significantly when signing amateur free-agents.

  65. Well, the thing is, these not only come from the same area, they come
    from the same country.  This is a problem with the inept and/or corrupt
    Dominican Republic bureaucracy, meaning that it’s very difficult for a
    team to be certain they’ve obtained accurate records about Dominican
    players.  So while you’re going overboard with suggesting a ban on non-American players, a ban (or some kind of restriction) on new Dominican players might be reasonable.

  66. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    Haha you want to throw rocks at glass houses? Why is it these all come from the same area? HMMMM

  67. shockey12 3 years ago

    And Felix Hernandez is Emilio Estevez

  68. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago


  69. shockey12 3 years ago

    The same area as in “not here”

  70. I was always partial to Ron Mexico.

  71. chico65 3 years ago

    You mean Armen?

  72. Roonil Waslib

  73. …when they thought he was only 23.

  74. Thomas Wilson 3 years ago

    coming off a fantastic year for a 23 yo, as a 26 yo they may have hesitated

  75. $2509879 3 years ago

    No, they picked up his option after a godawful 2008-11. You think they would have been smart enough to cut bait!

  76. Gumby65 3 years ago

    ((Insert Jim Halpert ‘Really?’ Face here))

  77. phoenix2042 3 years ago

    albert is not lying about his name at least. how do i know? because no one willingly takes the name “pujols” if they can choose any name they want.

  78. meh, not really.  its more indicative of the quality of life, or complete lack thereof, where these players are born.  just shows you the desperation to improve their lot in life, but it’s hardly a black eye for baseball.  the worldwide draft selig wants should help to improve these situations…

  79. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    Well if they were taking it as a racist point of view then the fact that i have a girlfriend that is from the dominican…well lets just say if im racist towards them then i played one helluva joke on myself

  80. Mikey Roederer 3 years ago

    when you guys refer to “Those, Them, These” People it is obvious to everyone one you do not mean “people that lie about their identity” but something else created to get a reaction…Grow Up please..

  81. $1519287 3 years ago

    I’m taking care of it, Larry.

    – ECB

  82. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Yep…I am seeing misrepresenting his age as the issue.  The money he made from “the lie” was on his amateur signing.  Probably not much.

  83. I’m not denying that, but it certainly changes the dynamics.

  84. Tyler Jedrzejak 3 years ago

    Seeing how i was talking about people that lie about there age, you know what my post was about, Yeah no i think saying these people after stating what i was talking about makes sense. 

  85. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    The mighty duck man I swear to god. I was like EMILLLLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Ian_Smell 3 years ago

    And Ichiro is Molly Ringwald.

  87. JacksTigers 3 years ago

    I knew he was too good at acting. No ordinary citizen could pull off the great ‘Larry Bernandez.’

  88. chico65 3 years ago

    What the heck is happening to your comments though?  Every time I try replying to you the comment disappears.  This one reappeared, but with half the original message.  They return in phases ECB?

    Nice to see you’re still around. As far as why yours were targeted…poking the mods in the ribs like that might mean even less of a tolerance for future comments?
    I don’t think it was your intent, but I could see how someone could interpret your comment as implying stupidity of a group of individuals.  Of course, if inability to spell is considered offensive half of the posters on here should be banned.

  89. chico65 3 years ago

    I give up.  Every time I try to reply to you either the comment I’m attempting to reply to gets removed or my response goes to the moderator for some inexplicable reason.  Glad to see you’re still here Larry.   

  90. BigHurt2005 3 years ago

    His momma called him Heredia, I’m gonna call him Heridia!

  91. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    they do do a background check!! They’re not just gonna randomly see some kid playing and hand him a contract, they look at his background first, get his birth certificate (or something close to/equal to it) and get all of his info before they sign him and add him to their payroll.

  92. bayareabeast 3 years ago

    just saying..i would lie about my name for millions of dollars.

  93. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    If he did, at least his first name isn’t Dolorido.

  94. Sure he is!  His real name is…wait for it…

    ALBERTO Pujols.

  95. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    thats the genius of it

  96. GoFish 3 years ago

    If you don’t get this reference, you’re streets behind.

  97. i think you’re just replying to yourself again.

  98. $1519287 3 years ago

    sorry guys, disqus is acting up. things should be back to normal now… or soon?


  99. chico65 3 years ago

    You’re right.  Time to head out once again.

  100. Jon Melton 3 years ago

    A 16 year old with a 19 year olds development  stands to gain more on initial Bonus,  not sure how much he got,  but needless to say the first million probably means allot more than the following ones.

  101. Jon Melton 3 years ago

    If your family doesnt have enough to eat and your options are lying about your age or far worse crimes, lesser of the two evils for sure.

  102. leachim2 3 years ago

    Jose Alberto

  103. chico65 3 years ago

    No problem.  Thanks for running such a great site guys, 

  104. jb226 3 years ago

    If those are the choices I agree with you, but I find that disingenuous.  I highly doubt anybody is going to go “oh, you’re 19, not 16?  Nevermind, I’m not signing you.”  It might affect the money involved, but at that point you’re already getting the money.  We’re beyond the proverbial “is it wrong to steal bread to feed your starving family?” at that point.

  105. Giorgi Almonte 3 years ago

    …and thats the ugly truth!

  106. Giorgi Almonte 3 years ago

    …and thats the ugly truth!

  107. kevmill21 3 years ago

      For every player that would be signed despite lying about his age, there’s thousands of kids that wouldn’t get another look if they were found to be 3 years older

    right or wrong, wading through that many players is a numbers game, so falsifying the numbers is a huge lift to a player in that situation if he can get away with it

  108. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    a 16 is a lot more projectable than a 19 year old. They go ga ga over a 16 year old that already throws 90 mph. A 90 mph throwing 19 year old…not as special.

  109. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    my virgin eyes

  110. tomymogo 3 years ago

    Felix Heredia…..That brings up bad memories

  111. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    haha…2 points for a classic comedy reference.

  112. Chioakcisco 3 years ago

    Gil Heredia…brings up worse memories.

  113. angryredmenace 3 years ago

    You might want to lay off calling anyone an idiot.

  114. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    how ever his name is “spelt”

  115. It’s a pun.

  116. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

    good movie

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