Orioles Eyeing Chen, Jackson, Maholm

Wei-Yin Chen, Edwin Jackson, and Paul Maholm are among the pitchers of interest to the Orioles as they seek to further upgrade their rotation, writes Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  Their interest in Chen has been known for a while, and last Thursday Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun linked the Orioles to Jackson and Joe Saunders.  I added Hisashi Iwakuma to the list yesterday.

Last week, Connolly wrote that Jackson's upside intrigues the Orioles, though Duquette and the team have historically been reluctant to give pitchers four-year deals.  Today, Rosenthal writes that the Orioles expect Jackson will be beyond their price range.  He notes that Roy Oswalt and Hiroki Kuroda are not realistic for Baltimore given their desire to sign with contenders.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the O’s going after all 3.  They seem to fit the mold of what we’re looking for.

    • Rabbitov 3 years ago

      Agreed.  It won’t matter who we sign (to the fame base) if Fielder signs with the Nationals though.  I am afraid to be near Baltimore if that happens.  I think the backlash would be worst than the Teixeira incident. 

      • Well ,maybe that’s why we are not signing Coco Crisp, because we are going to sign Prince Fielder. Duquette determined Prince might devour Coco Crisp mistaking him for the cereal.

        Also, Jeff all these pitchers are unacceptable.

        Wei-Yin Chen – unproven
        Edwin Jackson – Boras is his agent and he is so unpredictable
        Paul Maholm – just plain ineffective

        The Orioles will have a bigger problem on their hands if they don’t sign or trade for a # 1 pitcher and a solid # 2.

        PS I guess my earlier posting was deemed unacceptable. I will try to contain myself. I do know how I am and get a bit carried away sometimes.

        • Chen is low risk, high reward – exactly who we should be targeting.
          Jackson – solid pitcher, workhorse, tradable (tradeable?!?) if need be
          Maholm – workhorse.  Besides, I like Maholm and he’ll come cheap.

          • Jon Melton 3 years ago

            Yeah Jackson would have value to a contender before trade deadline enough talent and production to fill a hole.  For that reason alone would be a good sign at 4 years.

          • Lars Chunks 3 years ago

            Chen and Maholm will get rocked in the AL East.  Even Jackson struggled vs teams like the Red Sox and Yankees when he was with Detroit/TB.

        • Guest 3 years ago

          maholm isn’t as bad as you think.that guy had no run support in pittsburgh….

        • Rabbitov 3 years ago

          Haha Lefty, you are classic.

  2. BirdmanRob 3 years ago

    Pitching.  more pitching.

  3. I really wonder if Edwin Jackson will want some stability, because he has been on 6 different major-league rosters already (and he is only 27) in 3 different time zones, albeit it has been trades to contenders the last 2 times.

    He is fast on his way to becoming this generation’s Mike Morgan.

    • It would be interesting if he signed for 4 years, lower AAV, but with a full no trade clause.

      Similar to JJ Hardy this past season.

      • Lars Chunks 3 years ago

        Why would anyone signing with Baltimore want a no trade clause.  After a year he’d be welcoming a trade.

  4. The_Porcupine 3 years ago

    I say go international and build your reputation there and ignore the middling likes of Jackson and Maholm.  Give the younger pitchers another year.  It’s not like the O’s are going to contend anyway.  So build toward the future.

  5. Tacho Bill 3 years ago

    Paul Maholm pitching in the AL East? Hahaha!

  6. DragonLord 3 years ago

    Chen would be a nice addition but Jackson and Maholm can sign elsewhere and I’d be happy. Jackson would be okay but his pricetag makes me think otherwise.

  7. evilmutantducks 3 years ago

    Hmm…  I think they should go after Saunders and Chen.  I’m not too high on Maholm, I like Jackson but not what the length of his contract will demand and his numbers against the AL East.

    • Lars Chunks 3 years ago

      The Orioles need an ace, not another #3-5 pitcher.  They have about 10 of those already.

      • evilmutantducks 3 years ago

        Man, its a stretch to say they have ten #3-5 starters.  Guthrie and Wada are #3-5 pitchers on any respectable club.  Everyone else is a fringe starter at best.  And it’s okay to have ten of those guys, as long as they are all competing for the same rotation spot.  Having competition for a spot is great, but I still cringe because the Orioles only have 2 starters penciled in the opening day rotation.  We NEED at least one more starter that can provide some stability and consistency to the starting rotation.  Ideally that person will be someone like Oswalt, Garland or Jackson, and not pitchers like Millwood, Duchscherer and Eaton.

  8. Lars Chunks 3 years ago

    Why do the Orioles continue to go half in every year?  Don’t they see that it’s not working?  Either rebuild or spend money on good free agents… Pick one…  This goes for the White Sox as well.

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