Central Notes: Gimenez, Young Twins, Cardinals

Passing along a few notes from the Central divisions, where there was plenty of news earlier today. Kosuke Fukudome found a new home, the Brewers won an arbitration case, and the Royals picked up their manager's option. On with the links …

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  1. I hope Dozier makes the Twins at some point in the season, it’d be nice to have a decent second baseman. I’d like to see Chris Parmelee and Joe Benson make the team at some point, but there really isn’t any place in the lineup for them.

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      There’s hope. Morneau is good for an extended DL trip a season nowadays, and if the Twins are out of it by mid-season I would expect them to move Span. Parmelee and Benson will get some decent playing time with the big club in 2012…

      • Morneau just needs to be limited to an amount of games on the field. Span can be replaced easily when he is traded, and he’ll likely be used to get Storen or Espinosa.

  2. Burroughs strength is pinch-hitting which makes the decision to sign with an AL team curious. Plus his batting average was kind of the result a terrible start.

  3. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    If the bullpen would stay healthy next season, a combination of Jared Burton, Joel Zumaya, Glen Perkins, and even Matt Capps could be very effective. If Brian Duensing can regain his 2010 form, and Anthony Swarzak can be as durable as last season, the Twins’ 2012 bullpen could be really good overall. Jason Bulger, Alex Burnett, Phil Dumatrait, Esmerling Vasquez, Lester Oliveros, Terry Doyle, Jeff Gray, and some others should be interesting to watch.

  4. Yeah the Twins pretty much took 1/3 of the Reds pitching staff from last year, lol.

    Jared Burton
    Matt Maloney
    Daryl Thompson

    • MNTwins12 3 years ago

      Jason Marquis, Esmerling Vasquez, and Sean Burroughs were all members of the 2011 Diamondbacks. Although Burroughs isn’t a pitcher.

  5. Jodi Burson 3 years ago

    Here’s an interesting stat on Tyler Greene: dude is 16-0 in major league stolen bases, never been caught. And, his minor league totals are 144-22. Great averages…but you can’t steal first

    • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

      Can you imagine if he was an every day starter and could actually hit? He could probably steal 25-30 bases

      • Glen Stanford 3 years ago

        I’m missing something on Tyler Greene. I don’t see him making the cardinals roster let alone starting at 2nd base.

        • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

          If I’m not mistaken, he’s all out of options so he will definitely make the roster. I heard it’s his job to lose at 2nd.

  6. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    Did anyone else notice that the title of this article is missing a comma? Under no circumstances should the Twins, with the veteran acquisitions this offseason, be considered “Young Twins”.

  7. Jimmy Wehmeier 3 years ago

    They act as if schumaker and tyler greene don’t deserve to be on the major league roster. If they are basing this upon stats, someone needs to do their homework. Schumaker, since he’s been with the Cards has hit .290 with a .346 OBP. Let me remind this Jenifer Langosch that .346 means more than a third of the time he comes up to the plate, he gets on base. His team role is to essentially lead off (not to be consistently hititng long balls) so that his teamates that are in those spots in the lineup can hit him in or at least put him in scoring position. That is how baseball works the last time I checked and he seems to¬†fulfilling his role on the team. Tyler Greene has obviously struggled in the big leagues, but if you look at his stats in Triple-A, it’s pretty impressive to see what he can do. He can mature in the middle infield spot he’s looking to fill but, no one has ever given him a chance to ever prove himself.

  8. Jimmy Wehmeier 3 years ago

    All of what you’ve said is so wrong.

  9. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    I will take your comment as a joke. LOL ūüėČ

  10. They both need time at Triple-A, they were both directly brought up from New Britain. But, there are some projections that they will be with the major league club by the end of this year. Not that 24 is old, but they’ve about run their course in the minors. Now that I think about it, i’m kind of excited to see some of these Twins prospects, especially Miguel Sano.¬†

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