Top 2014 MLB Free Agents

Extensions have a way of thinning the free agent herd.  The latest star player off the board is Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who was extended through at least 2019.  Zimmerman had been slated to hit free agency after the 2013 season.  The best players remaining in that far-off free agent class:

Corner Infielders

Middle Infielders

Corner Outfielders

Center Fielders


Starting Pitchers


Other Players Of Note

In the 2011-12 offseason, we saw five $100MM commitments to free agents, if you include Yu Darvish, who was subject to the posting system.  For the 2013-2014 offseason, Votto, Cano, Pence, Ellsbury, Lincecum, and Haren are good candidates, should they continue to produce and reach free agency.  Given that we're two full seasons away, a half-dozen others could enter the discussion if 2012 and '13 go well.

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