Extension Updates: Hosmer, Stanton, Molina

The Cardinals will officially announce their five-year extension with Yadier Molina this afternoon. In the meantime, here are some extension-related links…

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  1. If my name was Giancarlo, I would go by Mike as well.

    • ratmoss 3 years ago

      Giancarlo Stanton sounds like he has a future as a telenovela star if this baseball thing doesn’t work out.

  2. Brian Stevenson 3 years ago

    …Giancarlo? Say what? WHAT?

  3. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    throw crazy money at almost every free agent on the market without hesitation, but don’t even broach the subject of an extension with stanton? the two florida teams could not be any more different

    • Rangersalchamps 3 years ago

      Agreed. The Marlins should lock Stanton up to a 10yr deal pronto.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      As long as Loria does not turn into another Hueizinga and dismantle as quickly as he builds.. Think most will be happy here.

      Most will be happy and know if he intentions are true when he starts addressing the LT contracts with the core of the team.. Stanton/Sanchez, even Bonifacio for a couple of years, or at least buying out his arbitration years.

      Funny thing? Lots of talk, even a HUGE topic on Cameron Maybin and buying out his arbitration years and Maybin..After watching him play (and horribly might add) for several years with the Fish.. All of a sudden has a half way decent year for the Padres and all their fan base is clamoring for an extension upwards of 10m.. Bonifacio may not have his glove, but he has the bat x2 and can play every position on the diamond (ex P&C), plus has his speed and not **1** word about locking up Emilio to his F Agency years??

      Fish have 3 years of control left and he is more important than many think, even some Fish fans.

      • Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

        Half-way decent? Going by fWar, he was the sixth most valuable CFer in all of baseball (Bonifacio would be twelfth). 

        And twice the bat? Let’s take a look:

        .296/.360/.393 (Bonifacio)
        .264/.323/.393 (Maybin)

        A significant difference for Bonifacio in average and OBP, but Maybin is not the slouch offensively you make him out to be.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          Bonifacio plays everywhere on the diamond and really? is not a great fielder at any position.. The glove is where Maybin shines and as someone who watched Maybin with the Fish for years? Sorry, but have to see him do it again before a low payroll team can afford to pay 10m +/- contract to someone who looked totally lost at the plate their entire professional career until 2011.

          Bonifacio was hitting some until 2011, not great, is failures were in utilizing his speed and pretty much? being what he still is.. A man without a position.

          Just afraid that if the padres go out and give Maybin that deal, he will revert to the guy i watched for the previous 3 seasons with the Fish.. And it was not pretty either..

          • Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

            In truth, I cheated and slotted Bonifacio on the WAR leaderboard for CFers (I’m sure there’s a minimum game/innings amount he’s missing out on because of his versatility). 

            Maybin did have a big jump, and it could be that he regresses some this year, but even if he’s floating around .250/.310/.370, his defense and speed should more than pay for a contract with an AAV of $5 million. The Padres, being on the cusp of a new television deal, could easily afford that if Maybin goes sour and it should provide the fanbase with some hope that the organization is trying to retain some of its more valuable talent.

  4. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    “Hey since he is giong by Giancarlo Stanton does that mean I can take the name Mike Stanton now?” – Leo Nunez.

  5. MadmanTX 3 years ago

    Blowing all that money freed up by not re-signing Pujols, huh?

  6. Smrtbusnisman04 3 years ago

    I quess Pirates fans won’t see Andrew McCutchen or Neil Walker in here anytime soon. Please don’t trade them!!

  7. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Fish need to worry about Sanchez before they do Stanton. Sanchez can leave next year and will leave a mammoth hole in the rotation if he walks.

  8. alan104 3 years ago

    Giancarlo sounds like a cool name. Definately hard to confuse it with Mike. The broadcasters in Miami will dig it. He should go by his nickname- Bigfoot.

  9. skoods 3 years ago

    I can’t wait until some of the dimmer bulbs in my fantasy league pass on him because they don’t know who “Giancarlo” is.

    Edit: And now I see I was late on that joke be a good 4 hours. Yay me.

  10. diamonddailybaseballblog 3 years ago

    How do you get Mike out Giancarlo? Did he open up a phonebook and flip to a random page and use the first name? :p

  11. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

     I’m hoping the name throws people in my fantasy league off so I can steal him late

  12. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing

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