Mets Notes: Wright, Wilpon, Weiner

The Mets, winners of 77 games a year ago, lost their franchise shortstop this offseason and lowered payroll by approximately $52MM. Here are some links pertaining to the team…

  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson told Joel Sherman of the New York Post that he’s looking forward to seeing what David Wright can do in 2012. “He is not trade bait,” Alderson said. “Is he part of the future? I hope the answer is yes. Let’s see how he bounces back this season.” As Sherman points out, third base in New York city is as uncertain as it’s been since 2004.
  • MLBPA leader Michael Weiner voiced support for Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his family in Mets camp today, Adam Rubin of writes. “The Wilpons want to win,” Weiner said
  • Weiner also said it’s good for the game if the Mets prosper, and not just because that would make them bidders for top players. “It’s not as narrow a concern as, ‘Well, we want the Dodgers or the Mets to be able to bid for free agents.’ If the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets are prosperous, the game does better,” Weiner said.

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  1. MB923 3 years ago

    Wright, Wilpon, Weiner…..What?

  2. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Good for the mets. I think their best bet would be to dump payroll and rebuild. I don’t see them surpassing philly, Nats, braves, and even the fish will give them a run for their money.

    • MB923 3 years ago

      I think trading Wright is their best move in rebuildilng. If Johan Santana became effective again, perhaps they trade him too in his final year(s) if they ate most if his salary

      • rockfordone 3 years ago

        Trade Wright to Angels for Trout, Trumbro, and Conger

        • redsx968 3 years ago

          Sounds about right

        • Blue387 3 years ago

          Why would the Angels trade away that much for Wright? He’s coming off a bad season and there’s no guarantee he’d be a fit for the Angels ballpark.

          The real problem with the Mets on the field is the pitching staff. Dickey was the only starter with an ERA+ over 100. There’s not much depth in the rotation and the bullpen is a shaky.

          • LazerTown 3 years ago

            you dont like trading your best talent for a injury riddled vet?

        • Gumby65 3 years ago

           With Wright being an impending free agent, Angels pull trigger on this one at the drop of a…. never.

      • Blue387 3 years ago

        Why would the Angels pull the trigger on that? Wright is coming off a bad season and I’m not sure how he would work in the Angels pitcher-friendly ballpark.

        The real problem with the Mets on the field is the pitching. A certain knuckleballer was the only starter with an ERA+ over 100. The rotation lacks depth and the bullpen is shaky.

        • MB923 3 years ago

          I take it you meant to respond to @rockfordone:disqus and not me.

          • Blue387 3 years ago

            I had to type my comment in twice. This website censors the name of a certain knuckleball pitcher.

  3. LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

    Wright is gone after this year, it’s just a matter of if Wilpon is smart enough to trade him or just let him go for draft picks.

  4. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Do you suppose the MLBPA can loan the Wilpons and the Mets organization about $400,000,000?

  5. bobmac 3 years ago

    Michael Weiner is a class act.

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