Bronson Arroyo Obtains Ten And Five Rights

Bronson Arroyo didn’t play in yesterday’s game against the Giants, but it was a significant contest for the right-hander nonetheless. Arroyo now has ten and five rights and cannot be traded without his permission.  

Arroyo began the year with nine years and 150 days of MLB service and yesterday marked the 22nd day of the Reds’ season. Nine years and 172 days equates to ten years of service for the 35-year-old, and his last six-plus seasons have been spent in Cincinnati.

Players who have accumulated ten years of Major League service time can't be traded without their permission if they have spent the last five years with their current club. If the Reds trade Arroyo, deferred payments on his current contract are voided and paid up-front by his new team, so it’s especially hard to imagine a trade in his case.

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