Red Sox Scouting Scott Podsednik

The Red Sox are scouting Scott Podsednik, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter). Boston is looking for outfield help following the injuries suffered by Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Podsednik, 36, is currently hitting .158/.304/.158 in 23 plate appearances for the Phillies' Triple-A affiliate. They are willing to trade him for a fair return despite their scuffling offense. The Red Sox are actively exploring the outfield market, but earlier tonight we heard that they have not inquired about J.D. Drew's availability.

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  1. lefty177 3 years ago

    I’d rather they bring back Drew for the rest of the year if they tell him that he’s gonna start until Ellsbury is back then he’s gonna go to the bench.

    • wadebets 3 years ago

      Might as well just release him after he comes back, instead of take up a bench spot.

    • chico65 3 years ago

      I don’t understand why they’d want to sign a 36-year old minor league outfielder who used to have speed and MIGHT be able to provide some offense but would require a corresponding roster move when they have a 23 year old defensive phenom in the outfield with speed who also MIGHT hit that is already on the 40-man?

      Lin only needs to hold his own- .250/.320/.370ish- for a couple of months, not the entire season.  Why even have him on the 40-man if you aren’t going to use him when you need him?  This is exactly the sort of situation you have him for- provide sparkling defense in center for a thin pitching staff and give them a shot in the arm, and hope he hits above the Mendoza line.  This reeks of Lucchino.  Or I’ve greatly overestimated Cherington’s abilities.   

      • They only put him on the 40-man to make him avoid the Rule 5 draft, as he was eligible for it. 

        • chico65 3 years ago

          Exactly.  They obviously value him, and feel other teams value him, for his defense alone.  So why not use it?  He’s never given any indication that his offense is going to improve much, so what are they waiting for?  Either give him a chance or don’t waste a spot on the 40 man roster.  If you want more offensive potential, give Linares a shot.

  2. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    if they’re looking at aging outfielders, might as well look at brandon moss, even if he is a former red sox prospect

    edit: moss isn’t even really aging, he’s just 28, but regardless, so let me rephrase, if they’re going to take a look at minor league players, might as well look at moss

    and c) collin cowgill was just sent to sacramento so that’s one insanely crowded outfield there, so that’d free up some room

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      Moss? Where’s Jonathan Van Every when you need him?

      • Fangaffes 3 years ago

        Could have used Van Every out of the bullpen last night.

  3. hitdog042 3 years ago

    Call up Middlebrooks and put Youkilis in LF. Not that hard. They can do this internally and with a good bat.

  4. Podsednik tore it up this spring in Philly. He looked amazing. Stealing bases at will, hitting around .350, and played all three OF spots.

    • Too bad he apparently stopped hitting in Triple A. A .158 BA?  Repko or Lin sound just fine now…

    • Snoochies8 3 years ago

      yes, because we should put stock into spring…

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       “Podsednik tore it up this spring in Philly.”

      So did Darnell McDonald, yet he is hitting .095 with a .269 OBP right now..

      There is an idea.. Philly take McDonald and Boston take Pods.. Discard for a discard…

  5. you know you’re desperate when…

  6. Arizona might start calling with Chris Young going down tonight

    • Stuart Brown 3 years ago

      Ouch, really? He was on fire to start the season.

  7. One of the first ridiculous things associated with Valentine this season (spring training) was the possibility of playing Adrian Gonzalez in the OF and Ortiz at 1B if the matchups “made sense” or something. Glad to see this has not resurfaced in any way that I’m aware of lately. Also would rather Youkilis stay away from any positions other than first and third.
    S-Pod (chances of that catching on?) should suffice.

    • Another unfortunate element to all this is the lack of Ryan Kalish.

    • I like the idea of a gamer like Pedroia in center, Gonzalez in right, with Sweeney in left. Ortiz at first, call someone up to play second base. Have whoever hits best DH.

      • chico65 3 years ago

        Serious, or still too hung over from attempting to erase yesterday’s drubbing from the memory?  Could Pedroia even be physically seen in center?  He’d look like a lawn gnome out there.

        Forget about outfielders, we need more arms.  Maybe he could pitch?

        • formerdraftpick 3 years ago

          Maybe they can play with two second basemen and no center fielder?  Just play Pedroia really really deep. 

          • chico65 3 years ago

            You mean a softball style alignment?  Bobby V just may be dynamic enough to pull it off.

        • I would never be able to say that seriously.

          Just mocking Valentine. Who doesn’t, actually?

  8. formerdraftpick 3 years ago

    Scott or Coco would be good pickups for the Sox, or just give a chance to  Repko.  I’m sure the Mets would LOVE to part with Jason Bay, but I’m not so sure the Sox would want to take on that contract.  

    With the glut of arms and outfielders, I wonder if the Pirates would be a good trade partner.  Presley, Tabata, or Marte?   

  9. mgsports 3 years ago

    Garret Jones?
    Scott Cousins or Brian Peterson or Chris Coglan?
    Orlando Hudson?
    Adam Jones?
    Chris Dickerson?
    D Nova?

  10. Dc21892 3 years ago

    If they’re not going to use the in house guys I think they should go after Crisp and rotate the outfield so everyone gets their at bats. Ellsbury takes a beating playing center field and a guy like Crisp would allow him some rest, maybe even get some time in right. I like what Sweeney has done, but I’m not sold he can keep healthy for the whole season. Ideally, you get Crisp and then see what you can get for Sweeney in terms of SP depth.

  11. sifjr 3 years ago

    How about Drew Stubbs from the Reds? He’s fallen out of favor there. Shouldn’t take much to land him…..maybe Youk. Bosox can rid themseleves of a big problem….attitude, division, poor performance.

  12. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    I’d be lying if I said I thought I’d be saying this but I seriously would rather have Drew back, but he has to agree to sign to a min contract. It’d just feel good as a die hard Sox fan to have Drew on the roster after being overpayed for so many years.

  13. I don’t want “Nancy” Drew back in any way, shape or form.  I don’t want Podsednik, either.  Is the Sox system so poor that there isn’t a fair OF prospect they can call up short-term?  If that is the case, then someone’s not doing their job very well.

  14. dano_in_ny 3 years ago

    Drew was a sabremetric animal, only exception was a bad 2011, and he still was a defensive animal.

  15. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    sweeney should never ever have CF after his name in a lineup, his knees really couldn’t handle it

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