Reds Expect To Extend Brandon Phillips

6:16pm: ESPN's Jim Bowden hears that the Reds offered Phillips a five-year deal in the "neighborhood" of $62.5-65MM (Twitter link). That is just north of Dan Uggla's five-year, $62MM contract with the Braves.

3:51pm: GM Walt Jocketty said on today's TV broadcast that he's confident the Reds will complete a contract extension with Brandon Phillips within a week, according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer (on Twitter). The ACES client will be eligible for free agency following the 2012 season if the Reds don't lock him up.

Earlier this week it seemed unlikely that the Reds would lock Phillips up long-term. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported last week that the likely asking price for Phillips is a raise from his current $12MM salary on a four or five-year deal. Phillips posted a .300/.353/.457 line with 18 home runs and 38 doubles in 675 plate appearances last year. He won his third Gold Glove in 2011, and deserved it based on advanced assessments of his fielding.

The Reds announced a ten-year, $225MM extension for Joey Votto earlier this week.

Mike Axisa contributed to this post.

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  1. AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

    I’m predicting 4 years/$60MM or 5 years/$70MM w/ a vesting option of some kind on either one.

    • 4/60 seems reasonable

      • slasher016 3 years ago

        I predict 5/$65M

      • TophersReds 3 years ago

        $15M/year seems too much to me, but it will probably be that. Hopefully it’ll be something like 3/$40M.

        • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

          $15MM is too high, but he’s making $12MM this season and he wants a raise, which I assume is more than $1MM a season, so I am guessing $14-15MM a season is what he’s shooting for, though I’m sure he’s tried to sell them on $16MM+ a season during negotiations.

  2. He told this to Marty, the Radio announcer. 

  3. But still good job being right on top of things! Excited to have him for five or more years!

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      5 is way too many. 3 and an option year is my preference.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         He can probably beat 3 on the open market. Not that he won’t reach it anyway if length is the holdup? I can maybe see 4 with a option according to performance/PA for the fifth season.

        • TophersReds 3 years ago

          I’m expecting 4/50-55M + Club Option for a 5th year. Billy Hamilton and a few others should be ready in 3, and you don’t want to let them sour in the minors.

          • According to leather paints it’s  five. 

          • TophersReds 3 years ago

            Hopefully he’ll tweet “The Reds just Tebowed the Reds” like he tweeted “The Padres just Tebowed the Padres” when he felt they got a great deal. (I guess Tebowing yourself is a good think to Bowden… I digress.. Half his tweets don’t even make sense.)

  4. toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

    This would mean that the right side of the Red’s infield will make about half of the ENTIRE 2012 payroll in the coming years….I guess fiscal responsibility is apparently overrated. How do they expect to fill out the rest of the roster?

    • Steven D 3 years ago

      Change jars … They’ll have people collecting at the gate. 

  5. withpower 3 years ago

    Free Todd Frazier.

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      Fraizer wouldn’t be playing 2B anyway. It would be DiDi Gregorious if BP was gone, more than likely. Or Didi would play SS with Cozart moving to 2B. But I do agree, Willie Harris must be dating Dusty’s daughter.

      • withpower 3 years ago

         Todd can play 2B if they need him to.  The dude was the SS at Rutgers when I was going there.

        • TophersReds 3 years ago

          I’m aware, but there would be a few guys that would get the first shot at the job. Fraizer has the inside job for 3B.

  6. BitLocker 3 years ago

    10 years with vesting option for 296M.

  7. AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

    20 years/$600MM w/ another 10 year service contract for $250MM.

  8. Did the Reds just inherit some money that we don’t know about?

  9. AaronAngst 3 years ago

    They should probably think about extending Bruce. He’s only under contract for, like what, another four years? They need to lock him up ’til at least 2024, preferably 2027 so they can pay him into his 40’s as well…

  10. Pawsdeep 3 years ago

    Reds won big at the poker game last week, I see.

  11. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Does several of these ludicrous comments regarding Phillips extension serve any purpose here?

    • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

      I was trying to make a point that the numbers being tossed around have gotten ludicrous. It’s gotten to the point that if a player thinks they’re worth a certain amount, it means that they are. “Worth” ultimately just means “want” and who doesn’t want as much money as they can get?

    •  Someone made a great point.  The Reds have been stashing their Luxury Tax money away for years.  Never Really went out and spent it. That and if they play well the next few seasons that will increase attendance.  Special note.  Yesterday highest attended game ever at Great American Ballpark.  Good sign.  There is also the fact that supposedly the Reds made like 30 million last year according to Forbes Magazine.   I think they really have been planning on running on around 100 million budget for a few several years around this point or 2014 or so.  That is why they didn’t go out and get anyone big in years past.  Maybe just maybe they had a plan all along and we are finally seeing that plan take action.

  12. The Reds are operating in a new economy.  Jocketty established this for the Cardinals and in so doing allowed them to play for YEARS as a competitive team.  I like it.  I would think DatDude gets 4/55-60 with an option…limited no trade.

  13. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    Rename the team, The Cincinnati Brandons!

  14. TophersReds 3 years ago

    $12-13M a year isn’t terrible, but I would still prefer 4 years like I said erlier. Oh well.

  15. To that one GM who told reporters it dosen’t look like that Reds have a plan, it seems to me they have a pretty good one. Extended Marshall, Votto, Bruce, and now Phillips. Got Latos locked up, Frazier is ready to take over 3rd when Rolen’s done. Seems to me the plan is to contend and win for the next several years.

  16. First Votto, now Phillips.. Good week for my Reds.. Our roster is young and talented, Walt is making great moves.

  17. Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

    If he takes less then 5/$75 mil he is getting ripped off. He is a better all around player then Molina who got it

    • He’ll jump on the 5/65 million. I don’t think he’ll do better than that on the open market. I’m okay with 5 years, but anything over 60-65 million is too much for him, even if he is the best 2nd basemen in the NL.

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      you’re comparing apples to oranges, catchers to second basemen, yes I believe that they’re both worth around the same amount (Molina for his defense & game-calling abilities) & Kinsler for his defense & bat

  18. MB923 3 years ago

    If someone can fill me in, why did it take so long for some small market/low payroll teams to start giving some of their key franchise players extensions? (And as a baseball fan I love it when they do it) Pirates, Rockies, Reds, Twins, Mariners, O’s, Nationals, etc. all within the past year or 2 FINALLY decided to start doing this.

    Did the Steinbrenners pay so much in luxury tax that they finally decide to take it out of their pockets or something? (sarcasm, but watch it be the reason lol).

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      Media revenue is finally going up substantially, and fans are starting to highly question owners why they didn’t lock up key players. It sure is great for baseball.

    • 0vercast 3 years ago

      Several of these teams you named built new stadiums.

  19. Beavis De Beppo 3 years ago

    Well, we are recovering from a pretty hefty recession, albeit slowly.  TV contracts are becoming due and growing, and how many of us really know how much money these team owners have to play with?  Just because payroll has hovered around $70-$80MM doesn’t mean there isn’t stockpiles lying around to increase it.  How often does a team get the chance to lock up a right side infield like Votto and Phillips?

    • MB923 3 years ago

      I assume this was a response to me. I see what you’re saying though. Although this recession started in mid 2008, not like it started 10-15 years ago. But TV revenue and new contracts makes some sense. 

  20. Interesting how Ctown and some of the other supposed Reds fans that said the Reds would never sign Votto or Phillips have not made any comments on these posts the last few days.   They must still have their foot in their mouths.  haha…

    I think these moves are great for Cincy.  They needed this and the team will be competitive for at least the next 5 seasons barring any kind of major injuries.

    Go Reds and PS.  That was a great game against the Marlins.

  21. TophersReds 3 years ago

    Lol no way in hell.

  22. gmenfan 3 years ago

    If you were a person who absolutely hated the Reds, that deal would be hilarious.

  23. toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

    And replace their entire bullpen with a pitching machine.

  24. toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

    Heck, I’d do it.  League Minimum is looking pretty good right about now.

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