Heyman On Brewers, Liriano, Castro

Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com lists 45 potential trade candidates in anticipation of this summer’s deals. Here are some highlights, starting with a team that could be a buyer, rather than a seller:

  • One GM questions Zack Greinke’s ability to thrive in major markets. Keep in mind that Brewers owner Mark Attanasio has a buyer’s mindset as the deadline approaches. Greinke and others on Milwaukee’s roster may not be available.
  • Fellow Brewers starter Shaun Marcum is no better than a fourth starter in the American League, according to a GM. It's worth noting that Marcum posted a 3.85 ERA with 7.3 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9 in five seasons in the American League East when he pitched for the Blue Jays.
  • An American League executive said Padres starter Edinson Volquez “has good value,” Heyman reports.
  • One person said Twins left-hander Francisco Liriano is worth a short-term look.
  • Royals GM Dayton Moore may like Jeff Francoeur more than any other team does.
  • Jeremy Guthrie will have to string together some quality outings to restore his trade value, one executive said. 
  • Heyman hears from a Cubs official who says the team hasn't mentioned Starlin Castro's name in trade talks (Twitter link). The Cubs appear to be willing to listen on most of their players, including Castro.

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  1. pastlives 3 years ago

     what is that GM’s comment based on (re: Marcum)?  As Ben himself pointed out, the GM DOES realize Marcum spent years in the hardest division, right?

    • MSUcorner 3 years ago

      Maybe he meant no better than the best 4th starter in the league? A lot of teams would be Saratov to have him at 3 or even 2.

  2. Jeff Meneau 3 years ago

    That one GM that says Marcum is a fourth starter in the AL, is probably the one trying to trade for him.

  3. I would love to see Starlin Castro in a Brewers uni

  4. 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

    Did that GM forget that Marcum was (for albeit a short time) a top of rotation pitcher in the AL East?

    Also Marcum’s two seasons in the NL Central mirror his last two seasons in the AL East but you’ll never hear that.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      marcum struggled vs the yanks, red sox and rays though..


      • Jeff Weissbuch 3 years ago

        Most pitchers struggle against those 3 teams

  5. Dayton Moore MAY like Francoeur more than any other team?  Wouldn’t Dayton Moore likes Jeff Francoeur more than his wife and children be more accurate? Francoeur’s mother would rather have someone else in RF.

  6. BradyAndersonsSideburns 3 years ago

    Marcum is easily one of the more underrated pitchers in baseball…send him to Baltimore please and thanks

  7. BeansNRice 3 years ago

    It’s pure speculation about Marcum, until we see him in the AL, say the AL East, we just don’t know how he would do.  Wait…what?  He played in the AL East and did the exact same?

  8. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    “One person said Twins left-hander Francisco Liriano is worth a short-term look.

    is this what passes as insider journalism nowadays?

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       He’s headed to Toronto next is the follow up article 😉

      • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

         i wouldnt even mind that.

        some where in there is a pretty good pitcher

        • MSUcorner 3 years ago

          There is. Unfortunately our pitching coach thinks it isn’t his job to teach guys how to pitch. Our coaching needs an overhaul from low A to the majors.

  9. I like what Heyman talks about here, I really do.
    Greinke would look good in an O’s uniform, but I am 100% certain the Brewers would want as much as they gave to the Royals and the O’s just don’t have that in their system.

    Volquez would look good in an O’s uni and would Liriano, Duquette should get both. LOL. I would be content just to obtain one of them.

    I like “Frenchy”, he’s a good ball player and he killed the O’s the other week. In fact, I think it kick started his current hot streak. I bet the O’s would like to have someone like Francoeur now that Markakis is hurt.

    • roomwithamoose 3 years ago

      Isn’t Volquez only pitching this way due to Petco? He struggled in the Great American Ballpark, and the Orioles home field as well as other stadiums in the East (as well as the lineups) aren’t exactly pitcher friendly. 

  10. ajay2211 3 years ago

    The O’s trading to go on a run would be hilarious. The bubble is in mid burst, it would be an absolute waste. O’s will finish below .500 book it. On another note i’d like to see Greinke in a jays uniform. They’ve had interest before and need someone like him badly (sooner than later). Greinke in that rotation and with that lineup would make them a legit wildcard threat i.m.o.

    • bigpat 3 years ago

       It would make more sense than the Phillies, Brewers, or Red Sox going all in.
      As long as Baltimore doesn’t trade key prospects, they should be trying to win this year. Their lineup can hit, great bullpen, they just need two more reliable starters.

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