Jason Marquis Hits Free Agency

Right-hander Jason Marquis is a free agent after clearing release waivers, Rhett Bollinger of MLB.com reports (on Twitter). Other clubs had the chance to claim Marquis after the Twins designated him for assignment last week.

Any team can now sign Marquis to a new contract for a pro-rated portion of $480K, the MLB minimum salary. The 33-year-old ACES client posted an 8.47 ERA with 3.2 K/9 and 3.7 BB/9 before the Twins removed him from their roster. Howard Megdal reviewed Marquis' trade history last week.

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  1. Lastings 3 years ago

    Oh boy, brace yourselves!

  2. john12121212 3 years ago

    Sounds like a player AA would be interested lol, cheap! And era well above 5.

  3. HobokenMetsFan 3 years ago

     someone will offer him a MiL contract. organizational depth now

    • Robert5286 3 years ago

      Organational depth? The man has a .800 plus ERA. Time for Jason to go home and get out the golf clubs.

  4. He will get another shot somewhere, starting for an ML team.

    • letsgogiants 3 years ago

      I doubt it. Marquis has always been a hittable pitcher and struggling in a pitcher’s park such as Target Field doesn’t help his cause. If any team signs him, it should be an NL team on a minor league deal.

      • BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

        Right, because those minor league hitters in the AL are so much tougher.

        • letsgogiants 3 years ago

          At this point, he’s an NL pitcher and, as evident in his minor stint with the Twins, would get rocked in the American League. If he plans on pitching in the majors again, the national league is his only option of pitching well again.

          • BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Except that he’s never really pitched well anywhere. The theory that a marginal pitcher can revive a career by moving from the AL to the NL is stale.

          • letsgogiants 3 years ago

            He’s pitched well in the NL before. He was serviceable with the Cardinals in 2004-05, 2009 with the Rockies, and even last year with the Nationals. His WHIP may beg to differ, but he’s had some success in the national league. Point being, with his stuff being very hittable, I don’t see him succeeding at all in the AL facing the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, and Tigers. The NL has far less offensive teams as those teams as well as not having a DH to face. I’m not guaranteeing he will have success if he moves to the NL, but if he gets picked up by another MLB team, then he will have a much better chance of succeeding if in the national league.

          • BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            His numbers say “marginal journeyman” in any league.

          • letsgogiants 3 years ago

            He’s like Livan Hernandez; he would not survive a full season pitching in the AL while being a decent enough to fill the back-end of a rotation in the NL (Hernandez was the ace of the 2010 Nats staff followed by him struggling with the Twins in 2008).

  5. Theo’s on it. we desperately need another AAA 5th starter

  6. Kurisu Rg 3 years ago

    Marquis hits free agency!

    Did you hear that guys? Yes, that noise! That’s noise of 30 GMs not giving a hoot about Jason Marquis.

  7. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    Don’t even THINK about it Frank…

  8. tdw815 3 years ago

    He wanted to play in NY a few years ago why not give hime a shot. he would be better then Miguel

  9. You know Jim Hendry is telling Brian Cashman to consider it…

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