Cubs Designate Randy Wells For Assignment

The Cubs have designated pitcher Randy Wells for assignment, according to Carrie Muskat of (via Twitter).  The club also announced that fellow right-hander Rafael Dolis has been recalled from Triple-A Iowa.

Wells allowed four walks in just three innings against the Mets on Tuesday, leading manager Dale Sveum to hint that he could be bumped from the rotation.  In four starts and eight relief appearances this season, Wells has a 5.34 ERA with 4.4 K/9 and 7.5 BB/9.  The 29-year-old also made six Triple-A starts, posting a 7.71 ERA with 6.5 K/9 and 3.6 BB/9.

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  1. There was once a time on this very website when people debated whether they’d rather have him or Tommy Hanson. It’s a crazy sport. 

    • To steal a word from the “PTI” word game. That debate that you describe sounded “OrWELLian” to me.

  2. tyler41689 3 years ago

    braves need to pick him up…

    • Kurisu Rg 3 years ago

      No, AA will be all over him.

    • laffingrass 3 years ago

      Are they in the market for a righty that can’t reach 90 and can’t throw strikes?

  3. I am also a Wells fan. Wonder what happened? He seemed so promising the past couple of years…..

  4. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    So is he going back to Triple A? I was at the game last night and he just didn’t have his control. I don’t know what happened to him – he had so much potential.

    • jb226 3 years ago

      I imagine they would like to get him back to AAA, but he’ll have to pass through waivers first.  Will he make it?  I’m not sure.  His performances haven’t been good for a while now, but there are a lot of teams hurting for pitching that might give him a chance too.

  5. Back to the Blue Jays?

  6. coolstorybro222 3 years ago

    I guess they are turning him into a hitter

  7. leachim2 3 years ago

    Well, he’s better than Kip Wells and Jason Marquis

  8. rockfordone 3 years ago

    No control and can’t break a pane of glass. Not good for a pitcher.

  9. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    San Diego Padres in 5 4 3 2 1.

  10. That’s unfortunate. I thought he was pretty talented.

  11. blagblag4488 3 years ago

    Wells had pinpoint control his rookie year.  He’s had poor control since, and that doesn’t work with below-average stuff.

  12. RATTY1 3 years ago

    SD and it’s Wells Collection

  13. WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

    Hopefully he goes threw the wire untouched, hes a fan favorite, great story of how he made it to the show, his rookie year was great, but lately he hasnt been. Hope he makes it would love to get his autograph one more time.

  14. JakeD 3 years ago

    Reported that it’s to make room for newly acquired Jorge Soler on 40-man roster. Really hope so cause Randy just isn’t cut out to be big league pitcher, sadly.

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