Tigers Interested In Carlos Quentin

The Tigers are interested in trading for Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (Twitter links). Quentin's $7MM salary could be an impediment for the Tigers, Morosi adds.

Quentin figures to be one of the best available hitters this summer. Since returning from arthroscopic knee surgery, the 29-year-old has a .421/.542/.921 batting line with five home runs in 48 plate appearances. However, the Padres could wait to make major trades until they settle their ownership situation.

There's room for improvement on Detroit's offense. Tigers right fielders rank second-last in MLB in OPS (.637) and the team's designated hitters rank last in the American League in OPS (.604). The Tigers could use Quentin as a designated hitter at the expense of Delmon Young or mix him in at the corner outfield positions along with Brennan Boesch and, once he's healthy, Andy Dirks.

The Padres could theoretically obtain compensatory draft picks for Quentin by retaining him and making him a qualifying offer after the season, when his contract expires (it still seems unlikely that they would make such an offer). If Quentin is traded, his new team wouldn't be able to obtain compensation picks under baseball's new collective bargaining agreement.

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  1. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    I personally dont think the Tigers need Quentin. We have enough outfielders and when Dirks comes back we will be fine in the OF. Also I like having someone with speed like Berry and it would be interesting to see how he does if given a full time job in LF.

    What we need is a defensive second basemen. We need someone who is good with the glove, or even SS. Much like the Red Sox did in 2004 adding defense and subtracting offense. We have something like -30 runs saved this year. 

    • TrollinPowell 3 years ago

      Berry is a fringe player helped by an insanely high BABIP that is finally coming back down to earth.
      A defensive second baseman would be nice since they’re not going to get anything out Raburn, Santiago, or whatever minor league filler they bring up IMO anyway.

      • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

        1. I love your name.
        2. His Babip is high, however I would like to see how he does starting for a consistent period of time. It was really nice to have that type of speed on the bases and if he can hit .250 and play good defense that would be worth it. He also is the only guy who actually steals bases, Jackson doesnt attempt nearly enough. Now I know Berry could be the poor man’s Joey Gathwright, but I woudl like to see what he can do. 

        • Thomas Quinn 3 years ago

          I’m a big Berry fan, however this is not a year for rebuilding, and testing (27 year old) prospects. The 2012 Tigers were built to win it all, anything less is a disappointment. What seemed realistic is quickly becoming a dream, something needs to be done. The Tigers can’t keep waiting for the answer, they need to find it

          • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

            Okay I can agree with that statement. I wonder if Berry would be included. I mean we would have Jackson/Young/Boesch/Dirks(when back)/CQ. We already have 4 DHs, why get a 5th?

          • Thomas Quinn 3 years ago

            True, I think our efforts could best be utilized else where… (caugh) 2nd base (caugh)

      • Kirk Edward Gerwin 3 years ago

         which is why I’d like to bring back Polanco.  Even at 36 he’s a great fielder and still hits pretty well believe he’s sitting in the .280 range this season.

        • ImperialStout 3 years ago

          No way.  He wouldn’t be able to handle 2B anymore.  Give me Altuve or give me death.

          • Kirk Edward Gerwin 3 years ago

             what gives you that idea?  Even at his age he’d be better defensively then almost anyone else we could run out there and a given improvement in the offensive department.

          •  Polanco has a bad back, not sure he has the range to play 2nd again. I would love it if he could, I could wear my Polanco shirt again!

          • Except that the #14 on the back was given to Austin Jackson…

          • Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

            How about Scutaro? Likely wouldn’t cost much

          • ImperialStout 3 years ago

             I’d be into that.  I’ve always liked him.  But if it were my call, I’d prefer a younger, long-term option.

    • wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

      I wish they’d make a play for Jose Altuve…maybe try to do a package deal and get Wandy Rodriguez too

      • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

        Is altuve even available? I figured the stros would hang on to him.

        • wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

          I heard something earlier in the season that Astros front office is high on 2B prospect so for the right price altuve could be had. He’s probably going to be the NL’s All Star at 2B and he’s still pre arbitration. Besides I can guarantee you that the Astros aren’t going to beat out the Reds or Cardinals or even the Pirate for the division or either of the wild cards

  2. Guest 3 years ago

    No. Please. No. So incredibly tired of lumbering one-dimensional right-handed hitters who play hideous defense clogging up the roster. And whoopie, Raburn got called back up. Banner day.

    • FunkyTime 3 years ago

      I agree with the sentiment, but depending on how much the Tigers would have to give up he’d still be a nice upgrade over Delmon Young.

      2nd base is a 10x larger need than this though.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

      Quentin has a great arm in RF. It’s true that he doesn’t have range though. But with his arm, I’d argue he’s more of an average defender. With Berry/Dirks in LF though and AJax in CF, I don’t think range is as big of a concern.

      But I do agree, with FunkyTime. We definitely need help at 2b. Perhaps Jemile Weeks of the A’s? I know Billy Beane is really high on Jacob Turner. Weeks isn’t doing much now, but he plays stellar defense at 2b, has the potential for offensive growth, and has speed, all of which the Tigers need more of.

      • I disagree completely with what you said about Berry.  Berry has an average arm and has above average range.  You’re confused sir.

        • Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

          Clever bro. That would be pretty funny having Quentin and Quentin Berry in the OF

  3. 1st do the Tigers know if and when Victor Martinez is coming back?
    2nd, The Tigers need to gel as a team, right now they have a group of highly paid individuals.
    3rd, I still like Delmon Young. Yes, I am well aware of his off the field issues, but he still might come around to have a productive year and help the Tigers to the playoffs.

    They really could use a pitcher more than anything at this point.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      If Victor Martinez does return it wouldn’t be until mid-August or (more likely) September. And he’d have to DH full-time. But hopefully they’re not counting on him contributing this season.

      2. The makeup of the team isn’t great. Other than CF, they have truly terrible defense, which has really hurt the starters’ numbers and their ability to go deeper into games, which taxes the bullpen, which increases the likelihood of losing close games, which puts more pressure on the offense to put up crooked numbers, etc.

      3. Agree about Delmon, but he’s the wrong fit for the Tigers. They have too many Delmons. Raburn is a Delmon Young. Peralta is a Delmon Young. Boesch is a Delmon Young. Streaky hitters prone to mental mistakes who are slow and can’t field to save their lives.

      I would love Cole Hamels to the Tigers. Trade anyone for him, even if he’s just a rental. And bring us Polanco’s carcass along with him.

      • Kirk Edward Gerwin 3 years ago

         carcass is a little rough.  He’d be better than anyone else we’ve put out there at 2nd base this season.  He’s familiar with the the city, some of the players and the coaching staff.  AND he’s not going to be expensive to obtain.

      • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

        Hamels would cost us turner and maybe even castellanos(sp?). Personally I wouldnt like to get rid of everything we have in our farm. Now if you are talking about a package for castro/garza then you have my attention!

      • Boesch is a Delmon Young? You couldn’t be more wrong. Carlos Quentin is a Delmon Young, almost to a “t.”

        Cole Hamels doesn’t want to be a Tiger, and tell me, why would his team want to get rid of him, simply because the Tigers asked nicely? You’re killing me here.

    • TrollinPowell 3 years ago

      While Quentin might not be the right fit, Delmon Young has always sucked. His ceiling is a league average hitter. 

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      1) Probably September or if they are lucky early August. I would think where the team is would have some bearing on if he comes back or not. If htey are in the playoff hunt you can be sure he will be there in September.

      2) They look like a bunch of uncoordinated “insert word I cant use on forum” in the field, however everything I hear from the clubhouse sounds good. Jim Does have his favorites though.

      3) I dont think Delmon would get shafted, I think Boesch would. 

      I feel the asking price for Garza/Greinke would be much too high. 

      • Pawsdeep 3 years ago

        Boesch is in the long term plans. Delmon is not.

        Delmon would be the first to go, but as long as Vmart is Hirt, he always has a DH spot. Sad to say but CQ’s defense is much better than elmon’s….not that either is very good, but delmon is inept with a glove.

        • Al Raguckas 3 years ago

           Boesch shouldn’t be in the Tigers’ long-term plans.  He is average at best at the plate, swinging at balls that expands the strike zone for pitchers and he is slow in the outfield with a mediocre arm.  I would trade Boesch for Quentin straight up.

    • Nobody cares about his off field issues.  His on field issues are much more of a concern.  He stinks.

  4. Chris Coyle 3 years ago

    hey now, my poopdres have won 2 in a row against the insanely dominant mariners…don’t rain on my parade with this trade talk.

  5. Kirk Edward Gerwin 3 years ago

    I’m probably in the minority here but I’d love for us to swing a trade to bring Polanco back.

    • wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

      wouldnt mind that at all. hes having a polanco type year with a team that doesnt look like its going to be in the playoff conversation when its all said and done. last year of contract…i like it

    • Definitely in the minority.  An aging player who’s numbers are declining.  No thanks.

    • Al Raguckas 3 years ago

       You want someone who has potential to be like Polanco, but is a decade younger?  Go for Darwin Barney of the Cubs.  He is a good 2B and is very affective hitting to the opposite field (RF) to advance runners fron first to third base.  He is young (26), does not strike out a lot (one of ten ABs), and his power is starting to develop.  He is a very consistent .275-280 hitter.

  6. dushaj4life7 3 years ago

    We Need carloss for offense last time I checked we lost to cubs in game 1

    • Kirk Edward Gerwin 3 years ago

       we don’t need power hitters.  We have plenty of those, we need table setters.

      • TrollinPowell 3 years ago

        The Tigers are one place ahead of Seattle in total home runs. They could use some power.

    • wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

      Their offense didnt lose game 1, jhonny peralta’s arm did

      • ImperialStout 3 years ago

         No, the offense did.  It should not have come down to Jhonny’s throw.

        • Hmmm but it did come down to his 2 bad throws.  One was an incorrect call but the fact remains he made two really terrible throws that game.

  7. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    The settlement for Jenks will be he gets every penny he’s owed and the Sox get to free up a roster spot. It’s a win, win.

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      Not sure if wrong board by mistake or East Coast fan trying to make every board about yankees/sox….

  8. daveineg 3 years ago

    $7 million could be an impediment?  Seriously?  The owner bid easily $50 million more than anyone else was offering Fielder just so he could enjoy a championship before he passes on.  What, did his heirs suddenly figure he was stealing from them?

  9. Pawsdeep 3 years ago

    This re affirms what I’ve been hearing that Dirks’ injury is more serious than initially thought.

    CQ would be welcomed in LF. Berry is not an everyday player and if dirks is out for an extended period of time, Quentin could be a real relief to a walking wounded patchwork outfield. Plus; it would put Elmon in the DH spot for good and that is worth Carlos’ salary alone.

  10. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    Well I am confused. I saw moneyball and DD got a deal done with Billy in about 30 seconds. This update was over a hour ago. 

  11. Alex 3 years ago

    The Tigers need so many things it’s ridiculous. They mostly need another starter, as well as 2nd basemen/shortstop. Boesch, Castellanos, and Turner for Garza and Castro? We could also try a similar thing for Hamels and Polanco, but I’d be shocked if either happened…

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      Yea I would be shocked if that happened to, although I would do it in a heartbeat! Castro will provide stability up the middle, and whatever people may say about him he would be our best ss in 2 decades. 

      • Alex 3 years ago

        Or they could do Young, Castellanos, and Turner for Cargo and Scutaro in Colorado … but Gonzalez’s stats on the road are pretty bad, so maybe they shouldn’t.

        • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

          IS Cargo on the block? I would rather have Castro than Gonzalez though. Nothing against Gonzalez just I value Castro very highly. 

          • Alex 3 years ago

            I’m not sure if he is or isn’t, but I’d rather do the Cubs trade myself. Although the Philadelphia one would work well too … even if Hamels is a rental, he’d give the Tigers a much needed left-handed arm in the rotation, and Polanco is better than anyone else we have for second base.

            Now that I think about it, I definitely say they should do the Cubs one. D. Young, Turner, and Castellanos for Garza and Castro. I highly doubt the Cubs would trade Castro, but the Tigers could certainly use him.

          • TheBigNice 3 years ago

            The Cubs have no use for Young. They’d want Boesch or maybe Dirks… or even Daniel Fields…somebody young, cheap and under control for a while. 

            That said, I don’t love that deal. It’s a lot of future they’d be giving up.

          • Ptk123 3 years ago

            Lmao at Delmon Young being considered in a trade involving Castro.

          • Castro isn’t on the block either.

        • Ohhhplease 3 years ago

          Where in the world do you get that Cargo is on the block ??  Is this just you hand picking players you would like to have, keep that for your fantasy league.  NO CHANCE Cargo is going anywhere.

  12. Keith Richards 3 years ago

    He’s country strong!  We see you Carlos!

  13. What could the Padres realistically expect for Quentin?

    • Pawsdeep 3 years ago

      Tigers to eat his entire salary plus a fringe guy. That sounds right to me. Maybe a little more than that; the guy has had an ops over .800 the last 4 seasons so he definately has some value.

    • Beersy 3 years ago

      That’s the big question.  Quentin will be the biggest power bat on the market, you would think, and there could be multiple bidders.  I’m sure the Mets never dreamed they could get a prospect like Wheeler for Beltran last year, but if you can get a GM who is really desperate you never know.  And here’s the thing, how desperate is Dombroski to bring a winner to Detroit this year?  The Fielder signing would make you think very, but I’m sure a top prospect will not be necessary.  I’m wondering if Quentin and a decent prospect from the Padres for one of the Tigers better prospects would make everybody happy?

  14. ctownboy 3 years ago

    If the Cubs are in sell mode and would part with Darwin Barney, the Tigers should go after him.

    In the story about Starlin Castro possibly being available in trade, I said in the comment section that Barney is a building block for the Cubs.  Wow, did Cubs’ fans come out against that idea.

    So, if Cubs fans don’t see the value in Barney and don’t care if they get rid of him then the Tigers should go after him.  He is only 25 and getting paid a little more than MLB minimum.  If the Cubs want to unload Alfonso Soriano on some other team, then Delmon Young could be their Left Fielder.

    • Ptk123 3 years ago

      The Cubs have 0 intrest in Delmon Young!

      • ctownboy 3 years ago

        After watching Delmon Young play against the Reds, I don’t see why ANY team would have interest in him.  But then I see teams keep taking chance on guys like Corey Patterson and Jerry Hairston Jr…..

        • Ptk123 3 years ago

          Hairston I understand, he can pretty much play any position.

      •  Delmon and the cubbies fit each other well :)

        • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

          Delmon and a straitjacket fit each other better.

          • You guys like playing bad overpaid left fielders though.  Why not add another?

      • TheBigNice 3 years ago

        Indeed. I don’t understand why anyone thinks he’d make for a legitimate trade piece. He’s expensive, terrible and about to be a free agent.

    • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

      Sorry, Castro’s not going anywhere, but I’m open to the idea of moving Darwin for a young, cost-controlled arm. 

      Barney for Smyly?

      • TrollinPowell 3 years ago

         I do like the idea of Barney to the Tigers since the Tigers have zero depth at the position (Raburn lol). Almost anyone is an improvement. Smyly is too much though.

      • Not for Smyly no. 

  15. CitizenLoonie 3 years ago

    Don’t fall for Quentin’s typical one-week MVP run.  He’s done this multiple times for the White Sox where he’ll be the best offensive player in baseball, then go into a two-month slump while swinging at every low and outside pitch thrown to him.  The Tigers simply need more offense from the man they paid $214 million to.  

  16. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 3 years ago

    I doubt Quentin even gets traded, Brynes said he doesn’t want to trade him and if you do the already horrific attendance at Petco can and will get worse. 

  17. TimmyTribe 3 years ago

    Why aren’t the Tribe in on this first?

  18. TimmyTribe 3 years ago

    Why aren’t the Indians in on this rumor first?

  19. After this last series, we should try to trade for Darwin Barney.  A 2B that can hit.  Okay defensively and better than anyone we have had since Whitaker.

  20. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    How about the Diamondbacks and the Tigers get together for another trade. Send Ryan Roberts, Stephen Drew, and Joe Saunders to the Tigers for Jhonny Peralta and some lower-level prospects. Arizona can salary dump and get some prospects at the lower levels. Also can play Peralta everyday at 3b and continue to play Bloomquist and McDonald at SS. Detroit can fix their infield defense woes and maybe get some good offensive production as well.

  21. Theron Ireland 3 years ago

    The tigers need to shy away from outfielders we have 5 starting outfielders with the exception of delmon who is a dh what we need to do is trade quinton berry(OF) hernan perez(2B) andy oliver(LHP) and casey crosby(LHP) to the astros for jose altuve(2B) and jed lowrie(SS) then flip jhonny peralta to a contending team in need of middle infield help at the plate and then u have a good young middle infield that is solid on defense and way above average at the palte not to mention altuve is under contract for a while(also 4th in the voting for the all star game at 2B and batting .324) and lowrie has 12 hr’s and is batting a solid .275.(forgot to mention hes also a switch hitter)

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