Angels Acquire Zack Greinke

One of the trade deadline's major chips has switched teams, as the Angels have acquired Zack Greinke in a trade with the Brewers.  Milwaukee will receive top infield prospect Jean Segura and Double-A right-handers Ariel Pena and John Hellweg in exchange for their ace.


Greinke returns to the American League after spending the last season and a half with the Brewers.  The right-hander lived up to expectations in Milwaukee, posting a 3.67 ERA and a 9.9 K/9 rate in 49 starts with the team and playing a major role in the Brewers' charge to the NLCS last season.  Still, the Brewers are undoubtedly disappointed to be moving their ace less than 20 months after acquiring him from the Royals for a major prospect haul that included Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jake Odorizzi and Jeremy Jeffress, though they were able to recoup some of that minor league depth back in this deal.

Segura was rated as the 55th best prospect in baseball by Baseball America headed into this season and the shortstop put up solid numbers at Double-A Arkansas, hitting .294/.346/.404.  Segura also made his Major League debut on July 24 as the Angels called him up as depth for the injured Erick Aybar.  With Mike Trout and Garrett Richards now in the majors, Segura was considered to be the top prospect remaining in the Halos' system.  The 22-year-old has been considered by some teams to be best suited for second base, according to ESPN's Buster Olney, though for now Segura fills the shortstop void left behind by Escobar in the Brewers' system.

Pena, 23, has a 3.37 ERA, an 8.9 K/9 rate and a 2.2 K/BB rate in 111 games (103 of them starts) over six seasons in the Angels' system.  Hellweg, also 23, was a 16th-round pick for the Angels in the 2008 amateur draft.  He has a 3.66 ERA and a 9.6 K/9 rate in 127 minor league games (38 starts) though control has been an issue, as Hellweg has a career 6.4 BB/9 rate.

Pitching wasn't expected to be a need position for the Halos going into the season, but with Dan Haren and Ervin Santana struggling, the team was in need of another big arm.  Greinke is a free agent this winter and the Angels are in a good payroll position to keep him; Los Angeles could decline its $15.5MM and $13MM options on Haren and Santana, respectively, plus Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu's contracts will be off the books after this season.

The Angels not only upgrade themselves by acquiring Greinke, they also deal a blow to their AL West rivals — the Rangers were one of several teams in the mix for Greinke.  With one major arm removed from the trade market, teams like the Rangers, Braves, White Sox or Dodgers could now their attention to other possibly available aces like James Shields or Josh Johnson.

Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter) broke the news that Greinke was going to Anaheim, as well as the news about which prospects would be going back to Milwaukee.

Photo courtesy of Frank Victores/US Presswire.

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  1. Tyler Sekula 3 years ago

    Deal is done.Ken_Rosenthal
    Deal is done: Greinke to #Angels, sources tell me and @jonmorosi.
    7/27/12 7:20 PM

  2. Gotta be Segura, really curious who else?

  3. leachim2 3 years ago

    My frequent refreshing has paid off!

    • haha bout to say the same thing, should be studying, but sorry dental school, the Angels could be making moves!

      • LIMetfan22 3 years ago

        have fun with those debts LOL

        • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

          hey paying back debts is better than never having any money because you only make 10 bucks a hour.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            this is one of the best comments ever

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        Who even wants to be a dentist (except former Sox pitcher Jim Lonborg)

        • Crucisnh 3 years ago

          Good Red Sox alum reference!

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            What, you think I just crawled out of the Green Monster yesterday? 😉

            (Fun fact for everyone else: All Red Sox fans emerge from the Green Monster we are not born of woman.)

        • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

          I hope some people do. otherwise who would take care of our teeth!!!

  4. fitz 3 years ago

    In my mind they were already WS favorites. Now they are really heavy favorites!

    • itsmewade 3 years ago

      Who, the barely second place Angels?

      • fitz 3 years ago

        Perhaps you should check out their lineup and rotation. Nasty.

        • itsmewade 3 years ago

          Imagine if they still traded for Shields…

        • MadmanTX 3 years ago

          Maybe you should triple check–old and not getting any younger. And still in 2nd place.

          • Robb Logan 3 years ago

            Sounds like a bitter rangers fan with hamilton not being able to hit water while falling out of a boat at the moment.

            This in no way guarantees anything but it makes the Angels that much more difficult to face down the stretch.

          • Bring it.

        • corey23 3 years ago

          oh nasty rotation, like best ERA in the american league? oh wait no that’s not you.

          • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

            most wins in the AL? neither team but the angels have one more than you. So before you go touting your teams era you might want to tell your team to win more games.

      • baseball52 3 years ago

        That climbed there from last place

        • itsmewade 3 years ago

          After 10 games into the season

        • Karkat 3 years ago

          Mannnn, I wish my team could do that :<

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            If they had they might be trading their future for short term gain right now.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            It really depends on a) if they can sign Greinke long-term and b) if I’m wrong about Greinke tanking in the AL

      • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

        oh you mean the angels who are winning the season series against the rangers. come on you started off hot we started terrible and are still only 5 games behind. Plus ll to the a’s fan so many walk off victories lately you really think you are going to keep that up for the rest of the season?

        • itsmewade 3 years ago

          We can’t walk off in Baltimore, but tonight would have been another one. That’s why there are 27 outs. Whether you win on the first pitch or the last, it’s still a win.

  5. XxMadDogxX 3 years ago

    About time, Melvin! You had better at LEAST get Segura from them!

    • Only way this trade was possible is with segura involved. I was just hoping Melvin didn’t bite on thw Bourjos bait.

      • XxMadDogxX 3 years ago

        I still would have rather had Olt (Rangers) but I’m not about to complain about Segura. They needed a SS badly.

        • I would too, But SS is a higher position of need for the Brewers, might turn out pretty well as soon as we find out who those pitchers are. If it were Olt it would have been Olt and nothing else.

      • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

        As an Angels fan I am glad we kept Bourjos over Segura, so we are both happy :)

  6. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Uh Oh!

  7. Patrick Tuck 3 years ago

    Good job Braves! Damn it.

    • CowboyJames 3 years ago

      It’s actually a great job Braves, no sarcasm

  8. Bourjos better not be the centerpiece.

    • Andy_B 3 years ago

      Brewers have a CFer, two of them.

    • Jamespfunk 3 years ago

      Segura will be the centerpiece he’s the Angels top overall prospect.

  9. LazerTown 3 years ago

    The West has gotten ugly.

  10. EdinsonPickle 3 years ago

    Shut the front door!

  11. Andy_B 3 years ago

    doesn’t seem like a particularly big haul, but I guess we’ll see who the pitchers are.

  12. How are these teams getting big time players without gutting their farm systems?

    • kevmill21 3 years ago

      the angels system is beyond gutted now, it was weak before, totally worth it however, if they make the DS round, forget about it

    • Nicholas 3 years ago

      I know man, it’s ridiculous. Segura is a starting middle infielder at the next level but hardly an impact player. Light on the stick.

  13. Ugh, time for the Rangers to top this move with Josh Johnson, if not, then go get Shields.

  14. StanleyPujols 3 years ago

    It’s over folks. Crown ’em.

  15. DT Flush234 3 years ago

    Betting Ariel Pena is one of the two pitchers from Double A.

  16. So much for sending Chipper out a winner

  17. Alex Mednick 3 years ago


  18. Karkat 3 years ago

    Wow, kind of surprised to see Just Greinke for pieces since he’ll leave scot-free after the season. Unless the Angels are hoping to sign him?

    • he’s said that he really respects the angels franchise and would be open to an extension there

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      Of course they will and from all accounts Greinke has respect for the Angels and likes the area, I expect they will get him a 5-6 year deal.

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        “Of course” is a pretty strong sentiment considering they JUST acquired him. Though since it’s Dipoto now and not Reagins they can probably manage it.

        • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

          They wouldn’t have traded for him if they thought they wouldn’t have chance to sign him.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            Obviously. But that doesn’t mean it’s a predetermined fact.

    • hossmandu 3 years ago

      A $3Billion TV deal provides some flexibility.

  19. The two AA pitchers are being reported as John Hellweg and Ariel Pena, which sounds about right.

    It’s tough to part with those two guys, but this NEEDED to get done. I really like the Angels chances!

  20. Rangers need to land Johnson at this point.

    • Karkat 3 years ago

      For real. my Rangers fan friend is FREAKING OUT right now.

      • baseball52 3 years ago

        Rangers trade the farm for Matt Garza. Oh sorry, I just woke up from a wonderful dream.

        • Karkat 3 years ago

          I’m pretty sure my friend would even authorize that xD And honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see them overpay this weekend.

      • vinh 3 years ago

        scared huh? Angels are coming for that AL WEST TITLE!

  21. OptimisticMarlinsFan 3 years ago

    Chances Rangers step up efforts for JJ? Likely.

  22. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    One of the AA pitchers is sure to be John Hellweg who has a nasty 2 pitch fastball/slider mix but at 6’9 his mechanics are inconsistent, control, and third pitch lacking, has a chance to be a dominant reliever type.

  23. AaronAngst 3 years ago

    Glad they got their SS… Seems like he was the best prospect at the position that wasn’t off the table. I don’t know how I feel about two pitchers though.

    • Sourbob 3 years ago

      Is your avatae who I think it is?

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        Probably. Who do you think it is?

        • CowboyJames 3 years ago

          is it the dude from the Chains?

        • sourbob 3 years ago

          Let’s just say it’s Jimmy Lee Lindsay, Jr. and people can Google that, if they’re so inclined.

          • AaronAngst 3 years ago

            On the nose. Was lucky enough to catch some shows over the years, including his last one – Been using this as my avatar since he died.

    • Commander_Nate 3 years ago

      Pena is supposed to be pretty legit. Hellweg came out of nowhere last year, was kinda shaky to start this year, but seems to be finding his groove again.

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        Yeah… looking at their numbers for this year, I’m pleasantly surprised… though ideally they would’ve gotten a corner infielder to match with Segura. Guess they weren’t willing to part with Cron.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        Both have big command/control issues with really good stuff. Pena is more likely to start.

        • cookmeister 3 years ago

          actually Hellweg’s numbers from the rotation are better than the pen (control wise).

    • He’s not Profar but he’ll do.

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        That’s how I’m looking at it, yes. Profar/Machado/Lindor would be nice, but Segura is right there below them.

  24. neurogame 3 years ago

    They better get an extension so they aren’t giving up top prospects for a rental. However, how many years until they have to sign Mike Trout long term? This will be a very expensive roster.

    • StanleyPujols 3 years ago

      If they were smart they’d do it right now.

      • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

        does it even matter they just signed Kendrick and Aybar to extensions they wouldn’t need Segura for so long they will probably already have another top tier ss prospect by then.

  25. Troy 3 years ago

    Look what the gave up and what the tigers gave up. Tigers got ripped.

  26. hossmandu 3 years ago

    Segura and two AA hurlers. Great deal for Angels. Zero impact on roster. Plenty of TV $$$ coming in to fill holes “possibly” created.

  27. Meh Sheep 3 years ago

    segura and 2 pitchers

  28. tomymogo 3 years ago

    Doesn’t seem better than a Randall Delgado +Salcedo and Amhed/Pastornicky…..Have to see who are the 2 pitchers

    • AaronAngst 3 years ago

      It is better in that the SS they obtained is close to big league ready, and has a higher upside than someone like Pastronicky. SS was their area of need.

      • I see Segura starting the rest of the season in the majors getting experience and being their everyday guy next year to make a real run.

  29. Bob 3 years ago

    theres just the small problem of Segura not being able to play short stop

    • AaronAngst 3 years ago

      I know I read that there were questions about his ability to stick at SS earlier this year, but I never checked his defensive numbers. Is it that bad?

  30. VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

    The Return of the JeDi

  31. Akasya 3 years ago

    Didn’t give up Bourjos, Conger, or Richards? Goodness gracious.

    • AaronAngst 3 years ago

      Brewers didn’t need/want Bourjos or Conger… as for Richards, it probably would have been just Segura and him, and they went for two instead of one.

    • Bourjos and/or Conger would have been a bit of a weak return for Greinke…

      • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

        bourjous, the 4 war outfielder would have been a weak return in comparison to players who have done nothing yet?

        • AaronAngst 3 years ago

          This team doesn’t need anymore outfielders. They spent two of their first three picks on college outfielders even.

          Edit – and he’s an owner of a .301 career OBP in 918 career plate appearances… yeah, they didn’t miss out.

          • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

            what are gomez and morgan’s obp ?

            ya.. thats what I thought

          • AaronAngst 3 years ago

            Exactly… why would they want another speedy guy that has trouble getting on base, and probably has the pop of a Carlos Gomez?

            Answer: They wouldn’t. They’ll be casting off Morgan this year anyway.

  32. bearseatbeetsbattlestargalatic 3 years ago

    doesnt matter. the angels will be out of the playoffs in the first round, like usual, and that is if they even make it.

    • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

      Yea, except that one time they won the World Series… and some others

      • bearseatbeetsbattlestargalatic 3 years ago

        yeah, “that one time”. that the only thing the angels have when you refer to “angel history”.

        • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

          Mostly true. Since then they have been pretty good every year, won the division most years, and look poised to contend for years to come, but yea, only won it the once. I’m still a proud Angel fan and have been since I was a kid and they sucked. Oh yea, and they have a great owner and GM, GO ANGELS!!!

  33. sdsny 3 years ago

    If these are the pieces in this trade, the Angels just robbed the Brewers blind. Wow.

  34. bigpat 3 years ago

    Wow, some of these AL teams are so overpowered. 4 aces, even though Haren is an on-and-off ace, he’s usually very, very good. This team is going to be tough to beat. The only obstacles in their way are the Rangers and Vernon Wells sniffing their batting lineup.

  35. Jerry Mandering 3 years ago

    I guess the Brewers weren’t as into Saladino, can’t really blame them.

  36. JP27 3 years ago

    brewers found their shortstop prospect

  37. baybombers 3 years ago

    Angels really pushing for the pennant now

  38. I think the deal is Greinke for Segura, Hellweg and Pena

  39. Shikikazu 3 years ago

    Bet the Marlins and Rays are licking their chops right now, rangers will hang on to those prospects and ride the Ryan Express to Chokesville.

  40. achengy 3 years ago

    I’m not crowning them unless they finish 1st in their division. New playoff format makes it a big deal. Still a good addition.

  41. baybombers 3 years ago

    Ariel Pena and Johnny Hellweg are the pitchers

  42. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    This is why it’s good to have ONE sole owner and not a “Board of Profiters” like the Giants have. We EASILY could afford this, but the board is too obsessed with penny pinching and hoarding profits.

    • Gumby65 3 years ago

      Brad just went on the 15 day DL because of that pinch…

    • FrnchDp 3 years ago

      you mean the board of profiteers who has increased payroll each of the past 5 seasons?

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      They gave up a #2, #4, and a #9 prospect that was not doable with the Giants. Not sure what you would’ve given up.

  43. MikeTroutForMayor 3 years ago

    Epic. Even if we use Weaver in a 1 game playoff. Still have CJ, Greinke, and Haren for game 1-3. Stacked

    • MetsMagic 3 years ago

      You can talk about the one game play-in if you want, but I think the Angels are going to win the division.

    • MiggyCabby24 3 years ago

      Haren and Wilson are ?? marks.

  44. parkvillain 3 years ago

    im probably the millionth person to ask this, and i sure as hell am not reading all these comments, but is LA a suitable market for his anxiety disorder?

    • Gumby65 3 years ago

      Read: Orange County.
      Difference–ridiculously huge.

    • honestly the anxiety thing isn’t worth mentioning. It only matters when talking to the camera’s after the game. I think once he’s in the game outside doesn’t matter.

    • MetsMagic 3 years ago

      He’s going to play in Orange County. He’s played in front of sellout crowds in Milwaukee before and hasn’t had any ill effect. People are making too much of an issue about something they know very, very little about.

      • parkvillain 3 years ago

        yeah, i know. i was just tryina add some pizazz to the comments.


    • Cp6208 3 years ago

      The angels arent from LA -_-

    • bearseatbeetsbattlestargalatic 3 years ago

      Im sure he’ll be fine. Have you ever watched or been at an angel game? Its probably one of the most boring baseball teams to watch. Plus the media attention is always on the dodgers and lakers. I guess you can include the kings now lol

    • Nick Sossamon 3 years ago

      Angels stadium is a pretty mellow environment, to put things lightly. It’s kind of a large market team with a small market feel. So I imagine he might feel comfortable here. It isn’t a media swarm like the Dodgers, Yankees or etc.

  45. Now Attanasio pony up and Sign Greinke this offseason!

  46. Sir Coyler 3 years ago

    now the Angels may be able to fend off the A’s

  47. gotta be Ariel Pena and John Hellweg…

  48. California_RedBirds 3 years ago

    Jered Weaver, CJ Wilson, Zack Grienke and Dan Haren all in one rotation. Now that’s just ridiculous. Sorry Philadelphia, the Halos have the best rotation in baseball now.

    • baybombers 3 years ago

      they can match the rangers lineup and bronx bombers lineup pound for pound now

    • Ichiroll 3 years ago

      Rays? Easily? ..

      • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

        Okay calm down. Maybe when you look at the names and all the potential, I can see what you mean. But the starter #s arent that special. James Shields: 8-7 with a 4.52 ERA. Matt Moore: 6-7 with a 4.23 ERA. Hellickson has had some starts that he probably should have won. I will give you that Price has been a stud this yr but I don’t think the Rays have the best pitching staff in baseball

      • slider32 3 years ago

        The Rays are toast this year!

    • jpyetman 3 years ago

      Philly? Nats have had the best rotation in baseball all year

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        Once Stras gets shut down it won’t matter.

        • PWNdroia 3 years ago

          Not exactly. Just checked out the stats. All the Nats first four pitchers have lower WHIPs than most of the Angels rotation this year. Plus that young potent Nats lineup, I wouldn’t call them out.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            I, commenter on an internet baseball website with a homestuck name and a personally-photoshopped videogame avatar, proclaim here and now that without Strasburg the Nationals are going nowhere in the postseason.

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            They probably won’t, but I still wouldn’t call them out so quick. I don’t think the Angels are poised to win either.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            I still have my hat in with the Rangers, personally. Heck, I even have an actual Rangers hat somewhere so it works.

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            I hope the Rangers beat the Yanks and Angels. Despite being a Sox fan, I can’t stand too many teams overpaying for players.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            That’s what I have on my prediction sheet!

          • You, a sox fan, can’t stand teams that overpay players?????

          • jdouble777 3 years ago


          • Your right!! Cause the red sox have no players that they have over paid for.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            You should perhaps go look up the word “despite”

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            I can be a Red Sox fan and still not be happy with the management’s decision in who they buy as players.

          • JoeCroninAndRonSanto 3 years ago

            Do you have a petition that I can sign, agreeing with you?

          • jdouble777 3 years ago

            If/when they “shut him down” they will not do so for the post-season! haha You really think they will go though the playoffs without him??? Can they make it there without his last five starts is the question.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            You think they’re going to shut him down and then reactivate him when he hasn’t done any baseball activities for over a month? That’s completely counter to their reasoning for shutting him down in the first place.

          • jdouble777 3 years ago

            Yes. The idea is to limit the total innings.

          • Karkat 3 years ago

            You do not shut down a guy for five+ weeks and then suddenly just reactivate him. You just don’t. All that does is help you do a lot of damage to someone’s arm very quickly.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Strasburg and Gio have been legitimately amazing, but Strasburg will be shut down soon, Zimmerman has been lucky with the ridiculous LOB % and Detwiler has a ridiculous FB/HR ratio, some regression without strasburg and zimmerman/detwiler will come, also Haren will surely pitch better the rest of the year.

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            Why do you think Haren will get better? Honestly I never found Haren to be THAT great.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Because he has never pitched this poor and his BABIP is at career high levels, while his k/bb rate is near his career average rate.

          • jdouble777 3 years ago

            Be careful with sabemeterics, they are great to gauge aspects of player’s ability/performance but cannot be truly trusted as moer of then than one might think these outlier peripherals will sustain. Remember also that Haren went from Oak (pitcher friendly) to Arz (pitcher friendly) to LAA (not so much). J. Zimmerman has a very high LOB because he is one of the games absolute best at inducing groundball, checkout Maddux’s stats and J. Zimm’s past. I agree that Det will likely have some regression, but he is young and could improve other aspects of his game to compensate… Right now, I will be most worried about CIN.

          • PWNdroia 3 years ago

            Well, Zimmermann does have a higher WAR this year than Strasburg, Gonzalez or any of the Angels pitchers mentioned (from what I saw anyway).

          • The_Unnatural 3 years ago

            Does that factor in the automatic out NL pitchers get when they face other pitchers?

          • jdouble777 3 years ago

            Why would this statement receive negatives? What is wrong with presenting facts, stats, and requesting that they matter? The Angels defiantly just got better and are legit contenders. To say any team that is leading their division right now has no chance is just absurd. The Cards and Giants recently won rings, basically proving that we know nothing except that teams that are good cannot be “counted out,” none of them.

      • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

        Well, Im sure some Philly fans believe they still have the best rotation. It’s hard not to deny it, because Lee, Halladay and Hamels are a great 1-2-3 but their 4-5 is nothing special.

        The Nats have a legit 1-2 combo of Strasburg and Gio. Ill agree with you on that. Zimmerman is pretty good and Jackson is alright.

        • JoeCroninAndRonSanto 3 years ago

          Well let’s be honest you need a great 1-2 combo or a very good 1-2-3 for the playoffs, rest of the season is just about grinding out wins using your back of the rotation guys.

          • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

            Yes I will agree with you on that. But if Strasburg is shut down, who’s gonna be the number two? I wouldn’t trust Jackson. You saw how he pitched last postseason for the Cardinals. I guess Zimmerman or if they acquire a starter. Personally, I think the Nats are stupid for giving him an innings limit. If he says hes okay, then let him pitch. He’s only been averaging 5-6 innings a game so his arm cant be entirely worn out

          • JoeCroninAndRonSanto 3 years ago

            Oh I was agreeing on your first point. Glad you agree back? That does not any sense.

            I think they should limit his innings, and that is coming from a Cubs fan who saw Dusty Baker ruin 10 years of baseball. Limit but not shut him down, whether that be start him every 6th start for all of august or take him out against bad opponents early like the 4th inning and put in john lannan. Do your best to slow him down in august (make him face a little adversity), and then start running him in for 5-6-7 innings in September for the playoffs. Sounds reasonable right? He would 160-170 innings that way.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            They can cap his innings all they want and he’s still very likely to blow his arm out. It’s the nature of being a pitcher.

            I don’t see any way to justify shutting Strasburg down if they’re in the hunt, especially if they start slipping in the Division standings.

    • MiggyCabby24 3 years ago

      No they don’t. Nats and A’s are just as good. Weaver is the only dominant pitcher the Angels have, Greinke will be better than Santana, Haren is so-so and so is Wilson. A’s pitching has the best ERA in the majors.

      • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

        Okay buddy, you can have your opinion thats fine. But the Angels have 4 all-star pitchers in their rotation with reputations as some of the best pitchers in baseball.

      • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

        Wilson has been far better than “so-so.”

      • you call a 2.88 ERA “so-so”?

  49. basilisk4 3 years ago

    The Angels are becoming the Yankees — sign a handful of awful deals (Vernon Wells, Ervin Santana, Torii Hunter, and frankly, Pujols), and work their way around it by picking up other expensive players.

    • baybombers 3 years ago

      arte moreno isnt afraid to spend

    • ARod's Ring 3 years ago

      If you possess the resources. why not use it?

      • basilisk4 3 years ago

        How do they have the resources? I’ve never met an Angels fan in my life.

        • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

          There are a lot of us, but even if there weren’t, look at their new tv deal. You clearly know not about which you speak.

          • basilisk4 3 years ago

            I know all about the TV deal — that doesn’t explain HOW it’s worth what the Angels are getting for the deal. I would’ve thought the Giants would be the one with market share out there, but I guess not — and since there’s not another good baseball team that side of Texas, I guess that’s my answer.

          • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

            Ehh, the Angels share a market with the Dodgers and Padres, the Giants are way north. Giants share a market with the A’s, not the SoCal teams.

          • basilisk4 3 years ago

            Right, but my point is that the Giants are the only good team within any reasonable distance. Yes, I was including the Dodgers.

        • Nice to meet you! =-)

    • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

      The Wells trade WAS terrible, but it got that GM fired, so I guess it worked out in the end. Santana has had several decent years, this just isn’t one of them. Torii’s deal looks bad in its last year, but he was quite good for them for many years. Pujols will be bad by its end, but hard to gauge it on a little over a half a season, especially since he has actually started hitting much like the old Pujols of late. Everyone wanted to pick up Greinke, its not like they took his salary on when nobody else could, a la the Yankees.

      • basilisk4 3 years ago

        Santana’s maybe the best example of a Yankee-like deal — waaaaaay overpaying for a mediocre player. Then again, we (the Braves) paid Derek Lowe how much?

        • HolaAmigas 3 years ago

          Santana = AJ Burnett. Vernon Wells = fail of century. This is coming from an Angel fan.

        • The Brewers are paying Randy Wolf $10 mil this year.

        • Nick Sossamon 3 years ago

          Since when did we “buy” Santana? He was an Angels prospect that we extended for a reasonable rate (4/$30), and he’s always been a decent player. I wouldn’t call an AAV of $7.5M a “waaay overpay” for how good he’s been the past few years. Plus this is his last season. Hunter was an awful deal? He’s produced great and is also in his last year.

          Wells is obviously awful, but Reagins is gone and rightfully so. So in two years we’ll have… one fairly bad contract in Pujols? Are you forgetting Weaver? C.J. Wilson? Frieri? Extending Aybar and Kendrick for a reasonable rate? Callaspo, Trumbo, Trout, and etc. playing for peanuts?

          If you’re going to insult a franchise at least make an informed post.

  50. Jerry Mandering 3 years ago

    That’s a damn fine haul for the Brewers.

    • Nicholas 3 years ago

      lol, no it isn’t, even considering that Greinke’s a rental. The Brewers failed to get a top prospect (again, Segura is a decent prospect, but clearly not elite….744 OPS in AA at 22 and probably going to move over to 2B) acquired for a bona fide ace. For Pete’s sake, Greinke is LEADING ALL of Major League Baseball in FIP and has a solid track record of elite level success.

      Doug Melvin failed to acquire a top 25 prospect. Doug Melvin dun goofed.

      • Actually, it is a pretty good deal for the Brewers. Hellweg has scary potential, Segura is pretty close to being a top prospect and Pena has a lot of potential as well. It’s probably the best they could’ve gotten for a rental.

  51. Jay Pagliaro 3 years ago

    Fantastic deal for the Angels. With Kendrick and Aybar in tow, the Halos could afford to be adventurous with a prospect like Segura. The Halos rotation now, with Weaver, Haren and Greinke is frightening.

    • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

      That Wilson guy has also been quite good :p

  52. HaloeD 3 years ago

    i literally just jumped out of my seat!!

  53. nm344 3 years ago

    Good haul for the Brewers.

  54. technically they still could make a trade for a sp,rp, or 3b they have hank conger, garrett richards, vernon wells, callapso to get rid of

  55. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    Segura is a steep price to pay for a rental pitcher but man do the Angels have a rotation now. Weaver, Haren Wilson Greinke, Santana is an absolutely filthy rotation. Great move and considering they have Pujols and Trout how can you now not consider them the AL World Series favorites.

    • HolaAmigas 3 years ago

      No. Do not consider Santana a good pitcher right now. He is like, worse than AJ Burnett when he was with the Yankees.

      • DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

        Do you really have to be “that” guy? Picking on the one weak link in a rotation that is stacked? Seriously? Take the comment for what it is. Santana is capable of pitching and winning games and is a sound number 5. When you have that front 4 your team can do amazing things. Case and point.

        • throwitback85 3 years ago

          Ervin Santana has a negative WAR. I think the previous poster has a simple point. Santana is not a good pitcher right now.

        • HolaAmigas 3 years ago

          Santana is not a “sound number 5.” He is 4-10 with a 6.00 ERA. THAT to you is a sound 5th starter? Oh please. Not to mention as throwitback85 mentioned, he has a NEGATIVE WAR.

          • MUCHRIS64 3 years ago

            Sounds like one of my Royals starters. We have multiple ones like that.

    • no teams use 5 starters in the post season anyways.

  56. Karkat 3 years ago

    Wherein every GM with a pitcher to trade calls up the Rangers

  57. slider32 3 years ago

    This makes the Angels the team to beat.

    • baybombers 3 years ago

      Is nolan ryan gonna counter this move?

      • Gumby65 3 years ago

        Angels might bring Nolan back as the 5th starter, leaving him with no way to counter.

  58. halofan 3 years ago

    This is great news for the Angels. Bourjos and Richards ares till Angels. Segura looks like a good player but this is a steal for the Angels. The rotation is sick. The Rangers will counter this move by trading for HJohnson or Shields. New GM Jerry Dipoto is a beast. Time to catch the Rangers and win the West. The A’s will fade in August.

    • baybombers 3 years ago

      i think you’re right about the A’s. Any team that has that much walk off’s cant sustain success for 2 more months

      • melonis_rex 3 years ago

        5th best run differential in the AL, with 3 of the top 4 teams being division leaders.

        there’s really not much of a reason to suggest that they can’t hang in the wildcard race.

    • Ichiroll 3 years ago

      How is this a steal? They just gave away their best prospect for handful of potential wins this season..

      • halofan 3 years ago

        The Angels already have Aybar and Kendrick locked up for several years. Segura is blocked. The Angels will resign Greinke. Segura is a good prospect but most expected pitcher Garret Richards or outfielder Bourjos to be dealt in any deal for a solid pitcher.

        • gothamgator 3 years ago

          what makes you think greinke will automatically resign with the angels?

          • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

            well he already said he likes the way the angels system is. So he is probably more likely to sign an extension.

        • Ichiroll 3 years ago

          Aybar? Aybar has and always will be a stopgap for them. He’s good enough for now, but he’s by no means the type of SS they’re willing to commit to long term. What makes you think they’ll resign him so easily? He’s 28 years old who’s barely entered his prime. He’s going to be looking for big money, money the Angels probably wont be willing to throw at him.

          Pujols goes from $12MM to $16MM next season, Weaver is somewhere around $17MM, Wells is still owed a lot of money, they’ll undoubtedly have to extend Trout, and Trumbo. CJ Wilson will be making $11MM next season.

          They have way too much money commited to too many players, I would be very surprised if they can afford Grienke.

          • halofan 3 years ago

            The Angels have the $ to do it. A 3 Billion dollar TV Contract. Hunter will have his $16 million a season off the books as well as Abreu who as you know, plays for the Dodgers, will have $9 million of the books. Santana will also have his $10 million of the books as the Angels will look to trade or just not resign him in the off season.

          • Jason Golledge 3 years ago

            they have already locked up Aybar for 4 years earlier this season im sure by the time that 4 years is up they will already have another good SS prospect.

  59. basilisk4 3 years ago

    The real question is whether this makes the A’s any better than the third best team in the AL. I still don’t think so, but time will tell.

  60. davbee 3 years ago

    Where is the Rangers fan that posts here saying that Geinke wasn’t worth more than one top prospect? Well, the Brewers got three form the Angels (their #2, 4 and 9). I hope the Rangers have to overpay for an inferior pitcher and the Angels stick it to Texas now.

    • p_phelps09 3 years ago

      the angels system is a lot less talented than the their #4 and #9 probably wouldn’t be in the rangers top 10

    • Nick Sossamon 3 years ago

      I’m an Angels fan, and pretty much all of our top 10 guys are mediocre at best. Segura is blocked anyways by Kendrick and Aybar, Hellweg has always had control issues and projects as a long relief/bullpen guy. Pena is pretty good and is probably the guy with the most upside as a starter. The highest rated guy was Segura at #55 overall. So if you call that a “top prospect” then more power to you.

      Most of our top guys have graduated recently (Trout, Trumbo, Richards, Walden, etc.). But yeah, our farm system pretty much blows all around and doesn’t compare to the top guys in other systems.

      • rpoabr 3 years ago

        The Angels have some nice players coming up in Lo/Hi A ball but i agree in general. Don’t be surprised if a year or two from now the system is looking a lot better.

  61. Raymond Holguin 3 years ago

    Well the good thing is that over his career ZG has had good success against the AL west, notably the rangers and even in arlington. Though ill admit im not a huge fan of ZG, and especially since we gave up 3 pretty good prospects for a rental…. anything is better than santanna

    • HaloeD 3 years ago

      “Morosi reports that Greinke has a “high regard” for the Angels and thus would likely be more open to signing a contract extension to remain in Anaheim”

      is he for sure gonna be a rental?

  62. Looks like giving up top free agents for rentals is still in play. Granted with that rotation the ring they wear after the season might be worth it

  63. Jarrod Mitchell 3 years ago

    Wow thats a nice top 3. Haren is the wildcard

  64. CowboyJames 3 years ago

    I’m not reading all the comments but this article is sure to be full of Braves fans posting non sense like “Good Job Frank Wren”, or “Way to go Braves”…I am here to apologize for them. They are dillusional finger pointers. They dont really care nearly as much as they claim to, dont watch nearly as many games as they claim to, or know as much about the game as they claim to. They are diputs

    • basilisk4 3 years ago

      I’m a Braves fan and I wanted Greinke. That said, we’ll have to console ourselves with not having given up Teheran and Delgado.

  65. PWNdroia 3 years ago

    I’m still hoping the A’s are in. Never cared for the money hungry Angels. Can’t wait until the Angels lose in the playoffs.

    • leachim2 3 years ago

      I’m still hoping the Rays are in. Never cared for the money hungry Red Sox. Can’t wait until the Red Sox don’t make the playoffs.

  66. I’m a die hard Angels fan, and even I’m scared of this rotation now. Great move!

    • Guest 3 years ago

      remember he get hurt easily, if he does its very bad deal for them, they are taking some risk here

  67. brewfan23 3 years ago

    As a Brewer fan, I’m happy we’re getting a solid SS prospect back, along with a few promising pitchers. Angels fans…how good are these guys we’re getting?
    p.s- hope you guys win the WS now!

  68. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Great trade for the Angels. Gives them the best rotation in the American League IMO. Really curious to see how Texas responds.

  69. Christian Hamby 3 years ago

    This just in: the Rangers send Mike Olt to Tampa Bay for James Shields in an effort to solidify their rotation.

    Drastic overpay time for Texas!

  70. leachim2 3 years ago

    I’m surprised that they didn’t insist on acquiring Mike Piazza as well.

  71. Santana has a $13M dollar option? Better use that money on Greinke.

  72. Rob Lucci 3 years ago

    Looks like a good trade for both teams.

  73. coachofall 3 years ago

    angels had the 3rd best rotation in their own division prior to this deal. The comments that their rotation is best in the AL is a little bit of overreaction. The A’s still have top rotation and we will see how Texas responds. Nice haul for mil for a rental is a fact that can’t be disputed. Hope it works out for both sides

  74. This will be Greinke’s big test—first time being in a large market.

  75. Greinke has and is far better than that era. He has the second lowest FIP this season after Stras.

  76. hiflyer000 3 years ago

    I’m kinda glad the Phillies held onto Hamels if this was the kind of package he would have gotten.

  77. not_brooks 3 years ago

    How will the rest of the West respond?

    Headley to the A’s, JJ to the Rangers, I’ll bet.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see three of the four AL West teams in the playoffs?

  78. As of now the Brewers won this trade IMO but if Grienke takes the Angels to the playoffs and signs long term this will be a pretty good trade for both sides.

  79. FamousGrouse 3 years ago

    Angels are not afraid to spend money. I wonder if that move to downtown LA is coming after all.

    • HaloeD 3 years ago

      lol theyve been in anaheim for 50 yrs. OC is our territory and always will be

      • FamousGrouse 3 years ago

        the Angels can exercise an escape clause in their stadium lease in 2016. If they do not, they must remain in Anaheim until 2029.

        • HaloeD 3 years ago

          and im saying thats never gonna happen. great attendance and fans here. they rarely finish outside of the top 5 in attendance dating back to 2002

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      Why bother? I wouldn’t want to give up prime Disneyland property…

  80. The_Silver_Stacker 3 years ago

    Oakland, Texas, Angels battling it out to the end of the season will make for awesome baseball to watch. Most exciting division at this time, with the NL East behind it.

  81. AaronAngst 3 years ago

    Propaganda machine in full effect over at the LA Times:

    “Zack Greinke comes at economical cost for Angels

    The price, a rookie shortstop and two
    double-A pitchers, is remarkable. The team didn’t have to part ways with
    any young major leaguers such as center fielder Peter Bourjos or
    pitcher Garrett Richards.”

    Economical! Again… why would Milwaukee want Bourjos? I’m still trying to figure that out. I consider it a win that they didn’t accept a 25 year old with a career .301 OBP. They’ve already got Carlos Gomez.

  82. NatFan05 3 years ago

    I’m just happy he’s not going to the Braves

  83. brewcrew12 2 years ago

    A year later let’s look back on this trade. The Angels traded top prospects for a rental, said rental didn’t get them to the playoffs, and then rental signed elsewhere while underrated Segura prospered and turned into an all star his first season. I claim this victory in the name of the Brewers.

    Yours truly, Captain Hindsight

  84. baybombers 3 years ago

    LOL love it

  85. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Ha! nope… Orange County should be good for his blood pressure.

  86. baseball52 3 years ago

    Depends on who they get. The Angels have a few B- arms, like Hellweg in AA.

  87. Nicholas 3 years ago

    lol at the people thumbing you down for no reason. everything you said here is spot on. segura is a light-hitting middle infielder (most likely destined for 2B) and the other two guys are bullpen arms long-term.

  88. baseball52 3 years ago

    Who they did get.

  89. parkvillain 3 years ago

    yeah i know, pt. 2.

  90. sdsny 3 years ago

    Considering what the Brewers gave up for him? It’s a loss. I would’ve expected a lot more considering Greinke is only 28, has proven he’s consistently good. Plus, you don’t know that the Angels don’t sign him.

  91. baybombers 3 years ago

    hellweg and ariel pena

  92. NickinIthaca 3 years ago

    Now halos fans just need to hope that Haren’s production this year can catch up to his name recognition….

  93. baseball52 3 years ago

    I know. Read my post again. It reaffirms that they got Hellweg moments after I posted it.

  94. AaronAngst 3 years ago

    A solid everyday SS at best, and a good pitching prospect? I like Cain too, but honestly, they didn’t give up much more than they’re getting back, all things considered… and that was for a year and a half of Greinke and an NLCS/postseason appearance (which are few and far between in Milwaukee). I’d do it all over again, knowing the outcome to this juncture.

  95. baybombers 3 years ago

    ah my bad man. I thought you were asking haha

  96. davbee 3 years ago

    The Brewers got the #2, #4 and #9 prospects in the Angels system and filled a glaring hole at ss. I’d say Doug Melvin did a fine job.

  97. baybombers 3 years ago

    yeah i would agree with you

  98. Payaso 3 years ago

    They play in anaheim. :)

  99. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    mad rangers fan? Nice sample size he has there

  100. It’s Christmas in Anaheim.

  101. Yeah, but they’re LA’s favorite AND BEST team now. And there were the Los Angeles Angels long before the Doyers moved west.

  102. Guest 3 years ago

    prospects are prospects, the Angels didn’t spend on Albert to not win now

  103. Jason Golledge 3 years ago

    lol and none of the prospects were worth crying about segura was alright but he is not a very good SS you would have to put him at 2B to make him above average.

  104. if you ask me its a good deal for both sides

  105. Dick Armada 3 years ago

    If there’s one team that knows that prospects are never a sure thing, its the Angels, they found out the hard way.

  106. HolaAmigas 3 years ago

    There’s no need for another catcher when Ianetta is returning soon and with Bobby Wilson/John Hester as back-up, the catching position is NOT somewhere Dipoto will be looking to improve. If anything, it’s going to be the bullpen FIRST, and IF they address that, THEN they will move at looking to improve the third base position.

  107. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    Greinke is no doubt better than Wilson I just have an issue with him using the term choke artist when simply put there isn’t a big enough sample to put credence on his playoff numbers.

  108. MiggyCabby24 3 years ago

    The Doyers(Dodgers) moved to LA in 1958, The Angels in 1961. My math tells me the Doyers(Dodgers) or whatever you call them were there first.

  109. Jason Golledge 3 years ago

    well if he continues from his first start on the DL I will forgive him.

  110. I’d rather count on Ianetta’s return than be distracted from the main focus, which is now finding a reliever to solidify the bullpen. The Angels can actually get away with their offensive hole at C. But Ianetta’s patience, if he’s good and healthy, will make Mike Trout even more dangerous.

  111. Robb Logan 3 years ago

    The bullpen as mentioned before needs far more work than catcher. Dipoto wont look at a position that already has 4 guys on the 40 man, it makes zero sense.

  112. GotHeem 3 years ago

    Colby Lewis was better than Wilson in the playoffs both years, hands down.

  113. CowboyJames 3 years ago

    Yes. It’s not a debatable subject…”Doyers” were there first

  114. CowboyJames 3 years ago

    Whats even funnier is “Los Angeles Angels” translates to ” The Angels Angels” Which means they are “The Angels Angels of Anaheim”

  115. Michael D Carr 3 years ago

    You could argue which was the first professional baseball team vs. the first major league team, but that wasn’t in the original arguement.

  116. Michael D Carr 3 years ago

    Wiki “Los Angeles Angels (PCL)” for more info.

  117. Michael D Carr 3 years ago

    The Los Angeles Angels started in the Pacific Coast League in 1903. Look it up. See, it is debatable.

  118. Andy Repinski 3 years ago

    But if i remember correctly, they used to be the Anaheim Angles untill 2005 when they became the Los Angelos Angels of Anaheim…

  119. Andy Repinski 3 years ago

    2 years of playoff experiance is usually about all a person gets for normal teams, small sample or not, it’s still counts.

  120. Michael D Carr 3 years ago

    All I’m arguing is that it is debatable. The Los Angeles Angels played in downtown and south central LA for over 50 years before the Dodgers even thought about moving from Brooklyn. I actually prefer California Angels since that’s what they were when I grew up watching them.

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