Blue Jays To DFA Andrew Carpenter

The Blue Jays will designate Andrew Carpenter for assignment tomorrow, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet (via Twitter).  The right-hander appeared in just two games for the Blue Jays this season with his last appearance coming on July 14.

Over parts of five major league seasons, Carpenter has just 26.1 innings to his credit, posting an 8.54 ERA with 8.9 K/9 and 4.8 BB/9.  However, the 27-year-old put up a 3.38 ERA with 6.8 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9 in 12 starts and nine relief appearances.

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  1. hurley55 3 years ago

    Before everyone freaks out and thinks its the guy from the happ trade. It’s not

  2. Jose_Bautista 3 years ago

    The tale of Blue Jays and several Carpenters.

  3. tommyhilfigure 3 years ago

    HOLY MOLY! Is this the guy from the Happ trade?!?!

  4. iains 3 years ago

    And just like that this becomes a non-story. Jason Frasor goes on the disabled list and Carpenter lives on to confuse us all

  5. He didn’t get dfa, To make room for Lyon Jason Frasor was put on the DL. He pitched today against the red sox.

  6. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    What Carpenter trade?

  7. tommyhilfigure 3 years ago

    traded carpenter for theo

  8. Alex Henry 3 years ago

    he was acquired off waiver from the Padres last year

  9. Trout Almonte 3 years ago

    Ahh crap, since when did they change the meaning of for to from?

  10. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    That would be Chris Carpenter who was traded to the Red Sox. Not to be confused with the one from the Cards

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