Giants Acquire Hunter Pence

The Giants have to have bolstered their lineup with an All-Star caliber outfielder for the second consecutive summer.  They acquired right fielder Hunter Pence from the Phillies for right fielder Nate Schierholtz, minor league reliever Seth Rosin and, minor league catcher/first baseman Tommy Joseph the Phillies announced.

Hunter Pence - Phillies (PW)

Pence, 29, is hitting .271/.336/.447 in 440 plate appearances for the Phillies this year.  He's under team control for 2013, though his salary could exceed $14MM.  He'll boost a Giants lineup that ranks 11th in the NL with four runs scored per game.  GM Brian Sabean snagged one of the best bats on the trade market last summer as well with Carlos Beltran, but Pence is more than a rental.  

Pence joined the Phillies one year ago in a trade with the Astros, but amidst a disappointing season GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is cleaning house.  Less than an hour ago, the Dodgers acquired another member of the Phillies' outfield in Shane Victorino. Los Angeles also acquired Hanley Ramirez and Brandon League, creating pressure for their NL West rivals.

Schierholtz, 28, appears to have requested a trade after seeing his playing time diminish. T he left-handed hitter has a .257/.327/.429 batting line in 196 plate appearances this year and a .270/.319/.412 line in his six-year career.  He's earning $1.3MM this year and can be retained through 2014 via the arbitration process.

Rosin, a 23-year-old right-hander, stand 6'6".  He has a 4.31 ERA with 10.9 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 in 56 1/3 innings at Class A so far this year.  The 2010 fourth round pick has struck out three times as many batters as he has walked in the minor leagues.

Joseph, 21, is hitting .260/.313/.391 in 335 Double-A plate appearances this year.  Baseball America wrote before the season that the 2009 second-rounder should be able to stay at catcher.

Jon Heyman first reported the trade today.  Two days ago, Dennis O'Donnell of KPIX was first to report that the Giants had a deal in place for Pence involving Joseph.  Todd Zolecki first reported that Rosin was in the trade.  Danny Knobler confirmed Joseph's role in the trade.

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  1. Alex Nelson 3 years ago

    :( I wanted the Dodgers to get him instead…

  2. erm016 3 years ago

    I’m sure they overpaid, hopefully for their sake he picks up his season. Or else it’s just like Beltran.

  3. gradylittle 3 years ago

    Phillies are the top sellers right now. I just wish the Red Sox would/could do the same.

  4. Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

    He will have trouble hitting home runs in AT&T and will be a defensive nightmare in RF there in that park.

    • Ace 3 years ago

      He will be a doubles machine in that park and has a cannon as well.

      • nepp 3 years ago

        And sometimes he even hits what he’s aiming at. Pence is a mediocre to poor defender.

  5. Karkat 3 years ago

    Nice move for the Giants, but I guess we’ll have to see what they gave up. I’d feel good about this as a counter to LA’s moves if I’m a Giants fan, at any rate. I wonder what other Phillies we’re going to see go, if any? The more the better, probably.

    • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

      This is far from a counter in my opinion, their bullpen is in shambles.

      • JoeyDAndre 3 years ago

        Lol a couple bad games from our relievers after 2 and a half yrs of dominance lol ya man shambles

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          A couple? Casilla hasn’t been good for a month.

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        They still should trade for a reliever, but offensively this is a good counter (provided it indeed goes through)

  6. burnboll 3 years ago

    Now we’re getting somewhere! Phillies needs to move Cliff Lee at the very least as well.
    Perhaps there’s a chance Phillies will have a club that can contend in 2014 already.
    Ideally, Polanco and Blanton will be gone as well.

    • Matt 3 years ago

      I don’t agree with Lee, but Polanco and Blanton yes. I’ve been waiting for them to go, we’ve had a problem at 3rd base ever since Rolen left.

  7. Brandon Stubbs Calvert 3 years ago

    Next big move= Diamondbacks?

    • I don’t think Upton would be involved though

      • Brandon Stubbs Calvert 3 years ago

        I don’t either but im interested to see who this big name ace that Towers is going after is

  8. LayerCake 3 years ago

    Well today will be fun

  9. Philly Phiresale

  10. selw0nk 3 years ago

    Giant’s aren’t going anywhere! Lol

    • NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

      and neither is your grammar. J/k, i hate people who troll that. But seriously, I disagree. The Giants have a good team and could very well win that division IMO

  11. Guest 3 years ago

    traded 2/3 of the starting OF in 30 minutes. i think RAJ still has two more deals in him prior to the deadline.

    • FS54 3 years ago

      don’t trade Lee just yet. Have danny homer off of him couple more times and then he can go to any AL club of his liking.

  12. Tyler Sekula 3 years ago

    Not done deal yet.

  13. randyfastman 3 years ago

    Better see Gary Brown heading to Philly!

  14. Sky14 3 years ago

    As a Twins fan I wish we would have a fire sale like this. Nice to see some teams are delusional about their chances at contention.

    • Tony Potter 3 years ago

      Twins don’t need to completely rebuild. They just need a couple of starters, Diamond, De Vries and Deduno are doing fine. Walters can pitch if healthy and Hendricks has potential if he can ever figure a way to get out big league hitting. However, Morneau and Span could go if the price is right. They both have replacements in Parmelee and Revere waiting. And the Twins have good depth at OF in the minor via Benson, Arcia and Hicks. Plus they just drafter Buxton number 2 overall…who is a couple years away though. I just hope they don’t deal Willingham, Perk or Burton. Josh’s bat has been unreal, he is one HR away from tieing his career best and still 2 months left in the season. And Burton & Perk are holding down the fort of a much improved bullpen compared to last year.

  15. USDbiz 3 years ago

    Giants needed to make this move. Given how little the Dodgers gave up for Victorino, I doubt SF had to give up Brown.

    • Glenn O'Brien 3 years ago

      No Brown in the deal from what I’ve heard

    • Ron Opher 3 years ago

      totally different story with one more year of Pence control. Phillies should have done better (or just held onto Pence) if Joseph is indeed cornerstone of deal.

  16. You can spend millions of dollars to buy allstars…but it takes a coach to make a team. Charlie Manuel has failed at that this year with all the talent the Phillies have regardless of the injuries they’ve been terrible since Utley and Howard have been back.

    • bergeraj 3 years ago

      I dont know if Charlie failed hes actually a decent motivator its his in game moves that worry me. But you have to take into account hes used to this team motivating itself and with all the injuries that didnt work. I do call for Sandberg next year!

      • Matt Gilligo 3 years ago

        If Sandberg was really that great, why hasn’t another major league team given him an opportunity? Charlie did the best job that he could do this season. Removing the 3 & 4 bats out of any lineup and losing an ace for two months, is enough for any team to fall in last place.

  17. thatonephillyfan 3 years ago


  18. Matt Gilligo 3 years ago

    Well, what are the Phils getting in return?

  19. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Really sucks to see these guys go. Off the field, it seems like they’re both stand up guys who really loved playing in Philadelphia and wanted to stay. Really has to be done and wish both Pence, Victorino, and whomever else goes the best.

    • burnboll 3 years ago

      Totally disagree. Phillies got the best out of Shane, and Pence was traded while he still was a valuable trade chip.
      Good move.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        I didn’t say it was a bad move, I said it sucks. Nobody likes to have a firesale.

        • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

          Meet the Marlins.

        • LazerTown 3 years ago

          firesales are fun unless it’s your team. They aren’t bad assuming the return is decent. Is good way to get prospects, I would rather my team have a firesale and rebuild than be uncompeting.

    • Shocktroop 3 years ago

      victorino was anything but a stand up guy. dude was a complete self centered jerk in person

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        He’s the first one in the clubhouse after every loss when guys like Chase Utley hide in the clubhouse. He’s a little whiny (or comes across that way, I should say) but he always holds himself accountable and has done wonders in the community.

        What did he not give you an autograph or something?

      • tr2008 3 years ago

        dead and utterly wrong. My brother in laws nephew was 10 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Shane would call him after games, visit him in the hospital, and send gifts. get a clue, bud. you have absolutely ZERO idea what you are talking about. .

      • Shane gave a million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club last September and a lot more before that. He is one of the top five most charitable people in the majors according to one article I read. Google his name and donation/charity/ time spent with helping kids before you comment.

      • Ron Opher 3 years ago

        He may be a clueless ballplayer, but he is a selfless person. You are way off base with your comment. He signs plenty of autographs too, under the right circumstances.

  20. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    This has been a crazy deadline. All of the rumors seem to be coming true.

  21. largefarva 3 years ago

    Wonder if nate’s gone. He could hit 15-18 homers in philly’s park.

  22. bluejayspwn 3 years ago

    there goes the phillies offense

  23. swing1 3 years ago

    It’s a FIRE….sale.

  24. Whatever the Phils get back will probably be less than what they gave up for Pence last year…

    • Jim C 3 years ago

      Probably but that’s in the past and we just have to hope these guys will fill some of our holes we have right now. Also since the Stros are moving to the AL we won’t be haunted by Cosart and Singleton alot.

    • a sad truth

    • Ron Opher 3 years ago

      yes, true – but that was the price of having him here for a year. I really wanted OF Gary Brown, but it looks like Tommy Joseph is the key prospect. Which, along with Sebastian Valle in the system might mean Carlos Ruiz will not be a Phillie past 2013 – if he even makes it to end of next season.

    • tommy joseph is raw

  25. Pence is washed up

  26. Tyler Sekula 3 years ago

    Deal is complete pending physical.

  27. gkstkddn93 3 years ago

    what a sale. :(… btw Phils getting who?

  28. Silence 3 years ago

    Please say for Belt…. PLEASE SAY FOR BELT!

  29. burnboll 3 years ago

    Phillies needs to keep on selling. For the first time in a long while, Ruben is doing something right.

  30. 방탄 학생 3 years ago

    I have a feeling that the Phillies aren’t done yet…dont know why, but i do

  31. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    Woo!! The Dodgers present their dragon-style but then the Giants quickly counteract with their tiger-style.

  32. All the money saved in the Pence/Victorino deals will go straight to signing Howard to a bigger deal

  33. zolttt 3 years ago

    It’s worth it just to rid my TV of those licio commercials

  34. Dave Traverso 3 years ago

    For an entire year plus of Pence, the return better be something valuable. Remember what you gave up to get him RAJ

    • nepp 3 years ago

      Its not like 3 of the 4 guys he gave up will be Top 100 prospects this winter…oh wait, they will be.

      • Kev 3 years ago

        More like 2 out of 4. Santana’s got a ways to go before he starts cracking any lists.

    • Michael Gardiner 3 years ago

      While they should get something of value it should not be the same or better value the Phillies gave up to get him. Pence is hitting worse than he was at this time last year and there is 1 more year gone.

      • Dave Traverso 3 years ago

        I completely agree, but using Beltran as a comparison, it should be more than Tommy Joseph. At that rate I would’ve ridden Pence for another year and offered arbitration when he’s ready to walk

  35. thatonephillyfan 3 years ago

    “Giants Acquire Hunter Pence?” Please just make this end… it’s painful enough this year. Does he go or doesn’t he?

  36. kast2L 3 years ago

    Tommy Joseph goes to Phils in Hunter Pence deal

  37. burnboll 3 years ago

    If Phillies are getting Tommy Joseph, they could/should be trading Carlos Ruiz at this deadline.
    Which really would be the best move for the team long term. Sell high on Ruiz.

  38. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    Phils will like Tommy Joseph’s bat. He mashes!

    • nepp 3 years ago

      We’d rather have Gary Brown given that we already have Tommy Joseph in our system, we just call him Sebastian Valle.

      • Jon Muniz 3 years ago

        Of course you’d rather have Gary Brown…he’s one of the top prospects in baseball…but he is ours! So enjoy one of our many catching prospects

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          Every team has “many” catching prospects. Doesn’t mean they are any good.

          • JoeyDAndre 3 years ago

            Lol okay? Doesn’t mean Joseph isn’t good lol

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            Did I say he wasn’t? Jon implied that the Giants were loaded with a Joseph-type catching prospects when they simply are not.

      • rainyperez 3 years ago

        Joseph has a lot of raw power and can be used at 1B. My guess is Phillies now are in a position where Joseph and Valle can split time at 1B and C. As a Giants fan a little reluctant to see him go but he was expendable because the Giants had a wealth of catchers in their minor league system.

        • Ron Opher 3 years ago

          And what will they do with 4 more years of Ryan Howard? Eat more $ and send him to the AL??

  39. Don’t tell me Heyman was wrong?

    I didn’t think that was possible?

    • Tyler Sekula 3 years ago

      He was just fast reporting. Nothing complete yet. Very close.

  40. Silence 3 years ago

    Phillies get C Tommy Joseph — future for Carlos Ruiz? Most likely being spent on another team in the offseason.

  41. Matt Gilligo 3 years ago

    Oh you’re killing me with the changing of the headlines today. Just a moment ago, he was gone…

  42. Citos_City 3 years ago

    Ron burgundy wrote this report…. “giants acquire hunter pence?”

  43. AP 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the 2000 election.

  44. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    A Hunter on a team with a Panda, Giraffe, White Shark, Pirhana! O.O

    • LifelongMets 3 years ago

      That doesn’t sound good. Where’s Smokey to prevent the poaching?

    • FunkyTime 3 years ago

      At least the Panda knows Kung-Fu. He can take care of himself.

  45. M.Kit 3 years ago

    I’m Ron Burgundy?

  46. Dave Traverso 3 years ago

    No Gary Brown? I hope the rumors aren’t true

    • FS54 3 years ago

      their top prospect for Pence? I doubt it.

      • Dave Traverso 3 years ago

        For more than a year of Pence? They can still offer him arbitration after next year and get compensation if he walks. And Brown is a very good prospect but not untouchable

      • oleosmirf 3 years ago

        they did it for Beltran…

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Different story different time. Giants were trying to repeat and if the ownership stood pat it would be bad PR . He didn’t move as quickly as J. Sanchez, Cain, Lincecum, and Bumgarner did through their minor league system. I would trust the Giants brass when it comes to SP prospects.

          • sojuboi 3 years ago

            Now getting rid of Sanchez for Cabrera.. Pure genius! I think now is the time to let Timmy go :( and look to the future and win now!

        • Fred 'face' Reichwein 3 years ago

          Pence is not as good as Beltran and this is coming from a Phillies fan. I was very disappointed with Pence I was excepting him to carry the load offensively and he could not this year. Plus good luck with that spacious right field

    • Q_TheRealness 3 years ago

      Tommy Joseph is the word

  47. USDbiz 3 years ago

    Wow, Giants didn’t have to give up Brown? Good deal. Joseph looks like a nice minor league player, but he’s not going to breakthrough this lineup anytime soon with Buster and Sanchez ahead of him.

  48. brent 3 years ago

    So….. is this thing happening or not? Im confused.

  49. nostocksjustbonds 3 years ago

    does this mean Dennis O’Donnell is a legit source of rumors again?

  50. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    I have a feeling Phillies fans will be upset if the return for Pence is just Tommy Joseph considering they gave up Singleton and two others but they traded Pence at a time when he had good value and Joseph has nice power potential from behind the dish. Giants fans are going to love Pence. Great ballplayer. The Phillies system needed this replenishing. I don’t think they are done dealing yet. Phillie fans should be happy today because although they are selling, this team had a WS Victory, a nice 5 year run, and still have 3 aces to keep them in the discussion for next year.

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      Joseph and Valle have good HR numbers in a very tough hitters league. Both of those young hitters should rip apart CBP when they get up there. Since two of them are catchers I suspect one of them will be groomed for 1st base or even both.

      • Jeff Miller 3 years ago

        They’re both at AA and Howard is signed thru 2016. I’d trade Joseph now to a team that needs a future catcher, which is the case for most teams, for an MLB ready outfielder.

    • Fred 'face' Reichwein 3 years ago

      Yes the ones who do not understand how baseball economics work now. Meaning he has one less year of control and will be making 15 million next year and he def is not worth that.

  51. gofightns 3 years ago

    So what do the Phils do with two starting catchers ranked #7 and #10 (according to MLB’s Jonathan Mayo) at the same stage of development in AA ball? I wouldn’t imagine either would be getting sent down a level…another trade piece, maybe?

    • Ron Opher 3 years ago

      I’d say Chase Headley, but Padres already have Grandal plus the foolish contract they gave Hundley.

      Can’t hurt to collect good pieces, though I imagine RAJ asked for Gary Brown all the way up til today and was rebuffed.

    • Muggi 3 years ago

      Maybe looking at Joseph as more of a 1B

  52. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    I’m hearing that Nate Schierholtz is going back to the Phillies in this package.

  53. Zach Kemble 3 years ago

    Is tommy joseph the ONLY player the phils are getting back??

  54. Jim C 3 years ago

    Amaro you did good with Victorino, now Pence is your most valuable player besides Lee on the trade market. You should now have some leverage on the Giants, do not take their platoon outfielders.

  55. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    So much for Hunter Pence bobblehead night on August 21st.

    • owlssc 3 years ago

      The Giants might want to have one to promote him to fans…

  56. Brian 3 years ago

    That “perhaps a pitcher” kinda scares me as a Giants fan. I hope we didn’t find a way to get Wheeler back just to trade him again.

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      Don’t worry it’s not Blackburn or Crick 😀

  57. JozayJays 3 years ago

    Sigh for philly.

  58. Dave Traverso 3 years ago

    These details have me liking the deal less and less [for the Phils]. Pence requires a reasonably high return (using Beltran as a comparison) and I’m not seeing that

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      No it doesn’t require a Gary Brown as I speculated in earlier threads. Pence has an average OPS+, low walk rate, and is hitting in CBP where numbers should’ve inflated a bit.

      Beltran on the other hand. Giants were trying to repeat, he had a long history of being a game changer, and playing in Citi Field was somewhat comparable to AT&T.

      • Dave Traverso 3 years ago

        I’m not saying he’s a completely lateral trade with Brown, I’m just saying that Pence is a proven commodity currently in a bad stretch with a whole extra year left on his contract. Beltran’s return was better and he was a FA at the end of the year. Giants now get compensation when they let Pence walk, which is a HUGE bonus under the new CBA.

        Bottom line, Phils just wanted to dump the salary and it’s embarrassing as a fan of the team

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Well considering where the Phils are expected to pick in the draft next season I think was taken under consideration by FO. One pick from Pence will be made up by picking in the Top 10 in the draft. Also I’m sure the Phillies will be selling Cliff Lee’s services to another team by this upcoming off season.

    • burnboll 3 years ago

      I disagree. Very fair deal with a big possible upside. Pence wasn’t going anywhere with the Phillies, so this deal is good for all sides.

  59. With Pence, Sandoval, Melky and Posey this is the Giants best offense in like 5 years.

  60. Keegan Rafael 3 years ago

    Good move considering we didn’t have to give up Gary Brown. Although its tough to see Tommy Joseph go, we still have Susac. Good Luck to Nate in Philly. Really hope he will do well.

  61. Brian 3 years ago

    Good luck Schierholtz. I’ll miss your cannon of an arm and your amazing work in AT&T’s right field. I hope you figure things out in Philly.

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      Well at least his arm and defense will get the national attention it deserves. Also playing CBP will increase his production.

  62. Dave Traverso 3 years ago

    Chalk this up as a win for the Giants … the return needed to be greater than Joseph, Rosin (who could pan out to be solid in the long run), and the worthless Nate Schierholtz

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      You’re severely underrating Schierholtz. He’s been robbed of a lot of home runs at AT&T where they would’ve gone out in CBP. His defense is arguably better than Pence’s and I know his arm is above Pence’s as well.

      Their last two years are similar as well. Here is an excerpt from McCovey Chronicles writer Grant Brisbee a very reliable source for Giants info.

      “Over the last two years, Schierholtz hit .271/.326/.429 over 510 at-bats. Pence’s career numbers: .290/.342/.481. Add in the difference in parks, and it’s closer than you’d hope.”

      From a Giants FO perspective though they wanted a RH hitter and got one.

      Also the people who follow this team closely are hoping we don’t get Rowand’d with Pence either.

      • sojuboi 3 years ago

        LOL Pence is not Rowand. But on the other hand, you are right. Any batter who comes to SF… Can’t be too sure… But either way, Schierholtz wasn’t working out. Pence should definitely be better.

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          He’s not Rowand BUT check his stats now and Rowand’s stats at age 30 eerily similar.

          Pence has much more power than Rowand and I’m going with my gut here and say I do believe Pence is a great pickup and will help the team a ton down the stretch not to mention the future.

          I think Pence will be an awesome complimentary piece to the Cabrera-Posey-Sandoval combination. He won’t be pressured too much to produce at the 5-6 spot in the lineup.

      • shermanatr 3 years ago

        Schierholz’s numbers will be much stronger in Philly. He gets robbed by the ridiculous demensions and wind at AT&T. He’s a also a great defender and has one of the best OF arms in MLB. Anyone who doubts that just hasn’t seen him yet. Giants get a much needed RH power hitter and only give up a prospect catcher (a good one) who is log-jammed behind Posey and Sanchez. Rosin could be good but it takes Single A pitchers 3 years and a Tommie John surgery to make it to the big league club anyway.
        Great trade for both teams.

  63. gofightns 3 years ago

    I feel like we’re getting less here than with the Victorino trade…how is that possible?

    • nepp 3 years ago

      Rube is a pretty bad GM…that’s how.

      • gofightns 3 years ago

        The Victorino haul was good, but this one…not so much. Especially considering the prospects it took to get him. I really don’t get Tommy Joseph as the center piece of our return. We’ve already got Valle, so…they both can’t start at AA. Valle may even be better.

  64. Goat_Rider 3 years ago

    Gotta like this if you are a Giants fan and also, with hindsight, a Houston Astros fan.

  65. Matthew Baker 3 years ago

    Seems like a pretty weak haul for the Phils…

    • FrnchDp 3 years ago

      they need to refill their farm after being hosed by the Astros last season for… um.. Pence..

  66. Jeff Miller 3 years ago

    Fire RAJ… Don’t get an everyday bat, but you pick-up a catcher Tommy Joseph who will already be behind Sebastian Valle at AA and a 23-year old still in A-Ball with a 4.31 ERA. Who is going to be in the OF in 2013 for the Phillies? Dom Brown in RF, John Mayberry in CF and Laynce Nix in LF? Shoot me now…

    • nm344 3 years ago

      The 15 million we just saved on Pence will buy an OF. Think things through a little.

      • Jim C 3 years ago

        Bourn in CF…hopefully

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          Isn’t BJ Upton available too as well or is that the following year?

          • Jim C 3 years ago

            I think he is. So is Hamilton. Any of those 3 in CF would be nice. Haha

      • Jeff Miller 3 years ago

        Sure they could spend on OF bats. But how was CF Gary Brown not the centerpiece of this deal? Why was 3B Conor Glilaspie not a part of the deal? Those guys are ready to play as positions of need for the Phillies.

        • ramjamrock 3 years ago

          Hey, if you want Conor Gillaspie, then send back Tommy Joseph. That’d be awesome.

      • sojuboi 3 years ago

        Um. The Phillies traded Pence because they can’t afford the 14-15 million for him next year because they just spent a grip on Hamels and Lee…. Think things through a little.

        • Jim C 3 years ago

          Um. The Phillies trade Pence because they wanted to refill their farm a little because this year wasn’t going anywhere. With possible Lee and Rollins deals in the off season, big contracts coming off the books in the next 2-3 years and a massive TV deal on top of that, the Phillies have money to spend. Think things through a little.

  67. wildabeast4 3 years ago

    excellent move for the giants. Sabean definitely has his pitfalls, but he did well with this one. traded from a position of depth and managed to get a good, non-rental bat without giving up our best prospect(s).

  68. nebelski 3 years ago

    It seems like the Giants easily got the better end of this deal… How in the world was this enough to get a deal done? LOL… The Pirates said the Phillies asking price was way too high. :/

    • they had to get rid of the contact…they really wanted lincoln from pittsburgh but probably didnt want to pay the contact…at least we got something back in return

  69. JeffreyB 3 years ago

    Schierholtz should do quite nicely in that park if given the opportunity to play everyday.

  70. Greg Morse 3 years ago

    Alright then lets get him a uny and get him in the lineup tonight.

  71. bigpat 3 years ago

    Glorified salary dump, I thought they’d be able to get much more for Pence.

    • Jim C 3 years ago

      I guess the number 2 prospect in the Giants farm according to Baseball America and Nate who could break out with the Phils just like Victorino and Werth isn’t good enough for Pence, who let’s face it, has only been good not great

      • Matt O'Rorke 3 years ago

        Yeah #2 in a farm system that is not good

        • Jim C 3 years ago

          Okay how about the #10 ranked catching prospect in the league before the season and climbing? Or is the whole minor league just not that good?

  72. burnboll 3 years ago

    The trades that the Phillies are making are great, now they just need to trade Chooch (who’s had a career year and is a free agent after next year), Cliff Lee, Fat Joe and Polly for this team to really start look like something to build on.

    • After acquiring their catcher of the future in Tommy Joseph, trading chooch in the offseason would be ideal. i love ruiz but his value will be so high after this year they could really get some really good pieces back. Lee will be harder to trade and they would need to pitch in a lot of money but i like your logic!

  73. Glad to see the Giants did something to counter the Dodgers trades. I still think the Giants need bullpen help, unless Bochy decides to let his starters go deeper than 6 innings. How often do the Phillies have a fire sale and play for pride. THis is the first time in a long while. The have nothing to be ashamed of. They were a dynasty for many years, and it was a great run with them on top of the east. But they will keep Utley and Howard, the Lee, Haliday & Hammels, and build around them. I cant beleive they fell so far out of the race this year with their starters but thats why the game is played and not just about stats

  74. FamousGrouse 3 years ago

    ‘Tis a great day for trades.

  75. Matt O'Rorke 3 years ago

    What is going to be the starting OF now for philly. I heard Brown will play LF. not sure if that is true of not . if it is will pierre move to right and split with schierholtz and nix and alao play left on doms off days?

  76. Citos_City 3 years ago

    5 baseballs and a pair of cleats

  77. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    GREAT news!! Hopefully it includes Nate.

  78. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Does he torture kittens too?

  79. Ray R 3 years ago

    “he cheats on his wife on every roadtrip”

    I’m guessing, with that kind of privileged info, that you’re stowing away in his luggage. I suppose that type of delusion happens when you sniff a player’s jockstrap one too many times.

  80. nepp 3 years ago

    Fire Rube…please just fire him. What a terrible deal.

  81. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago


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