Rosenthal On Dodgers, Giants, Rangers, Nats

There's no question that the Dodgers will look to be major players at the deadline this year, says Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (video link).  The Dodgers want to add a starting pitcher, a couple of bats, and bullpen help, but it's not certain that they'll get all of that accomplished.  The club's farm system isn't terribly deep and they might not have the prospects necessary to entice teams.  Here's more from Rosenthal..

  • While the Dodgers figure to be aggressive on those three fronts, Rosenthal expects the rival Giants to zero in on bullpen help and possibly bench upgrades.  They are unlikely to trade a top prospect for immediate help, like they did last year by trading Zack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran, but there are other ways for the Giants to improve their team.
  • The Rangers have the ability to pull off almost any move thanks to a talented farm system and financial flexibility.  However, right now it seems that the only thing they might do is improve their bench.  They could be in on Justin Upton, but he may not fit on their roster as they have plenty of outfielders.  They've also talked about getting an elite starting pitching but if Cole Hamels re-ups with the Phillies, that's another top hurler off the market.  Teams are also concerned about Zack Greinke's long layoff and how much he can be trusted down the stretch.
  • The Nationals could be an even better club down the stretch if they add another starting pitcher who can fill the void when Stephen Strasburg is put on the shelf.  However, Rosenthal believes that the club's recent comments about gauging the youngster by the way he looks rather than the number of innings that he throws suggests that they may let him approach 180 innings rather than 160 or 165.  The right-hander has logged 105 innings thus far.

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