Cafardo On Ellsbury, Bourn, Ross, Cook, Millwood

In today's column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that despite the perception that Jacoby Ellsbury would like to leave Boston down the line, a source says that he would actually like to stay if at all possible.  Neither side has asked the other to consider a long-term deal, but that could certainly change in the offseason.  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • In last week's column, Cafardo wrote that Braves officials thought Michael Bourn would not re-sign when he becomes a free agent due to a less-than-stellar track record with Scott Boras clients.  However, Boras told Cafardo that he has had an excellent relationship with General Manager Frank Wren and the club as a whole.  The agent says he is not ruling out Atlanta at all and added that Bourn enjoys playing there.
  • The Red Sox are very interested in pursuing a new deal with Cody Ross, who will be coming off of a one-year, $3MM pact this winter.  With many teams in need of a righthanded bat, he could likely net a Josh Willingham-type three-year, $21MM deal. 
  • The Orioles, Nationals, and Dodgers may be among teams looking at Red Sox pitcher Aaron Cook now that he is on trade waivers.
  • Mariners pitcher Kevin Millwood has not been placed on trade waivers yet but he could be one of the more sought-after pitchers once he is.  “He’s got ice water in his veins and he knows how to get big outs,” said a veteran scout. “A guy like that isn’t going to do the Mariners any good going forward but he could solidify a rotation.
  • Cubs personnel are disappointed that Alfonso Soriano won’t waive his 10-and-5 rights to go to the Giants.  The outfielder doesn't want to play in a colder climate that could adversely affect his hitting.

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