Quick Hits: Baker, Varitek, LaHair, Padres, Berkman

Reds manager Dusty Baker suffered a minor stroke on Friday, the team told reporters (including MLB.com's Mark Sheldon).  Baker was already in hospital being treated for an irregular heartbeat and was supposed to be released on Friday.  The 63-year-old was released instead on Sunday and is reportedly in good condition, addressing the Reds clubhouse this afternoon.  Bench coach Chris Speier has managed the team in Baker's absence and will continue to do so at least through Cincinnati's weekend series with the Pirates, though Baker is hopeful of returning for the Reds' final series of the year.

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  1. jordan 3 years ago

    Tek- special Assistant GM… molding him for future FO/GM work? o future Manager?

  2. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    I was kinda hoping to see Tek as some coaching position within the organization, however I am definitely thrilled that he’s staying involved with the Red Sox.

  3. Wek 3 years ago

    Whoever said Varitek should be the next Red Sox manager just wants the beer and chicken back.

    • Tko11 3 years ago

      Who doesnt want the beer and chicken back? Heck they can have all the beer and chicken they want as long as they perform well…I always liked the way Terry Francona handled the team and I hope that kind of style comes back. A manager needs to be a friend of the players but also respected, Bobby Valentine is neither.

  4. Bob George 3 years ago

    Here’s hoping for a quick recovery for Dusty.

  5. dc21892 3 years ago

    He can always start in the office and end up a manager. Fine with me, as long as he’s some way part of the rebuilding process. Tek has knowledge about a lot. And seriously… The chicken and beer stuff needs to go.

  6. No way in hell should Tek be the next manager. He was the Capt when the Sox folded and all this chicken and beer stuff went down, and never provided any leadership or oversight. In other words, he sucked as a captain.

    • dc21892 3 years ago

      Were you saying that before last year? Probably not. It goes deeper than the Captain. He can only control so much. If he was part of it so be it, they ate chicken, drank (which I don’t agree with, but what’s done is done) lets move past it. He was well respected as the Captain. I think he did a phenomenal job his last few years after losing his starting job to V-Mart and then Salty took over. He was a solid back up that did what he had to do and performed well in that role and was always ready. Say what you want, but he was a solid captain.

  7. Guest 3 years ago

    nice to see Varitek stay with the Redsox

  8. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Cherington hiring a body guard? If Veritek is being brought back for any other reason than to be coach of the catchers and coordinator of development for the catchers down on the farm, the Red Sox brass are wasting money again.

  9. hawkny1 3 years ago

    Berkman will be in Houston next year, watch. He is negotiating publicly for higher pay and to get his pal, Tim Bogar, into the fold as manager. Lets hope he is successful on both counts.

  10. Kyle_W 3 years ago

    Stults couldn’t hold a rotation spot in Japan. Fact. I don’t think he is the answer outside of an enormous pitcher’s park. Strangely, he was a hot commodity before he signed with the Hiroshima Carp over there.

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