Largest Remaining Arbitration Cases

When the offseason began, MLBTR had projected arbitration salaries for more than 200 players. Most of those players have agreed to terms with their respective clubs, and many others were non-tendered or otherwise removed from their teams' 40-man rosters. That leaves 29 unsigned arbitration eligible players, including many high profile cases. Using MLBTR's Arbitration Tracker let's take a look at the ten unsigned players who filed for $5MM plus when they exchanged figures with teams one week ago…

The Diamondbacks, who acquired Prado from Atlanta yesterday, will have to defend the Braves’ filing number if they don’t work out a multiyear agreement with their new acquisition. Many others, including Bailey and Zimmermann, are also candidates for multiyear deals.

Hearings will begin next month, though these cases won't necessarily end up going before panels of arbitrators. No file and trial team has any remaining arb eligible players, as Tim Dierkes recently explained. That said, the Nationals have been regulars at arb hearings in recent years, even though they aren't technically a file and trial team.

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