Remaining Arbitration Cases

High-profile players such as Chase Headley and Martin Prado avoided arbitration last week, further reducing the number of unsigned arb eligible players remaining. There are now just 15 such players, down from the group of 200-plus players for whom MLBTR projected arbitration salaries when the offseason began. Using MLBTR's Arbitration Tracker let's take a look at the remaining unsigned players…

  • Jason Hammel filed for $8.25MM, Orioles countered with $5.7MM
  • Shin-Soo Choo filed for $8MM, Reds countered with $6.75MM
  • Max Scherzer filed for $7.4MM, Tigers countered with $6.05MM
  • Jim Johnson filed for $7.1MM, Orioles countered with $5.7MM
  • Homer Bailey filed for $5.8MM, Reds countered with $4.75MM
  • Jordan Zimmermann filed for $5.8MM, Nationals countered with $4.6MM
  • Clayton Richard filed for $5.55MM, Padres countered with $4.905MM
  • Dexter Fowler filed for $5.15MM, Rockies countered with $4.25MM
  • Mat Latos filed for $4.7MM, Reds countered with $4.15MM
  • Sergio Romo filed for $4.5MM, Giants countered with $2.675MM
  • David Freese filed for $3.75MM, Cardinals countered with $2.4MM
  • Mike Leake filed for $3.5MM, Reds countered with $2.65MM
  • Mike Aviles filed for $3.4MM, Indians countered with $2.4MM
  • Darren O'Day filed for $3.2MM, Orioles countered with $1.8MM
  • Gerardo Parra filed for $2.7MM, Diamondbacks countered with $2.1MM

Hearings are scheduled to begin in Phoenix today and continue through February 21st, Paul Hagen of reported last week. However, these cases won't necessarily end up going before panels of arbitrators. No file and trial team has any remaining arb eligible players, as Tim Dierkes recently explained.

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