Reverse Standings

Nearly half the teams in baseball have virtually no chance of making the playoffs.  For fans of those teams, the offseason can't come soon enough.  However, MLBTR has a feature that can help those people get through the next few months: our reverse standings.

The reverse standings, which are updated automatically each morning, serve as a projection of the 2014 amateur draft order.  With a 36-74 record at present, the Astros are in good position to draft first overall for the third consecutive year in 2014, a sustained level of being the worst team in baseball that has never been done since the draft was instituted in 1965.  The White Sox could jeopardize Jeff Luhnow's dream of adding Carlos Rodon to his stash next June, however, as our standings show they're only 4.5 games "behind" the Astros.  The last first overall White Sox pick worked out pretty well, as they drafted Harold Baines in 1977.  There's also a tight race for the fourth overall pick.  The Brewers project to get that at the moment, but ten teams are within five games of them.

Our reverse standings are also a good way to track which teams project to get protected first-round draft picks, meaning one in the top ten.  You can always reference these standings on the right-hand sidebar under MLBTR Features.  Enjoy!  

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