Giants Notes: Evans, Infante, Pill

MLBTR's Zach Links spoke to Giants vice-president and assistant GM Bobby Evans about the team's remaining offseason plans and about one move that didn't pan out…
  • The Giants were linked to Omar Infante earlier this winter but Evans said the two sides weren't that close to a deal.  "I think that we really were more or less trying to stay flexible in terms of where we might have the best fit, but the challenge for us was that we didn't necessarily have Omar's first position available," said Evans of Infante, whom the Giants were said to be considering in left field.  Ultimately, Evans said San Francisco wasn't ready to make the four-year commitment that Infante got from the Royals.  The Giants took care of their left field situation last week when they signed Mike Morse.
  • Echoing recent comments from Giants GM Brian Sabean, Evans said that most of the club's "boxes are checked" at this stage of the offseason, meaning they'll be focusing on organizational depth rather than moves that will affect the 25-man roster.
  • While the club has been getting some calls on Brett Pill, Evans says he doesn't have a read on whether Pill will wind up staying or going.  Evans spoke highly of Pill while also acknowledging that he's more or less blocked in the Giants organization.  The Brewers were recently said to have some level of interest in Pill to address their first base vacancy. 

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  1. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    San Francisco created their left field liability last week when they signed Mike Morse.

  2. Huff's dog 2 years ago

    The Giants made a big deal towards the end of the season that they would make big changes. They’ve however been one of the quieter teams all season, with just 2 new additions. I’m ok with it as long as they win the WS again.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

      Just need to win the WS…. way to set the bar low there

  3. Joaquin Guzman 2 years ago

    I would love to see the giants actually give Brett Pill proper playing time instead of one or two games a month.

    • sunshipballoons 2 years ago

      Because, what, you’re a Dodger fan?

      • Joaquin Guzman 2 years ago

        He has shown in the little at bats that he has had in the majors that he can play in that level. All he really needs is more at bats.

        • sunshipballoons 2 years ago

          Yeah, but in real life he hasn’t hit at all at the major league level.

  4. Knowledged 2 years ago

    Milwaukee needs a 1B….the Giants need a 2B (Scutaro is not getting younger, and could be a utility infielder. Why not trade Pill for Weeks. The Giants get a starting 2B…the Brewers salary dump a second string 2B who makes $11MM/year. Maybe he can rediscover his mojo on a winning team.

    • The Giants would then have $11M sitting on the bench, that’s why.

      • Knowledged 2 years ago

        So pay him $11MM for one season – he had a bad year in 2013 and could bounce back. Thats not so much anymore in the wacky world of pro sports. Hey, who cares – its not coming out of your pocket. Why not take chance. If the Giants don’t spend the money, it just ends up in the pockets of the owners and Larry Baer.

        • AndyWarpath 2 years ago

          oo, Knowledged just knowledge dropped on you Daniel Stern!

        • The trade makes no sense for both teams. 1) How is he going to bounce back on the bench? 2) If he’s going to bounce back, why would the Brewers not take that chance? Higher probability of Weeks bouncing back than Pill being an everyday regular.

          • Knowledged 2 years ago

            Daniel, at this point, with Pill of to Korea, it does not matter anymore. But the big point here is that Milwaukee is a “small market” team and likely looking to dump salary. The Giants have a larger payroll and sellouts ad nauseum, thus having money available to bring in a high priced veteran that is being dumped. It happens in MLB all the time. Often teams will take less of a player in return just get rid of the salary. If the Brewers were looking for a better prospect, then the Giants would probably ask them to pay some of Weeks’ salary. Thats how it works. By the way, the Brewers plan on starting Ginnett at 2B next year, so they are probably very interested in moving Weeks and getting the money off the books. Makes sense to me.

          • AndyWarpath 2 years ago

            being a “big market team” doesn’t mean the Giants have an infinite payroll. They’re probably maxed out at this point; which means they won’t be paying 11 M for a guy to sit on their bench just because they’re a “big market team.”

          • Knowledged 2 years ago

            Where does it say he sits on the bench? He would start and play 2B, probably batting second. Scutaro is 38 years old, has little range and is not an everyday player anymore. Until Joe Panik or some other minor leaguer comes up, the Giants have no one to replace Scutaro. 2B was a big hole for the Giants last season, and its the reason they discussed signing Infante before he signed with KC. Besides, the Giants could probably convince Milwaukee to pay for part of his salary next season. Lets not forget that every team in the NL West has gone out and improved themselves this offseason. The Giants re-signed a couple of guys, picked up a 38 year old SP and an injury prone LF with no defense and strikes out….a lot. If you think this is a playoff team against LA and Arizona – well, I think you’re delusional.

          • AndyWarpath 2 years ago

            Scutaro was an allstar in 2013

          • Scutaro fits the Giants lineup at #2 much better. The Giants, since having Buster Posey, use their #2 hitter for bat control not “dynamic power” hitters. Look at Scutaro & Freddie Sanchez before that. The last time the Giants used #2 hitter with a power bat was Rich Aurilla hitting ahead of Barry Bonds in the early- to mid-2000… The reason they discussed Infante was to play LF this year, then move to 3B next year after Pablo leaves. SO mentioning Infante as a Scutaro replacement is incorrect.

          • Please understand trading Pill for Weeks as was your hypothesis was not going to happen, as is now being proven by Pill going to Korea. That doesn’t make your statements not matter anymore – I appreciate your thought process & hearing why you think so. Interesting perspective you brought so I hope you don’t take it personal when others disagree.

            Before thinking the Brewers don’t have money, check out the TV revenue sharing structure. The Brewers have money. Every team is getting an influx of money, even the Marlins. While the Brewers are on the lower-side of payroll, they can afford Weeks. Will they try to get rid of him? Yes of course. But it wasn’t going to be for Brett Pill past, present or future.

        • The trade makes no sense for both teams. 1) How is he going to bounce back on the bench? 2) If he’s going to bounce back, why would the Brewers not take that chance? Higher probability of Weeks bouncing back than Pill being an everyday regular.

  5. camerondatzker 2 years ago

    I think that The Giants made a horrible mistake in Brett Pill.

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