Giants Notes: Evans, Infante, Pill

MLBTR's Zach Links spoke to Giants vice-president and assistant GM Bobby Evans about the team's remaining offseason plans and about one move that didn't pan out…
  • The Giants were linked to Omar Infante earlier this winter but Evans said the two sides weren't that close to a deal.  "I think that we really were more or less trying to stay flexible in terms of where we might have the best fit, but the challenge for us was that we didn't necessarily have Omar's first position available," said Evans of Infante, whom the Giants were said to be considering in left field.  Ultimately, Evans said San Francisco wasn't ready to make the four-year commitment that Infante got from the Royals.  The Giants took care of their left field situation last week when they signed Mike Morse.
  • Echoing recent comments from Giants GM Brian Sabean, Evans said that most of the club's "boxes are checked" at this stage of the offseason, meaning they'll be focusing on organizational depth rather than moves that will affect the 25-man roster.
  • While the club has been getting some calls on Brett Pill, Evans says he doesn't have a read on whether Pill will wind up staying or going.  Evans spoke highly of Pill while also acknowledging that he's more or less blocked in the Giants organization.  The Brewers were recently said to have some level of interest in Pill to address their first base vacancy. 

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