Nationals Interested In Justin Wilson, Jerry Blevins

The Nationals are in the market for lefty relief, and they have interest in trade candidates Justin Wilson (Pirates) and Jerry Blevins (Athletics), Mark Zuckerman of reports. Earlier today, it was reported that the Pirates would listen to offers for Wilson. The Nats have also had discussions about Blevins, who posted a 3.15 ERA with 7.8 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 60 innings in 2013.

The Nats are also searching for bullpen lefties in free agency, where the possibilities include J.P. Howell, Boone Logan, Scott Downs and Oliver Perez. "We’re talking to free agents, and we’ve got some irons in the fire on the trade market," says GM Mike Rizzo. "It’s a position, I think, of depth this year, on the free agent market and the trade market. I think that benefits us."

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  1. David 2 years ago

    Given how often Beane and Rizzo work together, I think Blevins is more likely

    • Danny Phillips 2 years ago

      True, Wilson is more wishful thinking.. Plus, the A’s have a bullpen surplus.

  2. Snoochies8 2 years ago

    How about Blevins for Blake Treinen, John Wooten, and Dakota Bacus 😉

  3. TheSharkTankisNasty 2 years ago

    I don’t really think Tyler Moore would help us.

  4. mmm i doubt pirates would trade wilson for moore, would want more of a proven first baseman or atleast one with higher ceiling

  5. Joe Komar 2 years ago

    I just don’t see how Washington would have what we need to acquire Wilson.

  6. JCCfromDC 2 years ago

    Sounds like what you need is Adam LaRoche! Done. Finish the write up and fax the paperwork to Nats Town …

    • onemanrevival 2 years ago

      We did LaRoche before. No thanks. However, Espinosa + might get Wilson.

      • JCCfromDC 2 years ago

        Well, depending on the plus, there might be a deal in there somewhere.

  7. Matt Purke and Zach walters for Wilson? pirates could use a SS prospect and never can have to much pitching in the farm

    • TheSharkTankisNasty 2 years ago

      Whats the scouting report on purke and walters? I dont know about them that much.

      • read more about walters, said he will be a utility man so nvm on him, purke basically sounds like another wilson, only has a fastball slider and change from the left side, should start the year in double a

  8. Zak A 2 years ago

    I don’t see any reason for the Pirates to move off of Wilson. They’re looking for a 1B or OF and some pitching so I don’t see where that comes from the Nats.

    Phillies could send Brown and Ruf for something like Tallion & Bell.

    • No need for brown… polanco

    • GrilledCheese39 2 years ago

      No Tallion. Someone like Glasnow or Kingham or Heredia. A cliff lee or Cole Hamels could be included.

    • TheSharkTankisNasty 2 years ago

      1) Thats a gigantic overpay for the Pirates. Why would we trade one of the best pitching prospects and another solid prospect for 2 guys we might not need in a year?
      2) we dont need two outfielders seeing as we already have Marte and Cutch
      3) we might not even need another outfielder as Gregory Polanco will most likely come up soon.

    • Jake L 2 years ago

      I think Brown can play 1B since he is awful in the OF. He is huge and has great power. Could easily make that transition in my opinion. Pirates need to purse Brown!!

  9. JCCfromDC 2 years ago

    Well, more accurately, Washington would have no interest in trading what Pittsburgh would want for Wilson. I’m sure the Pirates would accept Lucas Giolito for him, but Giolito isn’t on the table

    • Joe Komar 2 years ago

      But a minor league pitcher is still not what we’re looking for.
      I’d personally say keep Giolito, I’d rather have our shutdown 8th inning guy.

      • Natsfan89 2 years ago

        If Rizzo offered Giolito for a reliever the Pirates would take it. A reliever is a reliever, they aren’t difficult to come by. 6’5 240 pound teenage pitchers who touch 100mph and are controllable are.

        • Joe Komar 2 years ago

          Pirates have four of them. Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon , Tyler Glasnow and Luis Heredia. We’d rather have a left handed reliever that throws 98 in Wilson, than a guy we passed on the draft, Giolito.

          • Natsfan89 2 years ago

            Ignoring the fact that Giolito is a higher ranked prospect than Glasnow and Hereida I think your argument is a little ridiculous. If we flip this around it would be like me saying “Well I don’t think Rizzo should trade Clippard for Tallion because Clippard is pretty good, he’s valuable to us as a contender, and we already have some pretty good pitching prospects in the system already.”

            Again, relievers are relievers. They are extremely easy to come by.

      • JCCfromDC 2 years ago

        That’s hilarious! Clearly, Joe, you are not a General Manager of a major league team.

        But it’s moot, because while there isn’t a baseball professional in existence that wouldn’t trade Wilson for Giolito twice if they could, there also isn’t one in existence that would actually offer Giolito for Wilson. Especially Mike Rizzo

        • shakeweight22 2 years ago

          Look i understand that Giolito is a nice prospect and all but he only has 38 innings of minor league experience all below low A and has already had tommy john. The pirates have a ton of interesting arms in their farm so i doubt theyre looking to trade what seems to be their best trade chip for a guy 2-3 years away from making his debut. They should be looking for a major league or major league ready bat to upgrade their team for 2014.

  10. Danny Phillips 2 years ago

    I think they would be looking for a top prospect, or more help at the major league level.

  11. OaklandFan22 2 years ago

    Blevins is probably expendable since we have so many bullpen arms.

    • JCCfromDC 2 years ago

      And clearly Beane and Rizzo have each other on speed dial, so that does increase the chances.

    • Urluckchanged 2 years ago

      True but what would we even get in return? Slusser was on the air this morning. She thinks it’s slim he goes to the Nats.

  12. arthur3 2 years ago

    I am not sure of the exact player(s) that might tempt Neil Huntington to trade Justin Wilson, but finances and long-term controlability will still be of the highest priorities. Wilson is that rare left-hander who a brings a consistent high 90’s fastball and a potential to be a very potent starter. He is young, under team control for a few years, and is inexpensive. I anticipate that Huntington will be looking for a package that is on par, or will exceed, what was acquired from Boston in the Hanrahan trade.

    • it would greatly exceed that… hanrahan only had a year left and they new he had an elbow issue….

  13. Danny Phillips 2 years ago

    The Nats aren’t going to overpay, which is what it would take for WIlson, with so many other options to approach getting another LH reliever. I smell another RIzzo-Beane connection.

  14. Sam Henzler 2 years ago

    I can’t see the Nationals getting Wilson here. The Pirates have needs at First Base, Starting Pitcher, and Shortstop, really. Realistically, Adam LaRoche and Danny Espinosa are the players the Pirates could have interest in for Wilson, but I do not believe either one gives the Pirates much of an upgrade.

  15. brett 2 years ago

    I don’t know much about Wilson. However, I can’t see Rizzo trading a top prospect for a reliever. We will see, but he doesn’t seem to value them all that much. Relievers are some of the most replaceable commodities in baseball.

    • Danny Phillips 2 years ago

      No way he will trade a top prospect when they are so many alternatives to getting a LH reliever.

    • arthur3 2 years ago

      Wilson was one of the best relievers in MLB last season, as a rookie. He was predominately a starter during his minor league years. There was some talk last season of making him a starter again, but his role and dominance in/from the Pirates bullpen, squelched that discussion quickly. To acquire him from Pittsburgh, it will take more than one top prospect from any prospective trade partner. There is a reason why Huntington is being barraged with inquiries from other GM’s- Justin Wilson is the real deal.

      • brett 2 years ago

        He may be. Again I am not too familiar with him. However, in my opinion, relievers are far too volatile to trade a top prospect for. I could be wrong.

    • TheSharkTankisNasty 2 years ago

      He is a young lefty reliever that can throw upper 90s and even higher (I’ve seen him as high as 101). Solid guy who could close in the future. Plus he isnt a free agent until 2019.

  16. LetsGoBucs92122 2 years ago

    I have no issue with selling high on bullpen arms, especially with the way NH has been able to put together bullpens. Not sure if the Nats would put together a good enough package though.

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