Seeking Part-Time Writers For New NFL Rumors Website

We're launching a new NFL rumors website early in 2014, in the mold of MLB Trade Rumors and Hoops Rumors. I will be the site's full-time writer and editor, and we're looking to build a team of part-time contributors who will be paid hourly. The criteria:

  • Exceptional knowledge of all 32 NFL teams, with no discernible bias. Knowledge of transaction-related concepts.
  • Extensive writing experience is necessary with professional experience preferred. A background in journalism is a plus.
  • Attention to detail — absolutely no spelling errors, especially for player and journalist names. Ability to follow the site's style and tone.
  • Ability to analyze articles and craft intelligent, well-written posts summing up the news in a few paragraphs. We need the best of both worlds: quick writing with thoughtful analysis. You must be able to add value to breaking news with your own insight, numbers, or links to other relevant articles.
  • Ability to use an RSS feed reader such as Feedly. Ability to use Twitter. Both of these are crucial.
  • Strong evening availability — typically 5-11pm central time shifts. Writers covering Monday through Friday evenings will change week to week, but we'd also like people to regularly take specific weekend daytime shifts.
  • At least some college education is required.
  • If you're interested, email and take a couple paragraphs to explain how you qualify and stand out. Many will likely apply, so unfortunately we cannot respond to all applications.

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  1. Alex 2 years ago

    Let me know when a spot opens up for MLBTR — I’d slip in nicely. Sad truth: My life = baseball.

    …and the only thing I’d consider myself exceptional at is writing.

    • Tko11 2 years ago

      You might want more than 27 comments…just saying

      • Alex 2 years ago

        I got banned on my main Disqus account. I wish I remembered what for. Heh heh…

        • Tko11 2 years ago

          :O that sucks man. Sometimes you can get it resolved with them but I’m guessing its been awhile since you can’t remember.

          • Zak A 2 years ago

            hardly ever does that happen. just move or travel for work.

          • Alex 2 years ago

            Probably been at least a year by now.

      • LazerTown 2 years ago


  2. Super_Hero 2 years ago

    NFL has the most boring rumors and trades are rare. players aren’t signing 10yr 200 mill deals when the average NFL life is 4yrs. Just because you are a lefty, you are not getting an NFL deal in your 35s.

    • itstheduke 2 years ago

      In that case it should be an easy job and you should apply!

      • Super_Hero 2 years ago

        How does that make sense? If you like they idea then by all means apply. I’m not against the idea (why should it matter) but I think it would be boring during the offseason where mlb trade rumors are most entertaining during the offseason. There would be more draft talk then trade talk.

        • itstheduke 2 years ago

          It doesn’t make sense. It was basically a joke :)

  3. Marky Mark 2 years ago

    I’ve got the inside scoop on a jared lorenzen return the the nfl.. might as well give me the job already

  4. RobbyH619 2 years ago

    You should do basketball before football. Only nfl rumors involving trades come on draft day pretty much and hardly any action happens at the deadline. At least in basketball you do have some trades for financial reasons and guys being unhappy. There’s always a chance Carmelo bolts to LA given the Knicks struggles this season.

  5. GoFish 2 years ago

    It’s a good idea. However, I wonder how many rumors will start with “Brett Favre” or “Tim Tebow.”

    • LooksEasyOnTV 2 years ago

      Just wait for “Johnny Football” rumors when he is bouncing around from team to team.

  6. seligeramus 2 years ago

    Any thoughts/plans for a college football rumors/analysis site? It’s obviously a much larger task than analyzing the NFL, but man would I love to get some bias-free, MLBTR-quality analysis for college football.

    • LazerTown 2 years ago

      But there isn’t trades which is where this site was built.

    • Zak A 2 years ago

      Wouldn’t that just be BCS bickering?

  7. Sampsonite168 2 years ago

    Cool. There really is no MLBTR equivalent for NFL like HoopsHype is for basketball and I thought NFL should have been done first but cool to see that it’s finally happening.

  8. Jack Conness 2 years ago

    Get a hockey rumors one!

    • Tko11 2 years ago


      • Jack Conness 2 years ago


      • itstheduke 2 years ago

        Why do you say that?

        • Tko11 2 years ago

          I’m just judging by the number of comments but if the NBA site isn’t generating discussion I don’t see how an NHL site would. I personally think MLB is just unique in the trade market/ free agency aspect and it appeals to more people than other sports. I could possibly see a English Premier League board working if the international crowd were to get involved.

      • matt garnett 2 years ago


    • NYIceLander90 2 years ago

      I agree!!! How do we reach Luke Adams to tell him this???

    • matt garnett 2 years ago

      get a curling rumors one!

  9. rct 2 years ago

    This is a good idea. The NFL is more than just trades; the salary cap is a huge and often confusing topic. There are near-constant roster moves. In a league where people can get cut immediately, an NFL Trade Rumors site would be nice.

  10. Melvin McMurf 2 years ago

    i ready when you get to nhltr

  11. Zak A 2 years ago

    The other rumors pages I’ve seen lack the cohesiveness that MLBtraderumors has going for it.

  12. nwh2787 2 years ago

    Is the website offering any job openings for MLB trade rumors?

  13. mikedranger 2 years ago

    My last comment didn’t go through or something but great to see you guys expanding into the NFL. Like others that have posted I love to see you guys at some point get involved with the NHL as well. Especially since their is of late a lot of expansion and relocation rumors. But I wish you guys the best of luck expanding into the NFL. Though honestly I already thought you guys had an NFL site. I kind of though you ran the nfltraderumors site as well as hoopsrumors and mlbtraderumors. But evidently not. Anyways cool to see you guys expanding to cover the NFL.

  14. jwsox 2 years ago

    Awesome idea but the problem is that unlike the nba and mlb. There is not a ton of player movement in the nfl. Rarely will a prime time player actually become a free agent. And most of the big time trades happen maybe ever few years. Coaching changes happen more then player changes. It’s a great idea and I like the trade rumors crew but I fell that they might be biting off more than they can chew on this one. Heck. Hoopsrumors seems to have slowed down a bit with viewer feedback and interaction recently.

    • Mike LaRose 2 years ago

      There is actually a lot of movement in the NFL, most are minor and revolve around injuries but coach changes change team game plans and the structure of the NFL offseason gets people talking about it all year.

    • rct 2 years ago

      There’s no reason to stick to just trades or free agency. There are tons of roster moves during the season. Just checking around the league, there have been 28 roster moves just this week, things like waived players, players being claimed off waivers, injured reserve, guys getting moved from the practice squad, releasings, and signings. Trust me, they’ll find a way to pack the new site with news and content.

      • bdiddy7 2 years ago

        Yeah, but those moves are minor, minor moves. Nothing ground-breaking. I’m confident that people won’t visit the site just to see if someone was moved from the practice squad to the regular team. I just don’t see the market for an NFL website. Not enough meaningful movement, IMO.

        • rct 2 years ago

          I don’t know if I agree. NFL fans are pretty rabid, especially when it comes to their specific team. People do care about the silly minor moves. Check out any SB Nation page for an NFL team. People go nuts for the smallest amount of news. Plus, there are deep fantasy leagues where small moves can matter.

          And then of course there’s the Draft, which sometimes feels like a three month event.

  15. bobbleheadguru 2 years ago

    MLBTR has grown to be influential in the industry. Its clear that teams monitor the site, the headlines are often referenced on MLB Network radio, and even players like Max Scherzer are regular readers.

    That is pretty amazing for a homegrown site. Best of luck with the NFL Version!

  16. unclejesse40 2 years ago

    what the NFL needs is a developmental league! If they had something like that the rumor mill would speed up or a least people would care about it more. With the NFL always trying to expand its NFL footprint, I would think that a “minor league” market would do that better than a lot of things they have tried.

    • Super_Hero 2 years ago

      one problem with a developmental league is injury. average nfl life is 4yrs. lot of players won’t make it to the nfl. its a young mans game. teams like young fast players. nearing 30 yrs old is nearing your retirement. they would be developing players for retirement instead of an nfl team. but hey, if nfl is willing to pay, i’m sure there will be people lineup to play for pay. nfl better have a no law-suit clause.

  17. Brendan John Panikkar 2 years ago

    When is the deadline to apply? Just so I could expect when or when not to hear a reply

  18. WazBazbo 2 years ago

    Oooooh, what is this “NFL” thing? A new baseball league? Hope so!!!

  19. Guest 2 years ago

    I have sent a short summary app hoping to make it to Round 2! I’m already contributing lots of great posts and unique perspective on a lot of football topics on a daily basis. I think people would really like to see some of the stuff I can come up with if you give me a chance!

  20. mack22 2 years ago

    Until LA gets a team I could care less about football

  21. Timothy Rissland 2 years ago

    Awesome! I am so excited to hear this news. I had been searching for a website like that in the NFL for years when I settled on profootballtalk. While once decent the change over to NBC made the site worse. Congrats and I look forward to it. Please post a reminder when you do it!

  22. D.j. Wilson 1 year ago

    Fingers crossed!

  23. Zak A 2 years ago

    gotta get some intel on those up and coming scout teamers

  24. Tko11 2 years ago

    Because comments = more traffic. Its quite simple.

  25. Mike LaRose 2 years ago

    Can help actually like the guy the Dolphins signed off the 49ers practice squad, came up big against the Pats

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